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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



It’s time to get into the action in the fantasy world of S4GE. Inspired by console classic tactical role-playing games mechanics, S4GE will immerse you in a turn-based RPG that will evoke nostalgia to old players and will guarantee hours of fun for the next generations. Control 4 unit archetypes: THE MYSTIC: Using long-range attacks and magic that control time and space, Mystics and tip the balance of the battle. THE SOLDIER: The tanks, absorbing a lot of damage. The soldier can shield and protect their allies and destroy their enemies. THE HEALER: Great support units, usint holy encantations to bend time and heal wounds. TRICKSTER: High damage units and masters of deception. The Tricksters confuse enemies and allies alike. Explore endless strategies Control 4 playable in a chess-like arena, using the terrain to your advantage. Fight in stunning arenas, use character’s special skills that will blow up the enemies in spectacular ways. Enjoy a colorful fantasy world full of magic and fantastic monsters. Fight cunning enemies Learn their abilities and plan carefully your next attack. The AI will give you a high-level challenge. Master Ancient Forces The Shards are powerful relics spread around the battlefield. Use their power to gain an edge over your enemies Control Space and Time Your incredible adventure starts now: fight bosses, defeat your enemies and explore the world of S4GE Discover an incredible story In the fantastic world of Ascending, where magic governs physics and fantastic creatures are born out of simple thoughts, a society that defeated hunger, pain and death is helpless against oblivion itself. Each character knows that they a losing a bit of themselves every day. What they don’t know is the reason why things are being forgotten and, once forgotten, vanished from existence. Together, they will search the legendary SAGEs, entities of unknown power that can revert the state of the world. They must do it fast before the SAGEs themselves are forgotten and lost forever.

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