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Feb, 2023


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Now introducing the SHEIN mobile app! Everything you love about our site, now at your fingertips. SHEIN is a fun, ultra-affordable online shopping platform. Think of us as your one-stop destination for everything trendy! We'll keep you in the loop with push notifications, you can engage with other SHEIN lovers in real time! Perks: - Get an extra 15% off on your first order - Free shipping on orders over $29 & free returns - Fun, easy shopping that's 100% secure - Browse by New Arrivals, Trends, Category, Best Sellers and more - Daily Flash Sales: Score up to 80% off countless styles - Get first access to sale alerts and promotional discounts - Now accepting PayPal and major Credit Cards - Style now, pay later! Choose Afterpay to pay in 4 interest-free payments. - 24/7 Customer Service and Live Chat available Contact us: URL: Facebook: Instagram: Email: [email protected]

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Don’t buy SHEIN!
suzyQ ;D on 2023-03-26
I don’t care how broke you are you shouldn’t support child labor sweat shops. The reason it’s so cheap is b/c people are being underpaid and abused. Put yourself in their shoes. I’d feel so disgusted to wear any item knowing the process in which SHEIN clothes are crafted. & All of this is only for a blouse that will go bad after 2 wears!! I am broke so don’t even say I can’t relate to buying cheap clothes b/c you don’t have a choice. News flash: you really do. YOU choose to click buy. Also, the threads hanging off all over these cheap clothes will show to everyone that you support child labor & don’t care for the environment either. Congrats on the AMAZING shirt handcrafted by a 10 year old working 20 hours a day getting paid 50 cents. You’re really such an admirable person. Bye.
Good online shopping company
Love aaliyah for life on 2023-03-26
I love SHEIN it is like the best online shopping for clothings shop ever every shoe, shirt ,pants, or two piece, is on their, I just love shopping on their any type of pants yes like pants I love shopping for pants and it’s finna be summer and I have to go shopping for summer clothings I just love looking at all the other clothes they look so cute. I need a specific clothing and they just get it. I just get it. I look it up and I just find it it’s amazing because usually on other shopping online companies they have like literally nothing I want but SHEIN has everything it’s just amazing. That’s why I love SHEIN.
highly upset with them over current circumstances
Nivkleback on 2023-03-26
i made an order to Shein and was supposed to get it around March 8th/9th and still have yet to receive it. they had a problem delivering it which is fine. but now i can’t get ahold of anyone to try to redeliver it or to figure out where it is. i’ve tried all my local USPS, i’ve tried their customer support but nothing. i’m at a standstill and still paying on this package with no sign of it ever showing up. i’m so frustrated with how little help i’ve had and plan to not use Shein if/once i get this figured out.
So Far So Good
Amanda72679 on 2023-03-26
So far everything I’ve got from SHEIN has been great, I’ve only ordered a few hoodies for clothes, which should be here shortly.. but I received my Butterfly Mandala Wall Hanging and it’s beautiful, just like the pic, and it’s nice quality.. I’ve also received my Moon and Stars mirrors, and they look great..!!! Waiting on the rest, more reviews to come.. and maybe even pics.. I have a lot in store for decorating with what I’ve ordered, and I’m very excited…
Sumeya458731 on 2023-03-26
As much as I love shien!!, there’s aways a freaking problem😭 THERE ZIP UPS JACKETS I love them but there’s a lot of sweaters that are used for like a couples of weeks and there fabric is like ripping off( more like there Cotten from the jacket and it stays on top and u can’t get rid of it so it’s a sign to buy another one but something I LOVE IS THERE DRESSES BC IM A MUSLIM 13 GURL AND THERE DRESSSESBARE SO LAST LONGING AHAHHAHAHA I LIVE SHIENWBNWBWB
mom1315 on 2023-03-26
I’m giving it a one star for the delay shipping. I have received only one item from my order, I ordered a lot more than just one, but I did receive it through mail and it was sent to my mailbox but now I get messages saying delay shipping because apparently they can’t find my address or they can’t send it to my address. Seriously! How could y’all send the one item to my address than huh? Doesn’t make any sense!
The good Shein days are gone!
PhyllisCruz on 2023-03-26
SHEIN has never been high quality but you got a bang for your buck usually. Now the prices are extremely high comparable to Fashion Nova even though the quality hasn’t gotten any better and shipping takes literally forever. I placed a order 5 days ago and it still hasn’t been shipped. Back in the day, I would’ve already received my package lol. I guess I’ll check out Temu and see what they hitting for.
2 stars cause they cancelled my orders
listen to your heart on 2023-03-26
I made 3 different orders and everything was good… the next day around noon I get a message saying my stuff was cancelled… when I messaged them about it they said it was the way I chose to pay and I should have got an email to clear it up… I never got an email except to say it was cancelled…. So I don’t know how the items are cause they cancelled it…. And customer service was ok not great….
No return
arvopadue on 2023-03-26
Please read the fine print. It was my fault I did not. There is no return on pet products the trouble that is, it did not fit my seatbelt. It was not to be worn on the dog. It was a lid that you hook into your seatbelt to keep the dog safe for your traveling. Unfortunately it doesn’t work I can’t send it back so I’m out the money. I hope this helps the next person I canceled my account.
([email protected]) on 2023-03-26
I have been using Shein for a really long time. The best thing I would say about Shein is that you can get points by checking in each day to get a certain amount of money! I never realized that the points resulted in money, until fairly recently, and each point equals a cent. Shein also gives coupons and provides other ways to earn points! I 100% recommend Shein.

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