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Jul, 2022


Jul, 2022



1) choose a sendit game 2) friends answer right on your story 3) get responses on sendit --- diamond members only • can see hints about who sent each of their messages • gain access to exclusive sendit games  • unlock a limited edition diamond member app icon • use sendit uninterrupted by ads sendit offers an auto-renewing subscription of: $1.99 per week for premium sendit games sendit offers an auto-renewing subscription of: $9.99 per week for unlimited hints sendit offers an auto-renewing subscription of: $9.99 per week for diamond members these prices are for united states customers. pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. the subscription will automatically renew unless turned off in your apple account settings at least 24 hours before the current period ends. you can go to your account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. your account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. if you subscribe before your free trial ends, the rest of your free trial period will be forfeited as soon as your purchase is confirmed. terms and conditions: privacy policy:

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Dishonest App
johnbobdudema on 2022-08-08
When I posted a Q&A on my snapchat story, I got a reply that said “guess who.” I was pretty certain I knew who sent it, so I guessed the name and it told me it was incorrect. I find this strange considering I asked the person I suspected, and they confirmed it was them. To test my theory of this app I sent myself a message and typed my name in the guess who section. I discovered that it counts everything wrong and is a scheme to make the user watch advertisements. L company, L programers, L humans. Ratio. I also saw another review saying that there were automated responses to encourage you to use the app more. I completely believe this as the messages I do get are rarely make any sense. My honest opinion is this app is a mere money grab. It’s obvious the developers don’t care to give the users a good experience, or do they care enough to cover up their tracks.
Absolute joke of a product
Dudeikjkmukmj on 2022-08-08
This company hides under the guise of being young and relatable, but in reality uses it to hide their blatant lies. Firstly, I payed ten dollars as I was told in doing so I could see who sent me a sendit. Sounded interesting so I did it. Instead, unknowingly, I wasted ten dollars on a scam. It gave me a hint at the general location of the user or some other benign scrap of information. Entirely misleading. Secondly, I will get random notifications telling me I have messages. I do not. Just a simple baiting lie to get an individual to spend more time on the app. How has this not been caught or called out yet? It’s blatant false advertising. The app developers pretend to be modern and with the times so no one can possibly be suspicious. Disgusting.
Good but…
sqxbchl on 2022-08-08
Sendit being just strictly anonymous is great! I love that i can say and ask questions to people when normally i have to much anxiety for that.. But- do NOT pay the $9.99 for the diamond whatever so you can get hints on who sent it. i was told it “can reveal the name and bitmoji of who sent the message” and “see hints” about who it was. i got “hmm… the person have an iphone” 4 times out of 8 sendits all together. none of the hints were helpful at all and none of them were as advertised. it was extremely annoying cause all i wanted was to see if it were my crush telling me they wanted to be with me! i’m out $10 because of that stupid thing. but everything else is fine and fun, just the diamond membership thing is a scam.
Coming for me?!? on 2022-08-08
I was going to do a send it for a friend and and as I pressed the random button it started to say “stop” and i counting to press the random button and it says “seriously stop” and then it says after i press it again “im coming for u” and then it says after another press “i found your IP address” and then “run” not in anytime have i ever used this app have this happen to me idk how to fell not going to use it again but this was not what i would expect especially as many times ive used the app… And now i feel threatened and idk how to feel but ill i can say i will never be using this app again.
Malfunctioning constantly
dh udjsmghdnxnc on 2022-08-08
Will let me post sendit on snap. Does not let me participate in another friends sendit though. Say, “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later!” When I tapped on the sendit link button to send my friend a sendit. I dealt with this issue almost everyday for probably a month and a half to two months before I decided enough was enough and just deleted the app. Funny thing is, this was just random. It used to work so great for me that I had even bought the feature that gives you hints about who sent you a sendit.
My only issue
foxy_aro✨🦊 on 2022-08-08
Hello I would love if you made a way that we don’t have to pay $10 a week to see who sent something like watch ads and limit how many ads people can watch or give them a free one every now and then but other than that it’s a good app please take what I said into consideration cause it would make a lot of people happy cause not everyone has the money to pay that every week thank you have a nice day.
A glitch I can’t Fix
Bestie_ThisIsSad on 2022-08-08
I love this app, it’s very entertaining if it’s working correctly- however recently it will not let me swipe up on anybodies post. It’s been doing this for about over a week maybe more and it won’t seem to go away regardless of what I do. I have deleted and redownloaded both Send It and Snapchat and neither thing worked- if someone could help me with this problem that would be really nice
32210ethan on 2022-08-08
I’ve been looking threw the reviews and honestly they’re kinda dumb because ppl r saying it’s asking personal questions but in all reality it’s just programmed messages that ppl on ur snap can send by pressing the dice button (makes a random statement/question) if they don’t know what to say. But in overall it’s a rlly good app and do recommend, it’s a good way to solve boardem
gOtHBo5555 on 2022-08-08
It would be nice if you could see who sent the note without paying cause I’ve had people say some really creepy/weird things on my Snapchat when I post these so I would like to be able to see the person who sent it or have some things censored so that if the censored things pop up then you can see who sent it. That’s all but other then that it’s a great app
The gifts
qwedfcxzsiyrvvvb bb on 2022-08-08
Ok this is going to be short but, the gift in this game look imagine giving somebody a gift but you still have t pay for it how stupid is that, the right thing is giving someone a gift for free it could be anything that’s the whole purpose is about giving a gift. But the app is great I love using this app almost every time and keep doing your thing

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