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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



RETRO GOAL is a fast and exciting mix of arcade Soccer action and simple team management, from the developers of hit sports games NEW STAR SOCCER and RETRO BOWL. Play the first 10 matches for free before unlocking the rest of the game to shoot for glory! With graphics inspired by the most beloved football games of 16-bit era and the accuracy of modern touchscreen controls, you'll be slotting away goal after goal with pixel-perfect precision. Choose a team from the world's favourite leagues and recruit the superstars, professionals and hotheads who will lead you to victory - then take full control on the pitch and make every touch count!

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Really nice game, needs some additions. MUST PLAY
Ed&MeekGaming on 2023-02-01
JUST SO YOU KNOW: Offline and online game. Must pay for full version after 10 games (1$). Easy to learn controls. Simple and fun. This is probably one of the best mobile football (soccer) games I have played on mobile, it is offline compatible which I LOVE a tip for new players, the game is free, but after 10 games you are forced to buy the full version (1$). Some aspects of the game confuse me such as the yellow flag above a player, does that mean they are offside? I’m not sure. If you could put some sort of dictionary for everything that would be really nice! Suggestions: I think it would be nice for new players to add an option to buy the unlimited version+ an amount of gold, for a reasonable price, so that people get get the full version AND some extra gold (or money or whatever the currency is 😂) But still have the option to buy just the full version. Another suggestion is; as the game becomes more popular and such, I think it would be very fun to be able to play defense, instead of it just saying “chance missed” whenever it goes past half field. Thank you for making this game, I love both this game and retro bowl. I hope the developers can make more of these games! If the developers could read this and respond to this I would be very happy! 😃 From, your #1 fan (probably not #1 but still up there)
Money and Team Training
Tkaegoron on 2023-02-01
Money is earned very slowly, you need to go through a lot of seasons in order to buy normal players, but you are struggling very hard due to the fact that you need to constantly increase morale and lvl up, update the contract and heal. If you assemble a full team, then there is not enough money at all for them to live up to half of the season at least. some of the moments and just score 3 goals and knock the ball out of the field to finish the match already. The money that was earned in the international competition cannot be taken away either, so why did we earn it then? I thought it could be different. The game is normal, but the minus is very strong in coins, so if you do not plan to invest a lot of personal money in the game or you are not one of those who like to collect coins for a long time, the game is not for you. Once this is fixed it will be much better for everyone. And the interest will remain the same
Fun little game but I’d love to see some of the following
will4boo on 2023-02-01
An indication on the squad scene on how many weeks left of a contact. Maybe some icon over a player. I’ve lost too many players last moment when I didn’t have cash in hand to renew their contacts. Top scorers/ assists thru the league. More info of results of other teams A training scene where you can practice set pieces. For instance I’ve never scored a header off a corner in over 6 seasons of play. A mode where you can play the full 90 game and the timer counts down during play. I’ve had times where I’ve spent literally 5 actually minutes on a play. 2 / multi player players The ability to also be defense / goal keeper.
Fun but why?
planton is jamal on 2023-02-01
This game is extremely fun and I play it a lot however I do have some issues the game says you can only play 10 rounds for free and then you must pay for the full version I feel like we should have the full game for free instead of having to pay money to get the full version a lot of Gabes give you the full version for free however this one does not and you have to pay most likely a whole dollar to continue playing the game maybe even more than a dollar maybe I’m over exaggerating But I want to see the full version without having to pay still is a really fun game and I would recommend
Offensive team name
Xochi Chavez on 2023-02-01
I know the creator most likely did not intend this, but I noticed that Manchester United is called “Man U” in the game. “Man U” is a nickname that rivals have called Manchester United in songs and chants to make fun of the busby babes (the Manchester United team in the 1950s) for dying in the Munich air disaster. Out of respect for the players that died and their families and for every United fan I ask that the name is changed to “Man Utd”
A flawed boring experience
chuck $$$$ on 2023-02-01
A game more interested in your money then providing a quality soccer experience. Free agents are bough with real world money not game experience changing to a new team leaves you with an empty roster and no real way to bring in transfers other than cash leading to a boring repeptive in rewarding game play loop. Developers got greedy and the game is a miss for it
Neat idea ok execution
Stoopvdhdhdhhdhhdhr on 2023-02-01
Love watching my players just stare at the ball when it’s passed. Great fun. Your players give up after a goal so the other team can catch up. Very nice of them. Love how close every game is because the controls can’t differentiate between giving a direction to move and kicking the ball gently to the other team’s goalie. Very suspenseful.
Missed chance
1401127347 on 2023-02-01
Game is fun until you realize the devs coded it where you will lose no matter how good you play to encourage micro-transactions. You passed it, 3 defenders run to the ball at 4x speed, tackle your player for the “missed chance” message. Then the other team scores 2 goals!? Better spend the $20 on new players, chump.
Retro Goal
lambolabdo on 2023-02-01
This is a wonderful game, almost better than retro bowl, but after 10 matches you have to pay real money to keep going. This game would have so many more people playing it if they switched from requiring payment to just a few ads here and there. If this game was ACTUALLY free, i’d rate it five stars.
Missing some elements.
Legend777777777777777999999900 on 2023-02-01
These games are simple, and fun. Some key elements that both games don’t have commentary, tv type gameplay (analysis and full stadium/arena layouts), career mode, and defense. The game is fun though, I enjoy it, but I really want a defense for these games since defense can help prevent goals or scores.

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