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May, 2020


May, 2020



Well, unfortunately, electronics do break easily. But this is where you come in!  Open up the electronics, switch the damaged parts, clean up the dust, apply some thermal paste, reassemble, and voila, like brand new!  Level up your expertise and unlock new devices to repair!

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Fun for awhile
wolftherianqueen27 on 2020-06-05
So this game started out really fun for me. I loved fixing the gadgets and earning money to upgrade my shop. I also liked unlocking new things to fix as well. Sadly you can only upgrade your stuff to level 10 which is the maximum and then you keep getting money you can no longer use. Also after unlocking the smart watch you can’t work towards getting other things to fix so you keep fixing the same things over and over and over. The game would be way more fun if you could buy other stuff too and keep unlocking more and more things to fix. You can watch videos to get different designs for the things you fix but after awhile you have them all and there’s no more to look forward too. When you’re saving money and finally have enough to upgrade something it’s kinda gratifying so of course when you have nothing to buy it gets old real quick. Still it’s a really fun game. I thought 3 stars was fair and I would’ve given 5 stars if there was more stuff to buy fix earn and do but it’s still worth playing I suppose especially if your bored of your other games and apps. The game could be worse I suppose so I guess that counts for something. Either way check it out and see what YOU think. Keep calm and play on fellow gamers!!!!
on 2020-06-05
This game is terrible I couldn’t even pass level one or day one anyway because even when I tried to it didn’t let me do anything because it would kick me out in the middle of Day one. I hate this game so much!!! There’s no excuse for why it should be like this!! After I deleted this the first time I was looking for another app like a week later and I looked on repair master 3-D and it said there were minor bug fixes so I downloaded it again and no it did the same thing as before so I deleted it again I will never ever get this game again I hate it!! This review would be totally the opposite if only it wouldn’t kick me off because I actually liked how this looked!! I wouldn’t recommend this game even if it were the last app and all game on earth!! I would give this game zero stars but it makes me give it at least one so fine I’ll give it one star!! also after I deleted this game twice it still gives me like a million ads when I’m playing another game!!!and I am not overreacting!!
lynn4*2 on 2020-06-05
so... where should i even start? first, it took a whole 5 minutes to download, AT LEAST! then, i went on the game... and it kicked me off at day 1! (level 1) now y in god’s presences would u make such a game like that? there was another review, saying that it kicked them off at day 1 too! i should have listened to all the BAD reviews that this game has gotten.‍♀️ i still can not believe that it took, literally, AT LEAST, 5 minutes to download! WTH?!! anyway?... do NOT download this game. it will literally kick u off when u start ‘playing’. and lmk how long it took to download for u if u were to get this, so called ‘game’. i was actually looking forward to ‘playing’. it had a 4.6 rating, so i was like ok, so it might be good. but then, like i said, i saw all the bad reviews. (i had seen the reviews after i had pressed the ‘get’ button.)
Just turn off your WiFi.
baklavak on 2020-06-05
This review is decently new, so I’m not complaining about the smart watch is the end of the game. All you need to to is turn off your WiFi, then you’re good. I’ll edit this probably once I’m more farther into the game. EDIT: 2 minutes later, after I’m done with the Beats headphones, end of the game. 1st, the phone, next, a laptop. 3rd, Switch. 4th, a camera. 5th, beats headphones. If I would’ve known that this game was short, I would of just played it for 3 hours, fun time killer, done and delete. But I suspected that this game wouldn’t be short. Only 50 levels of actual gameplay before there is no meaning to playing it. From 5 stars, to 2 stars.
Fun but way too quick
omg i ❤️ on 2020-06-05
I have had this game for a day and I have already completed it. It’s a fun game and a liked earning money to keep upgrading my station and I liked unlocking new things. But once everything is maxed out and you have unlocked all of the objects to repair it gets kind of boring because you have nothing to do. It would be more enjoyable to the people who have finished if you added a shop to buy more upgrades and more things to repair. Overall this game is pretty fun. I would have given it 5 stars if you added more things to do with your money. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.
Please read and please fix!
Rodrigueztony456 on 2020-06-05
I give this game a one star because I can’t even play the game! I get on level one doesn’t even let me do anything! I start to swipe up and it kicks me off the game! I tried deleting games, didn’t work, I tried deleting the game and tried to get it back! Didn’t work, if I could play the game I’m pretty sure I would give it more than 1 star review, but I’m not the only one! I read a review that said the same thing! So if this is a bug please fix it! I would give this game more than 1 star! I was thinking of giving this game a 0 but than I said I’ll be nice. So please fix it!
Very Bad
Inspiration About Youtube on 2020-06-05
Okay so I saw an ad of this game and I was like “ooh this games seems fun” then I downloaded it. I was so excited to play it but no.. I pressed open and then it made me wait a bit then it took me out of the game and back to my home screen. I tried so many times and nope. The same thing kept happening. This game is just NO. I even saw my iPad was really hot/warm so I went to go draw instead and my iPad cooled down a lot more. And I thought “maybe it will work now!” I tried again. No. It didn’t work. I’m so disgusted and disappointed in this.
yay imm rich on 2020-06-05
Hi I write reviews for my job so I would like to say that this is very inaccurate and there is lots of ads which I don’t complain about this but I got the ad free thing and I still get more ads then I did before which is not the inaccurate approach to fixing a phone you get a couple hundred dollars instead of a little over 1000 dollars like in real life you also can’t roll of a screen and roll on a new one also you would have to break the phone to get in the microchips not just take of the case this is unacceptable.
GameReview263 on 2020-06-05
I’m not gonna lie, this game was fun for a bit. But then I realized that the developer is in it for the money. For example, you have a choice of a tip for extra money if you watch a ad. That is completely fair because it’s giving the consumer the choice. What’s not fair is after I declined it, I watched a ad anyway... that’s just straight up unfair and I was disappointed ;(. Don’t trick people into watching ads and get a payout. Your game has a lot of potential! But it’s destroyed by the game’s true intentions.
Fun the first time but after...
SnazzyTodoroki on 2020-06-05
It’s a fun game I had a fun time unlocking the stuff but after awhile it’s repetitive and boring. Like, I just hold my finger on the screws and it gets boring. I really don’t have a problem with the adds or anything else. But, I think the game has potential. You could fix more things like a PlayStation or Xbox, even an Alexa, etc. I don’t think the game is bad but it’s not exiting either... Anyway I gave it a 2 star rating and I want to keep his short. Bye!

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