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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, Remind makes it easy to stay connected to your school community. * Communicate in real time—on any device. * Keep personal contact information private. * Translate messages into more than 90 languages. * Share files, photos, and content from your favorite sites. Join the millions of educators, students, and parents using Remind to manage school communication and make time for what's important.

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Extremely disappointed!
Kimmliz on 2020-04-10
I am so disappointed with Remind's response to the Covid 19 pandemic! Literally EVERY other educational provider that we deal with has offered teachers products, services, and upgrades for free to help us get through these extremely difficult time of trying to educate and communicate with our students and their families. Remind is the ONLY company that has not offered to waive their fee for their product or increased features during this time. In fact, they just posted a deceiving message letting us know that all we had to do was give them our admin's email address to get permission to lift the character count. I was so appreciative that they had finally decided to join in the wave of generosity that has enveloped us through this. Only after I'd sent it did I notice the very tiny words way below saying that admin would be offered the paid version. It was a marketing ploy! This was such an opportunity to show appreciation and support for teachers at this difficult time when it is imperative that we be able to communicate with our families. It would have made lifelong customers of most of us and we probably would have gotten used to it and paid to continue the upgrade after the pandemic was over. Unfortunately, Remind decided to use this as an opportunity to make money rather than be supportive of teachers during this extremely challenging time. They stand out as the only business not to show their support and appreciation. We will remember this. There are other, better parent communication tools out there. Because of their response to this crisis, this will be my last year using Remind. I suspect this will be true for many educators.
It’s okay, please note Dates, not days
ginh67 on 2020-04-10
It’s okay. Could be better. 1st, PLEASE use dates, not days. I saw an announcement from a teacher from LAST Wednesday marked at “Wednesday 10:45”. I looked at my clock so I wouldn’t bite off her head for texting a reminder during spring break. 2nd It may be me, but I never get alerts. 3rd Why are most recent messages at the bottom of the message feed? Why would that even be an option? Most recent need to be défacto at the top. Finally: use of this app is overwhelming. Clients who use this as a message board instead of a reminder.... I’m keeping track of our grading program, emails, zooms, and now remind??? Sure, this is an institution issue. Not you. Our football coach uses it well. But the app needs to use dates. “Today” and “yesterday” okay, but gosh use a date after 48 hours.
JSlos on 2020-04-10
I just downloaded this app today because of what is happening out there I need to communicate with my parents so far I’m just starting to use it today got some parents accept my invite that’s really good and send a group message which is awesome I have to keep navigating through the app so I can get use to it so far I like it a lot. Update!!! The more I use it the more I liked this app and is very very helpful. with this app I’m able to communicate with all my parents and they are responding back to me and sending pictures and videos of the children’s doing work at home during this pandemic!!! This is really a great app thank you. I recommend it to my co teachers and they are starting to use it !!!
Kind of begs for money, Don’t use if you can’t get WiFi
my hero academia Gorl on 2020-04-10
Okay so my little sister got this app for school because on ClassDojo her teacher said she was going to use that app to stay in touch with the student because of quarantine, and it’s the federal law to give your child/sibling permission and it said to either use $0.50 cents of your credit card ( I don’t have any money on my phone ) or print it out (you need to connect a computer to a printer to actually print something and the library is closed) so I actually can’t give my little sister permission (our mom speaks Spanish and gave me permission to sign my sister up because she could not understand anything. If you could please fix something please
Important but Bad Design!
muy bien 13 on 2020-04-10
Obviously the service itself is a lifesaver but the UI of this app is so confusing. You can access everything three different ways, through home, through the classes but you have to choose the person who sent the message rather than one feed for the whole class, or through school..? Oh I know, let’s add districts!! This is a nightmare. It’s so hard to mark all as read because most people get them as texts as well because texts are easier to use than this app. Please completely redo the organization of this app. It works for nobody.
App Needs work
CHWY12345 on 2020-04-10
Will you please modify this app so I can group announcements by student? I have three high schoolers and two elementary kids, and it would be easier to find things by child instead of having to go down a list of at least 30 teachers, advisors, coaches, and administrators any time I want to view messages. Also, could you please create a digest feature for notifications so I could get ONE message each day and then look at all the new messages by clicking links witting the one??? Thank you!
Annoying and not user friendly
nahduhf on 2020-04-10
I have 3 kids in school and I get 30 to 40 text messages plus emails plus notices on my phone even when I have the notifications to email only. On top of that, you cannot leave old conversations or even delete old messages meaning you have to scroll thru HUNDREDS of old messages before you can actually find what you are looking for. And then the teachers each have 5 or 6 different subjects (math, writing, spelling, homeroom, etc.) which is redundant to say the least.
Stopped working
BreeLemon on 2020-04-10
It was great at first. Then, two weeks into using it the app logged me out and when I tried to log back in it acted as if I didn’t have an account and had to re-create one...with the same email, again it acted as if I’d never had an account. Now I cannot find my sons class. It’s very frustrating. When it worked: Sure, I liked it. It did its job. Now: I’m so frustrated and I would not recommend it.
Great, but
suzkat97 on 2020-04-10
I am a teacher and I have used Remind for years. I truly wish their was a do not disturb option. That way I did not get messages from parents all hours of the night and weekends. I know there are office hours, but parents ignore that. There needs to be an option where you can mute message alerts. This is so important especially right now with COVID 19. Parents are not respecting teachers off time.
Could be 5 stars
Ggghhhjhddddduuuu on 2020-04-10
I love Remind. It could easily be a 5 star app. My one criticism is that you are limited to 140 characters when you make announcements. If you are messaging directly your message can be as long as you want it. I am constantly making announcements and needing to make 1 announcement, but having to split it up over 2 to 3 to even 4 messages because the 140 character count is so limiting.

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