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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Enjoy the driving experience with most realistic way now! Drive fast and overtake. Try not to bump into other cars while driving. Check out different car models to get various feelings. Fasten your seat belt and get ready to drive!

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Starts to get pointless after a short while
P. Kwiva on 2020-12-04
Overall, it's a fun game as long as you turn on Airplane Mode which disables ads. My biggest problem with this game is that after playing the game for two days, I already unlocked everything and completed all the challenges. I'm on level 457 and there's nothing left to do, and there's no incentive for me to continue. The levels don't get more challenging. In fact, this game is only as challenging as you want it to be. The mechanics are extremely basic. The car drives itself automatically with the flow of traffic, but tapping the screen causes the car to swerve left and drive full speed the wrong way into oncoming traffic. The more cars you can pass and dodge, the more you're rewarded. But if you let the car drive itself, you can complete an entire level by not even doing anything, because it's up to you how aggressive of a driver you want to be, and you're rewarded with diamonds for successfully driving aggressively. However, being rewarded with diamonds for driving aggressively becomes pointless when there's nothing left to spend the diamonds on. Therefore, this game seems kinda half-baked. It's great fun for the first two days, then becomes completely pointless and repetitive after easily unlocking everything. I no longer have any incentive to drive aggressively. I could let the car stay on autopilot and not do anything forever, and it wouldn't make any difference because there's no longer any objective.
Best on the market
Big South Tech on 2020-12-04
I’ve played a bunch of overtake car games but this is hands down the best one of it’s play style on the market. I have beat 110 levels so far. The levels keep going, but I think I have literally ran out of missions to complete. These are things that would only make the game better. I think it is super fun More vehicles- you have a good bit but I think once you get the VIP Mercedes & the cop car, every other vehicle is pointless. More missions- I noticed after a short while, the missions just repeat. Which is fine but—- You could add time trials. You can add “x number of seconds in overtake lane.” How long you used the nitrous. Do x amount of races with certain vehicle or class of vehicle. MAYBBBEEEE a car customization part, not really needed but I’m sure people would like it. Different levels, I noticed you just added some but after 100 levels, it gets repetitive. I think the game is awesome and I don’t make apps so I don’t know what it takes. But this is easily the best little car overtake type game on the market. Good job!!!
not bad game
ffggfffftfgfgcggfgygg on 2020-12-04
So I saw this game and was like hey that looks pretty fun so I tried it and it was pretty entertaining. So a lot of people say oh the adds are so gosh darn bad and that is a problem but if you turn of internet and cellular then boom no more adds. So you know you have to lane switch so you can go faster but even if you reck a car it’s so funny to see what it looks like when you hit it. It is also a bit challenging and that’s good because a game with no challenge is no fun. And if your a total pro at it and think it’s way to easy then that’s ok but chances are your not gonna be supper amazing. Then theres the gas and it seems like it would be a problem at first but when you get all the cars (which is easier than you think) then you never have to worry about it again. It’s not a spend all my time on it but it’s pretty good when I’m bored to just pull it out and play. I have one request and it might be little bit more fun if you had time challenges. This game is a solid 5 out of 5 because there’s just not a lot of problems
Really Great! on 2020-12-04
i love this game it is so fun to play my favorite is when the cop chases you. Five stars al the way Basically what you do in this game, is you level up and you can get ether cars and everything. So on some levels the cop will start to chase you, and you have to run away, and it is so much fun. It is so easy all you do is just tap the screen there aren’t any hard challenges so far so good, but I play this game a lot it is a really good game. . I definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes car games that aren’t too challenging. And there aren’t even that many ads, only just a few, but way less than this other car game that I used to play but this one is better . I know that in other reviews you might read here say that there are so many ads, but there aren’t that many . Great game!!
Fun but glitches
Garbæ on 2020-12-04
Overall I've played this game alot and it's really fun but after around a week of playing the game started glitching all the time which didn't let me play the game properly or even at all. For example with the super fast car when I'm speeding down the left side and i want to go to the right because there's another car i let go and the car starts to skid uncontrollably left and right and usually hits the car I'm trying to avoid, one other is when i tap to play as the police car or the military truck it spawns stuck right out the right side of the road and wont move even if i restart or go back to the menu and redo the level. There's more but it will take too much space so I'll just ask the developers to please fix this.
gameing asian on 2020-12-04
I think if you update this game with more levels cars and fun missions and even steering mechanism it would be cool if we could choose our own paint or customize the cars you could make the games so much fun I don’t know why but I love the whacky physics in the game because it make it enjoyable and gives me a few chuckles it even be fun if you we’re running from more then one police also first person viewing would make it much more enjoyable
Very fun but short
unknown_Shmop on 2020-12-04
Needs a larger selection of cars and to many ads. I get an ad every time I crash it’s either continue get an ad restart get an ad or go back to menu get an ad like Foreal I might as well continue every time but after I watch an ad the audio turns off and just the musics playing so now I have to shutdown the app because I like hearing the sound effects of the car plz fix little bugs other than that 5 stars this game is fun
so many ads
Nhd1234 on 2020-12-04
every single game i play there is a ad at the end of it. it’s ruins the fun of the game but the game itself is very addicting. i just wish i wouldn’t have to sit through a add after every game. also i think there should be more cop chases and make them more challenging. so far this game is very easy and gets boring after a hour or two of playing it. solid 2 stars just because of the ads but very good game.
ROBLOX.IS.THE.BEST!!!! on 2020-12-04
I just downloaded this game it is garbage, I can not even describe how bad it is, THE ADS. THERE ARE SO MANY ADS. I know you have to get money and all, but this is not how to do it!! It is like a bot made this, because there is another ad, and another ad, AND ANOTHER AD. IT IS AN ENDLESS LOOP OF STUPID ADS. At least give me 10 minutes to enjoy the game, but no. Hope this game will get better, or deleted.
katelynTheBestSisterEvee on 2020-12-04
This is a really good and fun game if you’re bored or if you just want to do something, the only downside is the ads but just turn of your Internet and then you can just play with no ads! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FOR kids who might be too interested in the game because I don’t want any kid to think it’s okay to flee police so make sure they know this is just a game and tell them not to do it in real life.

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