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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Addicted lets you read amazing scared chat stories FREE without pauses. These are scary, engrossing nail-biting horrors that will keep you reading through the day. Read a lot of spooked chat stories and text fictions with your friends. Addicted scary app is all about short chat stories that you Must Read: Funny, romantic chat stories, wit, scary stories, horror stories, thriller, yarn text stories… and much more. ======================= YOU'RE NOT YOU WHEN YOU'RE WAITING – DOWNLOAD OUR CHAT FICTION NOW! ======================= Every Addicted free chat story is told as a bite-sized text message conversation wit photos, as if you were reading someone else's yarn chat history (like your granny’s) with dozens of free scary stories so you can’t stop readit. Here are examples of short stories: - scary text stories (horror stories & ghost stories) - love stories - science fiction story - humor stories - wit stories - action & thriller text stories - Granny Horror - Creepypasta - text game - chat fiction - Scary chat stories that will give you Goosebumps We love reading, just like you, but we know it can get BORING when text stories, creepy pasta or chat fictions are too long. So we created this app to make reading snappy, spooky and fun. The creepy App has dozens of creepypasta, textingstory, scary stories, creepy texts, romantic stories, thriller, steamy fictions and many other text stories, what makes this chat app with ghost stories even more addicting. The best thing is that not only Addicted makes you hooked on words but also lets you read scary text stories free with goosebumps and lures you away... Our lure stories will make you and granny find yourself biting nails. Here you can find immersive lure text stories, that make Addicted one of the coolest cliffhanger between reading apps.All Free chat stories in our app are really addictive! Once you start reading lure stories, be ready for yarn, creepy texts & unexpected plot twists. Continue tapping to see a new lure text message and find out what will happen in the chat fiction & cliffhanger. Readit now! Be ready to tell creepy stories with our scary chat stories! ============================ YOU'RE NOT YOU WHEN YOU'RE PAYING – DOWNLOAD ADDICTED FREE! ============================ Drawing on the long tradition of epistolary literature, Addicted creepy, yarn and terrifying stories unfold through back-and-forth conversations with a lot of cliffhanger. This scary, addicting, lure app will make you hooked on texts. Ever wanted to snoop through people’s cliffhanger conversations to feel goosebumps and not feel guilty for it? Want to enter a world of creepy, hooked, creepy text stories, cliffhangers, thriller, suspense and horror, yarn fictions, but not up for a long read? Well, now you can! Addicted is an ultimate time killer and a perfect scary chat stories and hooked text stories app and horror text game, that will provide you best free text stories without pauses.

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The stories are so bad and low budget
Sassypants da cat on 2020-02-24
The fact that it's free is kind of suspicious because all the other chat stories cost money because they're actually good scary stories. These sound like the stories anyone could make like kids wrote them. They're not scary, they're not entertaining, and they're really disappointing at the end. They also have extremely low budget pictures that they just found online and put it in there, the pictures are so bad and look so fake that it would make their chat stories look better if they didn't have pictures at all! I could've found better pictures just by searching online which is exactly what they did! It looks like they looked up something and chose the first picture they saw, they didn't even put that much work into looking up a picture for their chat story. In my opinion, this app is a wannabe. The only reason why I didn't give it one star was because of the effort they put in to "make the app"
It shut out!
Dougthesharkbutisapug on 2020-02-24
I was reading a story then “randomly” it shut out while i was reading a ghost story. Now it won’t let me enter it again. But please fix this!! Or was it a glitch? I still don’t know. Anyway i really loved this app! The stories we’re scary. And was fitting to my atmosphere and my surroundings. I hope that bug is fixed. If that glitch wasn’t there then i would've gave it one more star!
I like it so far but there’s a problem
gsnshshs on 2020-02-24
I like the app. But after my first story the app started glitching and kick me out of the app so I closed so when I reopen the app again it would kick me out again and I kept closing it and reopening it but it won’t let me use the app so please fix the bug.
To many ads
123231q2111 on 2020-02-24
Every time I go to see a pic there’s an ad and you can’t even go back after a story without ad that you’ve seen a million times from the images in the story. It’s just very annoying when I want to read and I can’t because of ads!!raise downloads by 10 times
Chalia Corrison on 2020-02-24
This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in
This app is amazing!
ant lolo on 2020-02-24
I was so bored then I wanted to read, so I did. And then I saw this app, and I was thinking....... hmm maybe this will be nice.......And then I got really into it. Like I said, this app is amazing!
1Snowdog on 2020-02-24
I really like this app the stories are amazing but there are a lot of adds but you can just turn your phone on airplane mode and then it works just fine but it’s a pretty good app
Why it kick me out tho
ghzgxvsbsn on 2020-02-24
The stories are great the app is great and ads really only interfere with small things but after I finished reading two stories it keeps kicking me out I don’t know why.
avynay on 2020-02-24
I love this app so much and some of the are suspenseful and some are scary The one thing I would change is make different sections That’s it hope u get it
I love it
hi cuties btw im a girl on 2020-02-24
This is so fun I really like horror stories and when I saw this app I was like this might not be a rip off where u have to pay to read stories .

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