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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Easy to pick up HARD to put down A new and original game, perfect for killing a few minutes! Try It

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Game is okay
CheesePuffs9000 on 2020-12-04
The game is pretty fun but gems become useless after about level 68. From what I’ve found, gems can only be used to buy different costumes and there’s not that many to buy. Some levels seem impossible to do, like 33 and 63 which gets very annoying. Other levels they don’t give you enough poles to even reach the final bonus amount. There are ads after every level but you can usually skip them early on. The game itself is pretty fun to play if you’re not in the mood to think a lot. After about 2 hours of screen time (playing and watching ads) I’ve gotten to level 81 and bought all the costumes. It’s easy to get through a lot of levels fast, I just wish there was more to use the gems for.
Ridiculously Easy and Waste of Time
billypilgrim97 on 2020-12-04
It’s not even funny how easy this game is. I just finished my 100th level and it still feels like I am still on the tutorial level. After you unlock all of the only 6 character outfits, the coins in the game that you rack up mean absolutely nothing. Also, I’ve noticed that there are repeating levels that I have already done so it seems like the creators of the game couldn’t even come up with new level ideas and just reused the same ones over and over: lame. Obviously don’t pay $3 to buy this boring game because, honestly, the ads it forces you to watch is more entertaining than the game itself. I feel like I’ve wasted my time and, unfortunately, money.
Needs several fixes
rudylaveta on 2020-12-04
In bonus round you can’t hit anything past 11x even if your rod is big enough and you go all the way. Also once you spend your purple gems on all of the characters (5000 gems each) you don’t have anything else to spend your gems on. I have 100k+ gems and since I already bought all the characters there’s nothing left to spend them on, leaving you with useless gems, and earning gems for absolutely nothing. Fun game but makes no sense. Seems like this game was specifically designed to make money off the $2.99 people pay to get rid of the ads. Sad.
Amazing game
lorraine Olmedo on 2020-12-04
This game is a really fun game and the way you play is with your finger controlling the little man which is collecting little bars which make sure bar crawl it also there is things that will cut off the pores so you try and earn more than there is diamonds that you try and collect around the map then there should be a bonus of a onesie past couple of games I think that this game is really really really fun to play and I’ve probably already spent an hour on it just getting it.
Great game but sound issues
Mista Bice on 2020-12-04
I've really enjoyed the game so far. Mildly challenging with slight increase in difficulty while still fun and relaxing to play. I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for the sound issues. It stopped playing any in-game sounds but the ads still have sound so it's not my phone being on silent or anything. I haven't tried reinstalling the app yet but I have tried turning the sound on and off inside the game. Fix the sound issues and it's 5 stars!
Waste your time on a game with less ads
fekdgenkdbdgdkb on 2020-12-04
Ngl this would be a decent game to play when your bored if the ratio of ads to gameplay wasn’t 1:3. Honestly didn’t know what I expected from voodoo since they increase the amount of ads each game they put out but this is just annoying at this point. If you’re bored play another simple game that doesn’t have so many ads, it’ll be a lot more fun.
Not bad but too easy
Coxp1234 on 2020-12-04
This is the type of game to play while your doing something else. It’s easy, doesn’t require much thought.. only problem is it is too quick and it need tougher levels. Maybe an easy mode and a hard mode and something to do with the gems after the first 30 minutes when you buy all the dudes.
Great idea bad game
Sparkyarch on 2020-12-04
This game could have so much potential I got it hoping for the best but I couldn’t even finish one level before the game would freeze or crash my entire phone. If this game could get fixed I would play it again. So overall just don’t waste space on your phone/device DO NOT GET THIS GAME!
Fun but shady
Verydissatisfied4294273 on 2020-12-04
Fun game but the in-game purchase screen randomly pops up when you’re playing, which I’m assuming is done so you accidentally Purchase it. Also, it’s a little too easy. I’m at level 70 and it think there’s only been 1 time I didn’t get the 20x bonus. Plus there’s too many ads.
ճսճլափնտլ on 2020-12-04
So I downloaded this game because I saw it on a bunch of adds so I decided to try it out and when I tried it it would lag and wouldn’t collect the sticks and it wasn’t as good as I expected and there were way to many adds and it just got on my nerves:

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