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Scanner Pro is the best app for scanning and saving a digital version of a paper document. Scan any papers, ranging from a receipt to multi-page documents. Scanner Pro will automatically detect borders, correcting distortion and geometry. Share, email and upload your perfect scans. Use OCR to convert any scan into a text. Advanced color processing algorithms remove shadows, correct perspective and distortion, making your scans as readable as possible. “I will confess to some serious love for Scanner Pro ” - Rick Broida, CNET “Scanner Pro is an excellent app for those who'd like to digitize and organize their paper worlds.” - Marc Saltzman, USA Today “There really isn’t a better scanner app for iPhone than Scanner Pro” - Matthew Panzarino, TNW Experience the simplicity of document scanning: - Scan receipts to keep track of travel expenses - Convert paper notes and sketches into digital copies - Sign and scan a contract to email it back - Save interesting articles and book pages for later + Fast and Easy Scanning + Paper documents, receipts, checks, agreements, rentals, dashboards. Scanner Pro does a great job scanning all sorts of papers and digitizing them. You can even scan agreements and books into multi-page PDFs or JPEGs. + Advanced Image Processing + Create great-looking documents with original pictures, color stamps and signatures. Scanner Pro will automatically detect borders in real time, correcting distortion and geometry. You can also adjust the crop area manually, by tapping on the screen. + Text Recognition (OCR) + Convert any scan into a text that can be selected and copied. Scanner Pro supports 21 recognition languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Greek, Croatian, Estonian and Ukrainian. + Workflows + Workflows allow you to perform multiple sharing actions easily. Send an email with a defined recipient, upload to Dropbox and save document to the required folder. Now you can perform all these actions in just one tap. + Search your Photo Library for documents + “Scan Radar” automatically finds photos of documents and receipts in your Photo Library. Now you can use your favourite camera app to scan something and quickly find it afterwards in Scanner Pro. + Share your scans + Just scan any document and tap the "Share" button. You can send scanned documents via email, export to Photos or open in any 3rd party application. With Scanner Pro you can also print your documents or even fax them. + Upload scans to online storage + All your scans can be uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, OneNote or any other WebDAV-enabled online storage. + iCloud sync across all devices + Access to all your scanned documents on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Scan a document on your iPhone or iPad and it will be uploaded to iCloud Drive automatically. Sync between all of your devices, and even view them on your Mac. + Protect your PDFs+ Add a password to make sure only those you want to can open your document. + Edit. Save. Edit again. + Every change you make to your scans is kept track of as you make it. That means you can always go back and change or reverse an edit if you need to. IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE DEVELOPERS: If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please contact us directly at [email protected] or

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I love this highly useful app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ICU8some2! on 2020-04-10
I must declare, first off, that I’m really not a business user. I am elderly, retired, and use the app mostly for personal use. I use it for documentation, and sometimes texting, emailing, and rarely (but NO less important) for faxing documents. This week, the faxing feature saved me from having to go down to my local shipping store to send a fax, and at a lower cost. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the potential savings is immeasurable, possibly life saving. Thank you to the developers for creating such a useful, simple, perfect tool. Next to my favorite music app, it’s what I use the most, almost daily. God bless you to the creators of this app and all that participated.
Works well...but
Nelunt on 2020-04-10
App works well. I enjoy the interface and find it efficient and able to help me keep my documents organized. I have the all 3 out of 5 stars because sometimes when I scan a document I can’t get rid of the shadow cast from my phone onto the document. I tried adjust the light exposure, but sometimes there’s little I can do. Wish there was a way to edit out the shadow that is casted on the document when lighting is bad.
Terrible app. DO NOT BUY!
dancer._.12 on 2020-04-10
This app is a huge scam. It asks for $3.99 to buy it but and does nothing the pictures in the description say it can do. It will just scan your document and ask for $ 49.99 more money on top of that. And after all of this, you cannot even edit with this app. It will redirect you to another app that doesn’t do anything either. Do not fall for this scam. This app is not worth your time and money.
Simply Amazing!
Computergoddess on 2020-04-10
Aside from the basic apps that are needed to communicate and function day to day on a phone , Scanner Pro has proved to be my most valuable app. The scanning capabilities of this app surpasses any large physical scanner I have used in its availability, preciseness and editing abilities. I can use it anywhere and edit, save, print or share my scan in minutes.
ScannerPro iCloud Backup
Steve Cran on 2020-04-10
The only problem is your company of iCloud and calling it Documents. I can not change the name of the folder the app uses in my iCloud so I have two folders called Documents which is quite annoying because sometimes I go to the wrong place when I’m looking for files. I wish you would allow us to change it or just change it yourself to ScannerPro or something.
Best app of it’s kind...Zero complaints!
Jyc Eden on 2020-04-10
Works GREAT for scanning and faxing. Very easy to use and to link with email, icloud, google drive, drop box and more. I mostly use it for scanning and sometimes faxing. My 14 year old son is now using it often for scanning school assignments since he is “schooling” from home due to COVID19. Thank you Scanner Pro... Highly recommended.
scans get deleted with every restart
EckHardy on 2020-04-10
and then it has to download each and ever scan from the icloud again which takes hours and hours and hours! this bug is not new but still not fixed. switching to scanbot soon if you keep ignoring this huge bug. (disable and enable icloud sync in ios and scanner pro settings does NOT help!)
Best Best Best
Holden657 on 2020-04-10
I know I’ve said it before but even though this app is perfect and you think it can’t get any better, they provide another update and it gets better! I would truly be lost without it, I haven’t had cluttered receipts in years now. Thank you to everyone involved for a truly magnificent app.
Losing Scans
iToldMeSo on 2020-04-10
The cloud sync with Google Drive and OneDrive is horrible. Scans are constantly lost and the app itself constantly has sync issues. Scans in the app will mysteriously disappear, sometimes reappear, and sometimes are greyed-out and I can’t do anything with them.
Distorted colors on sides
Cassie837 on 2020-04-10
Every time I take the picture of my documents, a huge brown “stain” appears on the right side of my document. The actual document itself is completely white, so I’m certainly not going to upload something like that looks like these “scans” do anywhere.

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