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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Retro Bowl is the perfect game for the armchair quarterback to finally prove a point. Presented in a glorious retro style, the game has simple roster management, including press duties and the handling of fragile egos, while on the field you get to call the shots. Can you pass the grade and take your team all the way to the ultimate prize? Can you win the Retro Bowl?

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My favorite game,my favorite sports
jack multi on 2023-01-27
Hi,this has got more than two parts,in each part we’re gonna talk about the options of the game that are lovely and made a perfect game. Follow me,to the field! 1:my team One of the things that makes the game fun, is that you have the option to start with your favorite team! Dallas,buffaloes,new york,cleve land,miami and… You know…let’s be favorite team is buffalo bills,i choosed it for my favorite team and I was ready to start,that suddenly i saw a small qustion above: Would you like to start with your favorite team? I was shocked and almost happy. I had fun with my favourite team. 2:graphics I know,l known w that the graphic is not a modern graphic,I don’t mean that it is bad or old,but,do you remember seper mario? How couldn’t you remember?one of the most famous video games of all time,mario was made in 1990s,but it steel has lits of fans that the have a collection of mario’s vedeo games,let’s don’t forget our main conversation,i mean retro bowl has an old kind graphic,but this graphic is one of the reasons that retro bowl is so famous and lovely! I like nfl 23,with one of the best graphics of all time,playing a game with modern graphics is fun,bot playing a game with old kind graphic and a modern football world is something else. 3:gemeplay Aime,release,cath, run and touchdown!!! Wow!what a wonder full chalenging gameplay! Oh!be carefull!don’t give an interception and watch out for the rumble! Five stars for this wonderful fameplay,graphic and all of the options of this fantastic game! Ok,it is the end,my fingers are tired but i will never be tired of playing retro bowl. See you on another review.
Actually better than madden
BombTrack661 on 2023-01-27
This game is amazing and one of my favorite sports games I’ve ever played. It’s so simple yet so much fun. I’ve been playing this game a ton and on one of my seasons I’m actually on year 39 which is insane. There are obviously things I wish the game had like stats of other teams and their players to see how they’re doing as well. I think my biggest problem with the game is the way defense works though. I have 11 defensive players on my one franchise because I wanted to see how it would work and it’s been fun but can be frustrating when I make maybe 1 mistake on offense and my defense can’t get a stop for some reason even though they’re all star players of 4 and up. It feels like even though I add more defensive players my defense doesn’t get better which is frustrating. It’s almost like they actually play worse. I’d just like to see more of a difference when I’m investing 11 of my 12 player slots on defense than I am seeing. With that being said this game is 5 stars without a doubt. The mechanics are fun and easy. There’s stats for your players and even a HOF for the best players you’ve ever had. They continually add good updates that make the game even better and I hope they keep going because I’m going to keep playing.
Combat Sports y’all
thedrummeraric on 2023-01-27
God, I wish New Star would get to work on a boxing and an MMA game. Something in the vein of a Ring King (classic Nintendo) but way better. Everything about Retro Bowl is perfect. From its Tecmo-inspired gameplay to the simple yet realistic ways that it recreates the bells and whistles of drafts, coaching, and general management. You can be as involved as you wanna be with the season without getting bogged down in the details, and the visuals and gameplay keep me coming back more than a text-based simulation would. If y’all could turn this magic onto Combat Sports and produce games that accomplish the same things with all the customization possibilities presented here, I would be firing wads of cash at you guys.
Few tweaks to make it from already great to perfect
Grton on 2023-01-27
Hot route. Would be cool on a passing place to show the hot route or receiver the play is supposed to go to or if it’s a designed running play Playing going left the whole game when it comes to the end of the 4th quarter and you’re prompted field goal or 1st down, the field goal button should be on the opposite side. I’m used to playing with my right thumb being the active one, when that prompt comes up, muscle memory clicks field goal 5/10 times Which leads to last. You should be able to call a timeout in field goal formation. In case I make that mistake above
Fix play calling
Afrank109 on 2023-01-27
There need to be a fix on play calling/routs because I lost the retro bowl by bad play calling And also I am sick and tired of when I try to throw the ball it sometimes hands the ball to the running back which fumbles the ball that also need to be fixed which I don’t even want to hand the ball to the running back it sometimes does it automatically, the play calling at the end is making me lose the routes are terrible we should make are own play calls And also there NEEDS to be when every time the should be an onside recovery kick not just in the 4 quarter
Pay to win
Phireiswaytoocommonnowadays on 2023-01-27
Played this for a week. You’ll win all of your games at first, but then a curve will hit and you’ll start losing all your games. The team will score every ball and will intercept like mad. Your fans disappear so fast and that means so does your ability to make coins. It’s a pay to win game. You need top players to stand a chance. This is my second time trying this game because it has potential, but it did the same thing after just a few days. Don’t bother. Find a different retro football game. These guys are sharks just looking to take your money
New in game features
Hbrumy on 2023-01-27
Love the game, I would love to see a feature where you can view other teams rosters and make trades using either your picks, your players on your roster, or both to acquire either players or picks. This in my opinion would be a great feature that allows you to utilize your picks other than using them to draft new players. Maybe even add new in game conflicts like if a player gets down to a toxic morale, they can request a trade and you have the choice to trade that player to other teams that are interested for either picks or players as well.
Best game but one thing that would be amazing
retro ball is so awesome 738 on 2023-01-27
I love the game but there would be on that mg that I would love kicking field goals from any range I have a good kicker and so do a lot of people I know and I hate it when it says the people nay option is to punt I would like it if you could kick field goals and have they option to punt I think you game would be even more loved then it already is. And I would also like it if you could play on defense or just see how good your defense is by watching them.
Retro Bowl Rules!
MadelineCatPerson on 2023-01-27
Retro Bowl is a super fun football game. As someone who absolutely hates football and knows nothing about it, this game is absolutely great. It is where you can either play the amazing normal play, or pay one dollar and get a better experience. No matter which you choose, you’ll have a great time. You can play the playoffs, live forever and work hard with your team, switch teams, and have fun. This game has been super fantastic and I highly recommend.
Inconsistent playing field
tadz00ks on 2023-01-27
It’s a fun game, but man is it ever inconsistent. Weaker teams are far stronger than 5 star teams. Also funny that when you’re playing the same level team, you will always throw an interception towards the end of the game. It’s a great game, but wish the dev would tweak the AI a bit. No way a 5 star team would lose to a 1 star team, when the 5 star team is blowing other 5 star teams away. Come on dev, you got my $, make it better.

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