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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, Remind makes it easy to stay connected to your school community. * Communicate in real time—on any device. * Keep personal contact information private. * Translate messages into more than 90 languages. * Share files, photos, and content from your favorite sites. Join the millions of educators, students, and parents using Remind to manage school communication and make time for what's important.

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Needs Improvement
Mrserod on 2020-10-25
We need extended numbers of characters e.g. when I need to translate an English message into Spanish, due to the limited number of characters, I cannot fully translate the English message because more often than not the Spanish translation exceeds the limited number of characters. Please note- Spanish translations are often longer than English text. We need a hyperlink feature e.g. very often as a school, we need to share links from the DOE website, our school website, and/or from a virtual platform. This is a major inconvenience because when we do share a link, most of the allowed number of characters are being used by the number of characters in the URL which doesn’t allow us to share more text and more URL’s in one message. Also, it looks aesthetically messy. We need to be able to send more than one attachment e.g. everything that is generated in English must also be generated in Spanish. When I need to share a flyer or document, I’m only allowed to share one per message. That is an inconvenience. Also, for when I need to share several documents to a parent with multiple children. We need to be able to share 60-second recordings e.g. Now that everything is virtual. We have many families that aren’t tech-savvy and unfortunately don’t necessarily know how to read and follow multi-step instructions. Sending a quick clip about something will be very beneficial for everyone. Conversation feature e.g. When I click on the conversation button within a class or group, it should automatically select the entire group for a conversation. Not the other way around. We have a staff only group, I want to start a conversation with the whole staff, I shouldn’t have to select each member who is already in the group for the conversation. It’ll be more convenient to deselect a member if they don’t need to be in the conversation as oppose to going through a list of 40 people to select for a conversation.
Great idea
Smackadoo u on 2020-10-25
Really helpful way to keep in contact with teachers or classes. However, there are a few kinks to still work through. I cannot message a teacher without having received a message from them first. I don’t understand why I can message anyone in the class except for the teacher. There has got to be a better way to organize classes. More customization within the app would be very helpful. For example, being able to organize the list of classes or teachers in any order, or in alphabetical order or put them in groups. Another helpful tool would be a way to mark something as important or put it in a to do list. It’s great to have these reminders, but once you read it there is not a way to set it aside to remember where it is later if it isn’t something that can be done right away. Lastly, I hate getting text messages as well. What is the point of the app if I get a text anyway. I disabled this in the app, but made the mistake of accepting a class through a text and began receiving the texts again. I unsubscribed, again mistakenly through text, and that ended my ability to send a message to the teacher even through the remind app.
Customer service issues
Geranium1 on 2020-10-25
We use Remind for a non-school related group. It has worked well for our needs—namely, the ability to send out info that doesn’t get buried by a ton of comments afterward (using the “announcement” feature). Why only 3 stars? Remind has some features & unique aspects that make having a LIVE customer service rep very helpful (or at least a live online chat option). I have been trying to communicate via email with a customer service rep at remind & have been pulling my hair out trying to get my questions answered. I would send a question and get a response that literally had nothing to do with my question. I asked to get a phone call and was told they were unable to do so due to limited staffing. So, just be aware of that issue should you decide to use this app. It’s unfortunate because I think Remind has a lot of good qualities. But lack of customer service when there are issues or questions can turn a 4 or 5-star app into a 3-star app.
Message Size & Delete Option
dayton65 on 2020-10-25
Sometimes what I need to say to parents is lengthy. Remind needs to extend the number of characters that are allowed for a group message so I can put everything into one message instead of three or four separate messages. This is also, I’m sure, confusing for parents. Additionally, I have accidentally texted the wrong parent information about another child. It would be very beneficial to be able to delete that message. Please, please, make that an option. Thank you!
Remind App
Teachers home assistant on 2020-10-25
The kid’s teaches leave messages to know what to expect for the next day and to help the kids get their work out and be ready for the next task or the next day, they scan also be responsible and in task for the next subject to do. The teachers connect with us and are quick to answer or help us in any way, they are awesome. I am a grandparent with multiple grandchildren that come daily so this helps me help them. Thank you.
Like some features
WDW Dreaming on 2020-10-25
Our district moved to using have used Class Dojo in the years prior and miss so many features about it! For example, making videos for families to view in real time. I would record my students’ in activities and learning and be able to share it with families! Remind does not have that feature. Loading pics and videos is a time consuming pain in Remind. I am not pleased at all with Remind!
It does the basics
Mrs.Jacki Scott on 2020-10-25
It does the basic communication for you. Hard to log into at first because of the id codes and everything. Which is not the apps fault but the schools. Once your in its a no brainer. Teachers shouldn’t be allowed to turn off their reply options. Parents should always be able to reply to teachers if they choose. I like the app. Wish it had a video conferencing feature.
Not user friendly
booksandmountains on 2020-10-25
If you enable calling through the app, the app randomly assigns a name and phone number to your account. You can’t see the name that was assigned to your account—and neither can Remind’s help desk. Remind’s help desk rep told me this. She also said that each person I call has to edit and change my name. It makes no sense.
Not user friendly
booksandmountains on 2020-10-25
If you enable calling through the app, the app randomly assigns a name and phone number to your account. You can’t see the name that was assigned to your account—and neither can Remind’s help desk. Remind’s help desk rep told me this. She also said that each person I call has to edit and change my name. It makes no sense.
Good but give me more
Amw5248 on 2020-10-25
I've been using this app to communicate with parents for school purposes and it won't let you send a message more than a few characters at a time! I can't get all I want to say in one message so, It's helpful that it goes to a text message but I want more letters per message please!

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