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Nov, 2021


Nov, 2021



Easy to pick up HARD to put down A new and original game, perfect for killing a few minutes! Try It

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How bad it is
RichBoyMaji on 2021-12-06
When I played every time I go to the far left it glitch and would let me move and it will do that any where and cut your long stick and the ads so meany ads
killrerrttikgkfmg on 2021-12-06
OK so this is like one of those games that you would like a road trip BUT IT IS SOO FUN!
The Ads
Z2diffrent on 2021-12-06
Their are way too many ads but a good game overall
Rip off app
EvilCultLeader on 2021-12-06
Purchasing remove ads does not remove ads. Scam.
So so bababad
hahahnddb on 2021-12-06
They don’t have enough to pass it sosobababad
I love this game I can’t stop playing it
king king in this game on 2021-12-06
I love this game I can’t stop playing it
Line game
Kourt25! on 2021-12-06
This game is like so Freakin 🅒🅞🅞🅛
Roof rails
sportsguy02043 on 2021-12-06
I like it but to many chamerrchals
appcritic4927 on 2021-12-06
Unfair glitches hard to many ads
I love this game blah blah blah blah blah blah
g h h hchchvhvhvh h on 2021-12-06
I love this game so much

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