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Feb, 2021



A subscription to Scientific American magazines is available through iTunes for $49.99 annually or $5.99 monthly and is renewed automatically at the end of the subscription term, until cancelled. Individual issues are $6.99 each. Payment for all purchases will be charged to your iTunes account. For more information, please visit iTunes Terms and Conditions: Founded in 1845, Scientific American provides expert insights on the most important and awe-inspiring advances in science and technology. With news and commentary about current events and in-depth features by experts, including more than 200 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, Scientific American is the essential guide to the modern world. Support Science Journalism. Become a Subscriber. Scientific American Customer Service: Email: [email protected]

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This app is difficult to manage
Really Done With It on 2021-03-04
It is very difficult to manage or synch up ones subscriptions with this app. Throughout the year I am inundated with offers for new subscriptions from Scientific American, The main magazine, Physics, Mind, combination bundles, etc... Managing the that is a nightmare. If I want to add I need to go to the website and it is not reflected in the app. If I had an earlier subscription to one mag it does not reflect in the app and I cant get to it without a laborious process of linking accounts. Is there anyone I can talk too?? Forget get it! Send off an email and get a response next day... the start over again. When I am able to get things working within two months something breaks and the app refuses to download,, again!! The app looks good and when it works it is great.. but the only thing it is really good at is trying to charge me full price for each issue of a magazine. You are more trouble than you are worth. I am letting my subscriptions lapse. If I can see your magazine through some bundling service like Apple, that will be the way it goes... At least their service doesn’t break every two months and is designed to be easy to manage!! PS. I cant even post this without giving the app a stupid nickname!!!
Wonderful to see truth!
Dr Pe on 2021-03-04
App has improved. Finally remembers me. Still has some problems keeping track of my multiple devices (2 iPhones, three iPads, one MacBook) but works great if I restrict to one device. Broad breadth of topics. Reliable. Great graphics. Prefer to read the physical magazine but I’ve usually read everything on the App before paper arrives.
Paying subscriber required to pay for issues
Dennis947 on 2021-03-04
I am an active subscriber and receive the issues by mail monthly, yet I’m unable to view them with this outrageous app. I’m logged in and can confirm I’m signed in, but I’m still being asked for $6.99 per issue. Why can’t I view issues on my app? Clearly this is a software issue.
Great app but
Andy-Serrano on 2021-03-04
Great app, but only subscribe via this app if you want to see your issues on line. If you subscribe by mail, their geeks don’t make it easy to join your paper edition with the app.

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