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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



Control the character that's made out of ropes and collect colorful yarns to grow and progress through the level without hitting obstacles as you will lose rope if so.

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cute ! || small request.
El Fezezzzer on 2021-09-21
I honestly think this is a cute game. The hats and skins can match up and it’s adorable, it makes it extremely more entertaining when you can have a ‘ gem run ‘ or a race with an npc. ( I have a small request though. When you have the skin of your choice on and you get to race an npc, why do they gain the same color of yarn as you? If it’s a different color than us, could it possibly collect their own color of yarn? ) anyway, I think this is adorable. The only think I want to fix/update are the races. 😊
Too Many Ads
ANGRYTIMESTWO on 2021-09-21
Too many ads makes it unenjoyable for people and causes people not to play. You’d make more money off of ads if you used them less because people would continue to play. Cool game but I have to delete because it’s just ruined with advertisements.
Bad game
Leo Bright on 2021-09-21! I played this game for to seconds and just got flooded with adds! I get that games need adds to earn money, i know it’s annoying bit this is a whole new level of annoying! Whould not recommend!
¥•shalin•¥ on 2021-09-21
I believe that the game is fun but please, you put ads in Tik-Tok and don’t even play it right. And it irritates me because it’s such an easy game, yet you managed to make it hard like dude.
Really fun for a bit
TG_Braylin on 2021-09-21
I really like this game it’s super fun but it gets boring after a while. I think they could spice it up with maybe new game modes or new obstacles other than that GG.
Ok look
its not good like it ses on 2021-09-21
This game is full of ads and need some work, don’t get me wrong I love a Challenge but this game is really hard and over powered it needs to calm down a bit
Good game but•••
I like it without the ads on 2021-09-21
So I’m 6 and a half I don’t like ads so I think every game should not have ads so I need no ads on anything okay? I really like it though! 10/10. Love it.
gamermom812 on 2021-09-21
There is an ad every time you complete a course and sometimes an ad will pop up in the middle of the course. Would be a fun game if not so many ads.
You should download now!
m i c a e l a on 2021-09-21
This is the best game for buddies!It is free it is better to play on phone I got to say..BUT STILL PLEASE DOWNLOAD NOW Thank you for your time!
Its a good game but.
😩😠🥵😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😥😓🤗🤔😬 on 2021-09-21
This game is really good and fun but there are a lot of ads so its kinda hard for me to enjoy the game please fix it and thank you

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