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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Rebuilt from the ground up, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is a faithful re-make of the original Angry Birds game that took the world by storm! The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs' defenses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve! – Enjoy fun and satisfying slingshot gameplay! – Play all 8 original Angry Birds episodes from 2012 – over 390 levels! – 3-star all the levels and hunt for the Golden Eggs! – All the original classic characters just as you remember them! – Call in the Mighty Eagle to destroy those hard-to-beat levels! – No IAPs! – No intrusive pop-up ads interrupting gameplay! Relive your first smartphone gaming experience with THE mobile game of mobile games. We may update the game periodically, for example, to add new features or content or to fix bugs or other technical issues. Please note that the game may not function properly if you do not have the newest version installed. If you have not installed the latest update, Rovio will not be responsible for the game failing to function as expected. -------- Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Horrible, They Thought We Were Fools...
TheBuilderPro YT on 2022-07-01
The game itself is fine, but after playing a bit, I found major issues that turned this game into the worst. First off, Rovio advertised this game LITERALLY SAYING "No Ads!", but go play a level and pause, BAM! An ad appears on your screen. What a bunch of lying idiots, I knew that this would happen. Secondly, in the tutorial, when you boot up the first version of the remake, go to the Bomb bird tutorial. In the first version, they used Short Fuse Bomb instead of the normal Bomb. Thankfully they fixed this, but as an early player, this ruined it. Speaking of which, they barely put ANY effort for the Mighty Eagle tutorial, it looks like it was made in KINEMASTER SOFTWARE. Third of all, level 1-7. It used to be easy to get three stars, but because of the new tweaks for the birds, it is a bit different. You have to shoot at the EXACT pixel or it's not gonna work. Back then, it used to be that you had a small range of pixels. Also, when did breaking ICE get so hard? They should've just ported the Angry Birds Trilogy game from the consoles onto mobile and EVERYTHING would have been fine. Fourthly, the Golden Egg stages. For some reason, in the stage with the beach balls and Blues, if you wait long enough, the beach balls glitch out and give you points. Yes, you saw that right, POINTS. This still hasn't been fixed in the V1.2 update. Also, the Golden Egg menu props (Red with question marks) used to not pop up. Speaking of which, the level with Red, the pigs in triangle stacks, and the TNT? That became much harder because it has became harder to pop pigs AND keep all speed because the pigs have more density now. Finally, the updates. Throughout time, Angry Birds added more chapters via updates. In the newer version of the game though, the chapters have been DELETED and are only now available through APKS. Well, time for me to boot up an APK- wait, you CAN'T?! Well, in this version of Angry Birds, Rovio made it to where the game is UNPLAYABLE if you attempt to load it with an APK set up. There are also some bugs they fixed, but they can't even occur most of the time. Also, the line used for better aim accuracy was not included. They should've had this as an optional, but at first play default. The original Mighty Eagle levels are gone, you cannot practice on those anymore. Speaking of which, power-ups are gone forever. The sound effects used for the Blues and Matilida were switched for no reason even though they were fine. If you beat Poached Eggs with all stars, then you earn a Golden Egg that leads to a sound effect area, are you serious? THIS IS USELESS! Birds do not make noise if you try to tap them on the main menu. Cannot believe I wasted a dollar for junk. Well that was a load of shi-
d_rea_d on 2022-07-01
I absolutely loved the original angry birds when I was a kid. I literally beat the game. I went on to play angry birds rio, angry birds space, and the angry birds Star Wars games. Those were the days 🥲. Me and my cousins would play the games and talk about our strategies and whatever. As I got older I lost interest in the games. Then coming back a few years later I realized that there were no angry birds games at all! I found out what had happened and why. I played angry birds two but while it was fun it just didn’t have the same feel to it as the original angry birds. Shopping one day a few weeks ago I came across a guy in a angry birds shirt. I smiled as I thought of angry birds but wondered about the shirt. After I got home I checked the App Store and found the new revival of the classic game! I also found angry birds reloaded. I just got the game again but I’m already past the first 5 chapters and I’m loving it! WAY TO GO ROVIO WE NEEDED THIS! This has made me so happy and this game deserves a perfect 5 stars. The only thing I wish is to bring back some other angry bird games like space, Star Wars, and other classics. I hope there is more to come! Thanks a million ROVIO!
Angry Birds: The World’s Nostalgic Kids’ Game Ever
Bird Chef on 2022-07-01
I still like Angry Birds, the classic, original, first game. It’s still nostalgic to me. I still play it, too. But, I wish that the Golden Egg levels have the Mighty Eagle button to summon to make you win easily, because little bit of them make you only slingshot one bird to get all of the green pigs popped in one shot, but then, there’s still little bit of them left, making the Golden Egg levels hard to beat. Anyway, I also wish that the other Angry Birds games that were deleted came back, like Angry Birds: Rio, Star Wars, etc. I know that Angry Birds: Transformers is still here. I even play that one, everyday, playing the events by playing as characters to get enough points to get the event coins to have enough to buy upgrades for the characters, and also buy accessories for them, too. One more thing, I wish that this original Angry Birds game has the other levels, for two examples, with Bomb having the electricity ability, and Red having the Mighty Eagle’s leftover feathers, flying all over his round, red body, making him have the ability to go up, hitting something with his head.
Still the best mobile game
Magic Master8 on 2022-07-01
This might be a matter of opinion, but to this day, I believe that Angry Birds still holds a place as the best mobile game ever created, and I’m very glad it’s back. For the most part, nothing has changed. It’s just $1 to play the entire game (remember when we paid for games and there were lite versions). The original levels up to Surf and Turf are there. The mighty eagle is now free. There’s none of the stupid powerups; actually no microtransactions for that matter since it’s a pay to play game, but again, it’s only $1. More games need to do this again honestly. And the best part: no pop up ads, again like the old days. For all the people complaining about them lying and ads still being there, it’s literally just rovio ads that have always been a thing, and they’re just in menus and don’t hinder gameplay at all. Not sure what more these people want since there isn’t an ad popping up every 10 seconds, which is the worst part of games these days. Anyways, thank you very much for bringing it back Rovio, and for keeping it basically the same in all aspects from back in the day.
This game is every thing you remember for only 0.99 cents
Mug Gamer on 2022-07-01
There’s nothing to complain about it is exactly what I wanted It’s the original version of angry birds so no annoying arena no power ups except for the eagle but it has an hour recharge and when you do use it it wont get you any stars and also the game has no micro transactions you can’t buy anything so none of that annoying bird coin stuff. Since there are no power ups all of the extra levels that were added that were new are not hear but I don’t mind I like the original levels better. Well that’s all I have to say about this game it’s very cheap obviously there are no ads. It’s exactly how angry birds used to be. Love it
Been a fan since 2010
Angry Turtles On YT on 2022-07-01
I have loved angry birds for many years. Have been their when they started rising and have not left or got burned out on the games(except for the games like blast and dream blast) When the old games disappeared, I was sad. Now that it’s back. I am so happy. The game is just how I remembered it from all those years ago. There are no in app purchases and zero ads, even though you have to buy it for $1. It was worth it. If you haven’t played the original games, What are you waiting for. Thank you Rovio. And thank you for my childhood. Ps. I even have almost every angry birds plush.
Physics are 99% accurate to the original game
Carlinal47 on 2022-07-01
2 very miner flaws found in the chapter Mine and Dine; 1. The stalactites do not fall in response to the Mighty Eagle’s disruption, which may have led to greater difficulty achieving Total Destruction in a couple of stages. 2. A statistical error; Although I’ve clearly achieved 44 out of 45 feathers of T.E., the game somehow displays 43. Otherwise this is a very well-refined recreation of the 2009 classic that kickstarted an era of quality titles on the iOS.
Finally, the angry birds game that everyone was wanting back
Fancyshadow231 on 2022-07-01
I remember playing this game and other angry birds similar to this game such as angry birds Star Wars and angry birds seasons. Honestly this brings back all of the nostalgia from when I used to play it and seeing it finally come back makes me and the rest of the fan-base happy since it not only had less ads that cover the screen but it also didn’t bug you so much about in-game currencies that people dislike from the angry birds franchise.
Angry birds
devonh312 on 2022-07-01
I’m so glad they brought this back to the App Store,used to always play in 2011-2019on my tablet and then I upgraded to iPhone and they didn’t have it,just found out today they brought it back cuz I was in Google play store and they told me they brought it back here,pay the 0.99 fee trust me u won’t regret it but y’all gotta make angry birds epic back and updated I miss that game
Needs closer zoom on SE
InvisibleBike399 on 2022-07-01
Almost unplayable on iPhone SE. More challenging shots are impossible due to limited screen area. Never mind that you cannot see birds position under finger. Need to be able to push in (much) closer on small screens to be able to aim precisely and execute soft shots. On a plus it’s the classic version of a great game. Just wish I could play it properly.

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