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Do you want to test your IQ? Riddle Master is the #1 IQ Puzzle Game. Solve all tricky questions and test your brain power! Can you solve them all?

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Great game!
ILoveMyCat_UwU on 2021-01-20
It’s an amazing game. I really like it and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it besides one thing and I’ll get into that at the end of this review. I think it gets you brain working which is why I got the app. If you are looking for a game that is fun but still is a “brain game” than this is for you. I think that the answers could be just a little harder but the find the word question could be just a tiny bit easier. If you actually made it to the end you are a trooper. To be honest, I did not expect this to be THIS long. I’m gonna stop writing now.... great game though!
Annoying advertisement bait
beepbop12 on 2021-01-20
There really is no challenge to the game at all the stuff is super easy. There is an annoying little hit for watching an add thing that floats over THE GAME SCREEN WHERE YOU ARE LOOKING. The best thing I can say is it was a neat idea. very bad execution though and is just trying to get you to watch advertisements. I doubt the makers of this game really even care if it was good or not.
Too many ads
Kenz429 on 2021-01-20
I love the game soo much. It was a lot of fun. The biggest problem were the advertisements. I’d be trying to solve the riddle and then accidentally click on the parachute floating in the middle. I had to delete the game despite how much fun it was because of the frustration from the MANY advertisements.
Just a bad game
Superclone gameing on 2021-01-20
This game is just bad it has many glitches and inconsistencies, I was asked to find the sword and I did so I clicked on it and then it said that I clicked on the toilet and when I clicked on the toilet it said I clicked the sword, it’s also just very boring
Too many ads
Spring Bonnie56 on 2021-01-20
So me and my friend downloaded this ‘game’ and we try to play it but after every “stage” there was an ad and after we deleted it we got childish ads like the ones in the game and we can’t get rid of them, and the game is a waste of time.
tbskhxosbd on 2021-01-20
Are you really serious on the arm my 80-year-old grandma and try this and she couldn’t even figure it out and then I went to a college student she didn’t even realize it was on her own I had to get it wrong to figure it out.
Craps out and repeats
Melly1238765 on 2021-01-20
This game freezes on the same levels (first one is Level 14) and I have to replay 1-14 over and over. That glitch eventually fixed itself and now the game is giving me repeat boards. Fun idea but not a well-developed app.
Lags, glitches, crashing
Godly flames on 2021-01-20
If you are wondering whether or not to get this game, please read this. This game is decently fun and challenges your brain well. But there are so many times when you change levels when it crashes and lags you out.
Mmm it’s ok
lexi black123345 on 2021-01-20
I like it but it’s not the best game in the world I like more violent games, like Among us best game btw, just it’s ok but I would like it to be better and more violent. THATS MY REVIEW YAY YAY YAY!
Dead End
Kivist on 2021-01-20
Works fine until lvl 13. Once you beat it, the game doesn’t load the next one. You have to hard reset the app, but it will take you to lvl 13 again instead of the next one, the cycle continues.

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