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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Enjoy the chef experience with many mini games now! Sort the fridge, wash dishes! Prepare meals and serve them to customers. Use very simple mechanics like swipe, tap, drag and hold to play each mini game. Get ready to enjoy an experience of restaurant life!

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Pretty Fun
Kelly Chen on 2020-12-01
This game is great to play, but unfortunately, it is very repetitive so it becomes boring. Please make all levels different, you can repeat fun ones you think users will like. I’ll reinstall this app since I deleted it when I think it’s time to see if this app makes any changes. Keep on going! Edit: Thank you for the response. I reinstalled it and I will check it out for any changes! Okay, I just played until it was starting to repeat the levels again, but different items or colors. I’m sorry, but it is not much of an entertainment to me. This is not playable without WiFi because it gets stuck on the loading screen. Also, I’ll leave the rating 4 stars. I love the new levels and I’m glad the game improved a bit more. If I can rate apps by decimal, I would say this is a 4.3! I don’t think this app will last very very long, so I might delete it (again) sorry! I need my storage, but I might reconsider :)
It’s ok
fog liver on 2020-12-01
It is really good but it is very glitchy and it has a lot of ads in it but I wanted to write a long review but that’s really the only thing u don’t like about it and it is very fun but you have to play win over and over and over so yeah if you are reading this it might sound a little cringe because I have never wrote a review on any thing so yea and I would recommend this game is you don’t mind a little glitchy ness and ads and it might just be my phone but I recommend this to any one
The trash level
bunloaf10 on 2020-12-01
So there are levels literally impossible and you may be thinking “maybe they’re is just bad at it” but the trash level is where you try and get the trash in the bin but most of them it’s out of range and you can’t get it in there. Also there is way to many ads. There is an ad after every single level and also 70% of the game is ads. Wouldn’t recommend if your looking for games with nearly any ads.
Less ad’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BadGlitch!! on 2020-12-01
Every time I finish a level Bam there’s an ad I’m just about toGet to the point where I’m gonna delete This game less ads or I delete it’s also very very glitchy like on the first level when I tried to put a plate in the sink it glitched into the grinder and I lost Other than the ad’s and the glitch it’s pretty good but it’s only 2 Star experience for meSo please get rid of some of the ad’s
Good but could be better
CeeesyPickles on 2020-12-01
Overall this is a great game for people who like things that are and sadisfying but not good for people that don’t like adds because there are adds after every mini game and the mini games are like 2 seconds long so it gets annoying and will make some people wanna delete the the game because it gets that way but if you are ok with adds it is pretty fun.
Downloaded this so I could relax
Honeybees67 on 2020-12-01
this is by far the MOST annoying game I have ever downloaded. There is an Ad after every single mini game and that’s super annoying and frustrating. I downloaded this game because it promises to be relaxing, watching Ad after ad is not relaxing! I am Honestly never going to download this app again. Please fix your AD problem. So I won’t effect others.
Stsarkis on 2020-12-01
I love the game itself but have a few complaints. First of all, I think there are way too many ads. After every level I walk around my house so the ad will finish. Second of all, I wish the game didn’t have levels and was like people order then sit down and you can upgrade the cooking place and restaurant. Thanks for reading!!!
The perfect game
Iulialv on 2020-12-01
I highly recommend this app. This app has fun levels and tasks. So if you are looking for a game this is the one to play. Even with the ads you can still have enjoyable times with this app. The 5 stars are because when I am bored I’ll just open the app and play all or most of the levels. Thank you to the great programmer.
It’s was ok
zumba01936401 on 2020-12-01
I thought the game was pretty fun especially for a cooking game. But it had way to many ads to the point it was annoying and I ended up deleting it. Every time you complete a task there is an ad and it’s always about 30 seconds long. There should at least be an ad per 5 task.
Please read developer!
memesarelove16 on 2020-12-01
Well this game IS ok but super super glitchy like when it says”crush the sugar cubes well it will freeze so I exit it out and go back in still glitchy.can you please fix it I would appreciate it,thank you!

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