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Now introducing the SHEIN mobile app! Everything you love about our site, now at your fingertips. SHEIN is a fun, ultra-affordable online shopping platform featuring styles for women, men, kids, curve, plus over 20,000+ styles including dresses, tops, swimwear, shoes and accessories. Think of us as your one-stop destination for everything trendy! We'll keep you in the loop with push notifications, you can engage with other SHEIN lovers in real time and browse over 1000+ daily new arrivals, plus styling tips, livestreams, reviews and more to inspire you! Perks: - Get an extra 10% off on your first order - Free shipping on orders over $49 & free returns - Fun, easy shopping that's 100% secure - Browse by New Arrivals, Trends, Category, Best Sellers and more - Daily Flash Sales: Score up to 80% off countless styles - Get first access to sale alerts and promotional discounts - Now accepting PayPal and major Credit Cards - Style now, pay later! Choose Afterpay to pay in 4 interest-free payments. - 24/7 Customer Service and Live Chat available Contact us: URL: Facebook: Instagram: Email: [email protected]

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I am enjoying SHEIN and have been impressed
xenabear845 on 2022-01-27
I was skeptical of SHEIN and was really impressed with the quality of the items I’ve gotten so far. I was expecting like Wish or Steve and Barry’s paper thin materials and poor craftsmanship, but haven’t gotten any items that are like that- everything I’ve bought (6-8 items / 120$ / over 4 months or so now) has been super nice quality and I’ve been really impressed with their skinny jeans. They’re so comfy and well made for the price. Check the daily deals section and they regularly change out dozens of items at like a super good price and I’ve gotten some gems from that program. Maybe it’s for stock that’s getting super low or something, because it’s very nice stuff. They seem to be heavily influenced by K pop fashion and the ease and high quality technology department in terms of their websites and apps are super polished and easy to navigate as well as feeling top tier and secure. I would give the company SHEIN a total 5/5 stars if it wasn’t for some of the negative aspects of fast fashion as a whole. That’s just another story all together!
Wait One Second. I have arrived!
srpacheco on 2022-01-27
What more can I say about a site and a company that has astonished me in every way possible. I remember when it first started and I was a little iffy about the clothing but a little while after that the buyers changed and the clothing line shot for the stars. The amount of clothing, scratch that, the quality and the attractiveness of your curve line is exemplary! You have done for us plus size women what has never been done in the history of clothing; you made us look good and feel good, we all shine like the brightest stars when we wear your clothing! I work for Amazon and I get so many of your products across my desk but I wanted you to know how proud I am to be a customer, no scratch that, an obsessed Customer with your clothing! Thank you so much for making me feel beautiful again and your site is the bomb!!! Keep up the good work!
my package never delivered.
Roses aren't all red on 2022-01-27
ive written a few reviews on the items themseves from the app when they didnt come in because the tracking said they had arrived to my mailbox when that just wasnt true, so i thought id write a review here instead. i ordered a package with 4 tanks inside costed a little over $32 about a month and a half - 2 months ago, and i kept checking up on the tracking and it was frequently updated saying my package was closer and closer but when it finally said "package arrived at destination" i waited for a few days around my house and my mailbox but nothing ever came. this has never happened to me before using this app so i wasnt sure what to do exactly to get a refund or to have my packages redelivered, so thats why i waited close to 2 weeks to write anything. overall just a bad experience 😐
Vanilla Gift Card issues?
m0rgvn <8 on 2022-01-27
It’s a really good app and i would recommend! The only thing i dislike about this is that you can’t use vanilla gift cards on it. No matter how hard i try to get it to work, it never happens. i end up having to use ROMWE instead when i need to use the card. Many of my friends face the same problem that i do. Other than this issue it’s a Really good app that has super low price items and it’s not like the material is cheap or anything! You can shop for kids too. There’s clothes for every aesthetic. i really recommend this app if you’re a college student on a low budget or just want really cool clothes to fit your dream aesthetic.
alana20484 on 2022-01-27
Okay I have to admit at first I was sacred that it was like wish but it’s totally different they only charge like 3 dollars for shipping (USA) which isn’t bad comparing how cheap they are. I did order rings and surly they arrived they where in good shape and they are so cute. And they haven’t turned my skin green I wear them everyday/everywhere and the clothes I haven’t order them yet and the other stuff like room decor,pens,pencils,organization,phone cases,is awesome for the price I would definitely recommend for the price they charge and they are totally worth giving a shot!
SHEIN is the best shopping website ever !!
riya😻❣️ on 2022-01-27
If you don’t have a lot of money SHEIN is the place to shop at. They have; kids, women, men (clothes), items for your home, phone case, accessories, shoes and many more. Most or even all of their clothes are under $30 ! You can earn points by; claiming your daily streak, spending the wheel, getting likes on your reviews and a few other ways. 100 points = a dollar so easy to do. Like.. I am so thankful for SHEIN a total lifesaver literally !! I can not explain how much I love SHEIN AHH !! So cheap and so trendy !! OMGG love love lovee !!🤧❣️
Don’t think twice just buy it
Lululeobaby💗💜💙 on 2022-01-27
I was not sure about buying clothes from SHEIN especially since I’m not thin, but I was pleasantly surprised with the many options for curvy shapes. I have purchased multiple items and have absolutely loved all my purchases. I suggest reading the comment/reviews on the product you plan on buying to help guide you in the right direction. The only reason I’m not giving a 5 star is because I haven’t tried their make up or accessories yet so I can’t comment on those. The prices on the clothing is great. You get a great deal for what you pay.
Didn’t receive items that I paid for. Customer service wouldn’t make it right.
Mrs. Theocarter on 2022-01-27
I didn’t receive over $100 worth of merchandise that I paid for. There is no phone number to contact through customer service. I had to send messages over a two week span because they take forever to reply. Then, their results were that they couldn’t verify that I didn’t receive the items based on the weight of the package. Which makes no sense, because I swear on anything I love that I didn’t receive those items. Nothing was stoled off my porch. They just didn’t deliver over half of a $250 order. I’m so frustrated.
Shein is very cheap and adorable💜
Gigi_bts123gigi12lovebts on 2022-01-27
Shein is very cheap and adorable and but there is just 1 thing i wish they had. I wish they had Music writers clothing like Taylor swift, Ariana Grande, Bts, and Blackpink. But that’s ok. Love this app recommend it for people who are Saving money and don’t have alot of money. But it usually does take a few weeks. So if you need something right away like in a few days i don’t know if this is the app. But besides that AMAZING!🤩🤩🤩🤩
It’s a good app
cmccl5426 on 2022-01-27
Shine is a really good app but I’m 12 and everything on the kids side of shine is made for summer and if it’s not it’s made for toddlers and is too small for me I love the app and all of the things on it but maybe if y’all could have cute winter outfits it would be AMAZING also I have a hard time to find the things I want because I looked up indee because it’s my astrdic and things like preepy came up !!! AMAZING APP

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