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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Roll, Swim, Stick and Fly with the ultimate 'All-Terrain' vehicle

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What an absolute waste of a cool idea
Coupedeebaybee on 2020-10-26
This game, on the outside, seems like it would entertain for hours on end. While, it could certainly do so, it has been chosen to be a waste, for the sake of ad revenue. This game not only forces you to watch an ad after every “level”, if you play through enough of them, as I have done, you will soon see the pure laziness that was put into developing & designing these “levels”. I block my ads, even iAds through a modified .hosts file, so thank the Good Lord I wasn’t forced to watch 30 second ads for every 10 seconds worth of gameplay. This game could have been great, but instead has been a waste to fill an obviously lazy dev’s pockets. How do I know they are lazy? A simple 5 pointed star shaped wheel will net you a Win, every single time, guaranteed. Whoever is putting apps like this on the market, I hope your advertisers know that the only people these sort of problems will fly with, are small children. Stop being a waste & actually make a real game. Your little advertisement revenue stream off of this garbage will never, ever be equal to actually making this game a real game, which would require real work, & putting a $1.99 price tag on it. You get what you put in, & people get what they deserve.
Don’t bother
BenBen? on 2020-10-26
It’s a good idea, but with only 20 races and fake opponents (apparently they don’t think you’ll notice that there’s only like 10 names that show above your opponent’s heads) it’s boring after just a day. Also, nearly every race can be won by simply drawing a star. They’ve recently fixed a few of the bugs, but there are still a LOT of issues. The axis of the opponent’s vehicle frequently glitches out leaving them stranded. Not much fun when your only competition just gets trapped by glitchy software. Really just not well put together. They added a bunch of new races, but now they’ve added a new add button to freeze your [computerized] opponent if you watch an ad video. Lame. Why would I feel any need to freeze a fake opponent. If I lose I can just do the level over again.
Pretty basic without a challenge
Dannyrincrc on 2020-10-26
The whole game itself is meh, although at first glance the premise is pretty solid: you scribble different wheels to outperform against other riders. The problem is that most races use one type of wheels to win, so you scribble a squiggle, let it run, then have to watch a 30 second ad to play the next one without having to be involved much if at all. Additionally, you never actually compete against anyone, just AI bots that choose the dumbest configurations ever, so it’s insanely easy to win. The only draw to the game is the outfits, but even those are unimaginative. Definitely don’t recommend this game, it lacks in every aspect of what would make it a good game.
Game stuck can't find where to email for help
Shanes9107 on 2020-10-26
I'm on level 23 I have beaten it 10 times Everytime I do I get to the end and it says I have 18/14 potions for three next bike is giving me and that's before all the ones I won on the levels three Kay time I did it I got 10 plus the 3x video makes 30 and 36 coins but there is no button to move on to the next level I have screenshots but I can't find where our who to email them to rectify the situation I enjoy the game but this has to be fixed not gonna play the same level over and over forever and not get any potions for new bikes hope somebody will see this and get back to me or does someone know who to email for app support please and thank you
No longer opens. No support.
yoothgeye on 2020-10-26
I downloaded the free game. Paid for ad-free. It worked for another couple weeks and now it will not open. I have deleted the app and reloaded it and nothing, tries to open and crashes. I have clicked on app support but it just goes to the VooDoo website which has no contact for support or it’s so well hidden that you can’t find it. I either want the game to work or my money back.
Paid version is not much better
aprasad78 on 2020-10-26
Save your money. App Is not worth the price tag. The novelty wears out quick and you can’t do much with earned coins (I have over 1500 coins) and there’s not much stuff that can be unlocked after you teach a certain level. I regret paying for the app, I think of I had tried playing it 3 days straight I’d be done with the game
I like this game a lot
Dly D on 2020-10-26
This game helps me to drop off I love it it’s better than a go cart sure I like it a lot you can even play on your phone you can play in real life I love it so much that I can’t wait for you to make another game just like this and all your other cool Games and I can’t wait for you to make more thanks to you guys voodoo
Good but some annoying thing
nsbsmsjga on 2020-10-26
I love this game I have a disorder of anxiety and this helps me but there is something that really doesn’t. After every match there is an ad and I hate hate hate ads I don’t think there should should be ads as much it is super annoying please fix it because it’s wasting my time and everybody else’s.
Program malfunction
HinestReviewJen on 2020-10-26
This is a GREAT game! I will change my rating as soon as the program stops freezing after about two or three rounds, the game freezes and I have to either exit out or restart my phone. Other than that, it’s super fun! But totally a two star rating right now because I can only play in short spurts.
Gets old
Hal0 on 2020-10-26
First when I first got it, I was addicted but now I’m really bored playing the game. Second there are to many adds, you get adds after 1 or 2 levels and it’s really annoying, Developers if your reading this maybe you could add like different kinds of levels after completing 5 levels‍♀️

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