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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras. Ring connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature advanced motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a free 30-day trial of Ring Video Recording, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos at anytime with anyone. Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home. Ring Features - High-definition video - Wide-angle camera lens - Two-way talk - Advanced motion detection - Infrared night vision - Video recording - Lifetime purchase protection

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Missing what should be standard features
mikemy on 2020-12-02
We previously used Nest cameras in our old house and switched to Ring last year when we moved to a different house. The Ring app works ok for reviewing video feeds. It’s easy enough to see different cameras and it scroll to recorded events. I do find the scrolling in the timeline is a little clumsy as I constantly hit the “go live” button on the right end of my the timeline with my thumb pulling me back to the live feed. Ring does have some features you would expect, like setting up zones to trigger alerts, and those work well. But the app is missing some features that Nest has had for years and not taking advantage of new available features. The app has a few different modes, Sleep, Home, Away, which can trigger cameras and set alerts. I’m not sure why the lock into three but those work ok. I don’t understand why their is no geofencing. Nest has had this feature for years and it is the feature that really makes something like modes work, because then it works without thinking about it. Cameras come off when you get home and come on when you leave. The other thing that is strange is the they do t take advantage of the IOS widgets. That would be another way to quickly access modes and switch them, instead you have to open the app to switch. My lighting app has a widget and it works great for quickly setting a scene. Kind of a no brainer. Ring is fine, but they could really do so much better.
Honest assessment after 2 years
zmyers19 on 2020-12-02
The good: - I love the recent addition of rich notifications. Great improvement. - I love the reliability of the system. It definitely gives me a notification every time. What can improved: - I don’t understand the device health. What is RSSI? Make this simpler and tell me if I need more bandwidth, better signal, etc for better performance. I need a simple gradient: poor, ok, good, excellent. - we need a WIDGET. With the new “modes” feature, I need a widget to quickly set them without opening the app. I set my home alarm this way. I’d love to have a ring widget right beside it. - I have great internet. But when I get a notification and press on it, it can sometimes take 5+ seconds for the live view to come up. That’s too long to be able to do anything sometimes. And then I have to wait like 5 minutes for the video to upload to see what actually came into view. Make this faster or give us a Device Health meter that will show us how to improve this time.
Update Information
W4JJK on 2020-12-02
It would be nice to know what everyone of these updates we get on this app does whether it be some new addition or a bug fix. Such as all the double and triple Ring stuff that’s been going on lately which seems to be a bug in the rich option that was added a while back. So I’d ask is this been fixed? I don’t know because it doesn’t say in the update what was done and what was fixed. Therapist worked well for most of the time I’ve used it so there’s nothing really to comment bad only the fact that when something goes wrong you’re not told what got fixed and you have to go back and turn on things such as rich notifications again and see if it starts getting double and triple rare’s. It would be nice to know that it was just fixed so you wouldn’t have to go and do all the footwork yourself.
Poser Leadership @ Amazon
Zombie!Pig! on 2020-12-02
Nothing about Amazon-Ring is worthy of giving a positive review. 1) The app (especially the latest release this week that crashed everyone’s Ring settings) is near useless for actual engagement with anyone at your door in a timely manner. 2) To be told by Lameazon support our wifi network has issues is a complete cop-out. Basically, the entire company fails, end to end, to take ownership of ANY reported issue. 3) It is very evident they (Amazon) assume the end-user (customer) is an idiot. The company, Amazon, as a whole could use leadership lessons from companies like Chick-fil-A who respect and honor their customers. Hey Amazon, try servant leadership principles instead of socialistic/dictatorship style hammering!
The app is terrible and products are subpar
Mikel27 on 2020-12-02
I’ll continue to update my reviews as they continue to delete them. I’ve them saved locally at this point. The app and accessing the camera is terrible for any type of security measure for a home or business. The notifications never line up with alerts, almost complete opposite. And the load time plus cool down period are a disaster for any type of security. The Neighbors portion is just useless. Nothing like alerts at 3a from someone miles away because they heard something outside their house or someone drove down their road. Last - once I opted out of data sharing features and auto-enabled features Ring and Amazon tried to get away recently with my app no longer works.
Works great!
DogInTheBathtub on 2020-12-02
Overall a very good interface. A couple of areas for possible improvement: 1. In order to hear the app audibly notify you when someone rings at your door, the volume on your phone needs to be raised, which can be a distraction when ads or other app notifications pop up at a very loud level. Would be nice if the app notify volume could be tied into the ringer volume instead of the speaker volume. 2. When adding another user, the first step for that invitee should be to download the ring app and then create an account. Currently, it has the invited user create an account through its online website and never has them download the ring app.
I want to really like this, but...
TheIversens on 2020-12-02
Why, oh, why are you not integrated with HomeKit?!? Some of us cannot and will not ever use Amazon Alexa or any other smart home integration system besides HomeKit. We want to be able to use HomeKit to control lights without some super slow third party thing like IFTTT. Please, please, consider integration with HomeKit or partnering with Ring and Wemo. I read it was coming and this is why I bought what I bought, but there will come a day when I eill look elsewhere. And it would be nice if my community could be my community and some weird location 5-6 miles away. I’ve had tickets open for that, which I’d love to see fixed, too!
(UPDATE) - App no longer working!
DenaC2911 on 2020-12-02
(Update) - After reaching out to support and finally getting through to someone, I was told they are aware of the issues and are working on it. As of about 20 mins ago, I’m back up and running. If any issues arise will update again. All seems restored as of right now. Thanks Ring! Previous review: Uninstalled & reinstalled (as this most times fixes the issue temporarily) but now when I go to sign in, it emails me the two step verification code and won’t accept the code it sends me to even sign in!! So frustrating! Used to love Ring. Now questioning keeping it smh Somebody at Ring please HELP!
Ring Alarm System
Real Mc3 on 2020-12-02
We are truly enjoying the Ring system. Last night a commercial came on TV and it was the ring doorbell. When our dog heard it he got up and started barking at the front door. I love the doorbell and the alarm system is great also. Easy to arm, disarm wherever you are. My husband decided to test the alarm inside, and that was the first time he’d done that, I think. It was blasting so loud our dog came running to me like ‘what’s up’?? It did alarm me as well, but we know it works great! Thanks for making it reliable and easy to use!! Karen
Bloody hell
Lisad67213 on 2020-12-02
Ok. The double and triple notification is getting on my nerves. First notification tells me I have an alert, mere seconds later, I get another showing a quick snip of what tripped it. I have to now mute my phone at work and when I am sleeping - so what good is it???? It is constantly giving me double and sometimes triple notifications!!!! Each and every update, seems to break the app even more. If you are smart and read the reviews before you buy, run to another product because all this is going to do, is piss you off.

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