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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Retro Bowl is the perfect game for the armchair quarterback to finally prove a point. Presented in a glorious retro style, the game has simple roster management, including press duties and the handling of fragile egos, while on the field you get to call the shots. Can you pass the grade and take your team all the way to the ultimate prize? Can you win the Retro Bowl?

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Nostalgic App that takes you back to the best of an era
ghoztxjacket on 2022-12-07
I don’t ever write reviews but I love this game! Definitely one that brings back memories of my youth and has the same great action! Love the player skill development and free agency and draft features. Coordinator hires and development with traits adds to the game play as well. Retro feel but with dynamic features that app developer put a twist on. Look forward to more updated versions that could possibly add more roster slots so you have younger players on deck to build up skill-wise while veteran players get ready to retire. Would love to review other team player stats and also a leaderboard with comparable stats for each position. More realistic trade scenarios where trades are proposed to your team as well as you can go in and request a player trade from opposing teams. The app should have the ability to track or realistically keep stats on previously developed players from old teams if you change teams and if they also get traded once your heading a new team. That would give you the ability to pursue and trade or sign previous players you’ve had on your roster and have had success with before. Also lastly, developers can surely bump up the difficulty in the AI just a few notches for more challenging seasons. Looking forward to more app developments and updates!
Great game BUT
Steeltman on 2022-12-07
I’ve been playing this game for a year now and have to say it is a truly a fun game and great time killer. I’ve made a few observations and these issues I hope can be addressed. 1. The offensive coordinator position is truly offensive. The play calls made are always in-cuts and short slants and rarely a go route. 2. The audibles are too random. If you’re looking for a go route, you could and in most cases use up all your audibles to get the play you’re looking for in one down, especially if your in a passing game pinch. It’s even worse if you have a low rated qb with 2 or 3 to chose from. 3. I understand the need to make a little money on this game as it is ad free(huge perk there, thank you) but the training, rehab and stadium declining twice or more in a season saps the credits you need to field a decent team. It’s been happening all the more since the new update. 4. Why are there no achievements/ records for the offensive line? They rack up huge tackling stats. Thank you again for a great game, I hope you read this and take these items into account.
Best sports game on mobile ever
2262525 on 2022-12-07
This game is perfect right down to the last little details the game is just great the gameplay is terrific the passes are accurate, the game is very addictive, I downloaded it yesterday and already 5-0 in the retro bowl, the draft is perfect the scouting shows you what players to pick, (I have a 5 star WR). The scenarios are interesting and makes you really think for the team or yourself, the free agency is cool the salary cap makes you think of what teams to play around with, the touchdowns are so exciting, the options to have it auto run or control it yourself, the controller Bluetooth connection in the game is so useful because I like to use the controller so in all honesty this is my favorite game ever. the best game.
You players speed and a glitch
Angel1987P on 2022-12-07
Only issues I have are that defensive players seem to have faster speed even if your WR or RB is maxed in speed. Also when chasing you down, defensive players have unlimited stamina, again, even if your players have max stamina but hey seem to have more. I also encountered a glitch in the AFC championship. I went to OT and it ended 27-26 in my favor yet 2nd OT started. I drove down the field and scored a field goal and it suddenly ended. Seems like an obvious glitch. What would have happened if I threw a pick or had a fumble and they returned it for a TD even after I won the 1st OT? Would they have won? That’s why it should be looked into.
Love the game but there are MAJOR flaws
jab jskekcneoznsbe on 2022-12-07
My biggest pet peeve with this game is when I throw a perfectly placed pass and the ball just smacks the receiver in the head and ends up incomplete 🙄! It happens way too often… the audibles suck… if it’s 3rd and 14 some audibles or routes won’t be deep routes and that makes it impossible to gain big yards.. Let us play defense ! The interceptions are so stupid in this game.. the trajectory of the ball could be over a defender but the ball will still perfectly land in their hand every single time ! The defense never drops the ball but my receivers do all the time !!! Who has better hands , DBs or WRs??? Fix it !!!
Suggested improvements
RB Fan 4 Life on 2022-12-07
This game is really great! Thanks for all of the hard work put into developing it. A few suggestions/ideas: 1 - it would be nice if the draft system was a little more developed (like seeing prospects before the draft, having a draft order, being able to trade picks) 2 - I would love to have different playbooks to mix things up. Not necessarily fancy, just some pass heavy, some run heavy, blended, etc. also the ability to pick plays would be nice 3 - it would be nice if QB run speed was a little better. I’d like to have a truly dual threat QB but as of now I can rarely run for more than 5-7 yards with him.
Fireapple14 on 2022-12-07
Ok so not gonna lie to you this game is the bestfootball game out there for mobile devices and they dont steal money or have any adds I love that. But I love this game so much that I got a apple gift card for my gift. I never get apple gift cards so I decided to spend it on the unlimited version of retro bowl but each time I want to pay it says for a verification since I have my money I spend it but it says unkown error and I really want to buy for this game but it doesn't work so if you notice this comment. Please reach out for me and we can talk about this 1 on 1.
Five stars but there’s some things I want
yo moma!!!! on 2022-12-07
So retro bowl is cool but I just want to recommend some things to the creators first I think I could be cool if after every game it said the three stars of the game that would be cool and EVERY single offseason the team morale go’s down sooo ya but I also think it would be cool to play defense and nomatter what speed my tight end is its slower than a snail oh and I can have a five star o-line and yet I will only have 5 seconds to throw so there are some things to fix and consider…
Please Read!!
CheddyVert on 2022-12-07
Been playing this game since it came out, and bought the full version at least 3 times. I love it, the whole franchise game style is lit no doubt. But ya’ll have updated the game so much and still haven’t added more plays or play selection 🤔 it makes the game repetitive at times. Seriously consider updating that big dawgs. Only other thing I can think of is faster quarterbacks lol you don’t have buff QBs but definitely mix up the bag with them so we don’t only have 2 types of QBs
Best mobile football game
Hayes skidmore on 2022-12-07
In my opinion this is the best mobile football game in the AppStore right now but there is a few things that would be nice to see in coming updates.I would love being able to see opposing teams records player stats coaches ext. I would also love to pic my own plays or make my own playbook.This game would also be much more exciting if you could play defense, you spend all that time upgrading defensive players then not be able to use them. Overall 5 star game in my opinion

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