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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad. - Capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to the proxy server. - Record and display HTTP, HTTPS, DNS requests from your iOS devices. - Configure rules using domain match, domain suffix, domain keyword, CIDR IP range, and/or GeoIP lookup. - Measure traffic usage and network speed on WiFi, cellular, direct and proxy connections. - Import rule files from URL or iCloud Drive. - Block ads by domain, user agent rules. - Local DNS Mapping. - Work on cellular networks. - Decrypt HTTPS traffic. - Perform URL rewrite. - Fully IPv6 supports. - Script filter supports. - Multi-level forward proxy. - Support kcptun, cloak, gost, v2ray plugins. - Support DoH, DoT.

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DNS Leak
nimakarimi on 2020-04-09
This app has a great config mode which really helps when you don’t want to pass every url through the proxy. But the problem is when you the config mode, DNS requests are not sent through the proxy and are sent directly through your ISP. This is against any printery advantages that using a proxy might bring. I don’t want my ISP to eavesdrop on my DNS queries. If you care about DNS queries you should only use “Proxy” mode. Or another app that handles this perfectly like
Serious problem with the software.
Young02020202 on 2020-04-09
With 3D touch I press the app and switch. It turns out to open the app. However it should’ve been a fast switch without opening the app. I wondered if it a problem of software. I’m using iPhone 8 with iOS 13. Contact me if u figure out.
Failed to scan the QR code
dingdingJjay on 2020-04-09
In Trojan, Failed to scan the QR code on condition that there is AN COLON (:) IN THE PASSWORD, I hope you could fix this, defining the COLON prior to @ to not to read as an element to indicate the PORT 443.
Wow, completely broken after the latest update yesterday
让天 on 2020-04-09
I used to use this to bypass GFW, now doesn't work at all after the update. The VPN I set on my VPS works perfectly fine on my laptop and smartphone.
bug feedback
AM_Tie on 2020-04-09
version2.1.51 in iOS 13.3. the app will always automatically recover to connected status despite that on demand function is off.
Make phone too hot to use
comeonmen on 2020-04-09
Version 2.1.50,iso 13,node type vmess.just open it weather connect the node can make the phone too hot to use in one minute
need restart many times when v2ray
能不能加上水印 on 2020-04-09
i used on v2ray mod. but some times i need to restart the app many times to connect correctly. my service was good.
Hope to provide support for apple tv!!!
frankcatcat on 2020-04-09
Hope to provide support for apple tv!Hope to provide support for apple tv!Hope to provide support for apple tv!
Trojan seems cannot use
redlens on 2020-04-09
When I use Trojan nodes it always says not allow no secure connection. I have turn on the insecure switch.
牢厂华为251 on 2020-04-09
只要开着就发热,而且耗电明显加速,无论ios12 or 13,iphone7还是11promax,都是同样的情况。

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