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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



There is a right shoes to match different surface types. Choose the right shoe on time to gain speed and beat your opponent. A different shoe is waiting to be unlocked on each level. Use your fashion sense to decide which to wear on and beat your opponent in style! All the baddies are wearing high heels for the red carpet! If you want to walk like a QUEEN always choose the right shoe! It makes you faster, more chic and unbeatable! Wear your high heel proud and stand tall while photographers are taking pictures of you! Race with your style and show them how baddie you are! Don’t forget to bring your favorite shoes! Shine like a QUEEN! Customize your character and control your style! Unlock special characters to walk up the podium in your high heels! Become a ballerina or japanese lolita. Choose your character for every shoe. That’s a great game, fun game, the most fashionable race game and an epic way of showing how fabulous you are. Win the fashion world in style! Step up your style! Join the shoe run! Dress up, glam up and show them that you are a FASHION GIRL! For ice - choose figure skates. For run bring your sneakers. Fabulous girls always figure out how to walk with style!

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Not fun!!
kittycorn izzie on 2021-04-12
Ok first of all THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! Like when I passed the first level it’s either says “watch a video to get free gems” or the no thanks button and I clicked it but... I HAD TO WATCH THE AD ANYWAYS! also you have to buy a premium pass to watch no ads but it’s literally 3.99 just to not watch ads. Honestly that’s kinda a ripoff. Also every level I play there is literally a 30 second ad that always interrupts the levels. The ads are VERY annoying so please fix that! Second the sound effects are very loud. There was a point that I had to go to my settings and mute my phone. Can you also fix that cause some people don’t want ant to hear the sound effects!!! Third there are also SO MANY GLITCHES!! Like the second time I joined this game it’s kicked me off the second it was loading and there was a point that every time I join the game it’s just shows a black screen! Please fix this game because the ads are really annoying also the sound effects and the glitches. If you fix then maybe I will start playing it again.
Love it!
Braydog34 on 2021-04-12
I was playing my game called pole dance and I saw the add and thought this would be such a fun game so I downloaded it and I fell in love with it anytime I am camping fishing or on a long trip the game I play is shoe race it is amazing and I think you should add a thing we’re you could change the color of the shoes or outfit because I think I would really like the last ice skater outfit but white and the shoes blue and I also think you could lower the prices a bit and that when you change the wrong shoes it walks normal but makes the shoe your supposed to wear glow and make an arrow point to it but anyway if your thinking to download the game make sure to get it I love it so much a lot of people say that it’s glitchy but I have not experienced any glitches at all Sincerely, CookieCarmelGacha
A few things
ilbhcddblihwdfblihwfvjhbld on 2021-04-12
Overall this is a great game. But it got boring pretty fast. Just one hour after playing it I had every character and some of them have all of the outfits.I like that you can change the character race but the women still look like a model not like a human. Maybe could you add a few characters that had wider thighs or was short? Something just to make them seem more like a regular person. I would also like to mention that the adds aren’t to many but some are inappropriate so if you are going to show those adds please change the age for this game. Edit: I just got the new update and I am annoyed. Now all the characters have to be the same race and one of my shoes is always glitching.
It’s ok.
Jflip1 on 2021-04-12
I would not recommend this game because it was just boring for me honestly. You go through this “runway” of places and you just change the person shoes.It’s really it. It has nothing to do but change the persons shoes but then to unlock a new shoe or a new place for the runway you have to watch an ad and there are many ads throughout the game which I didn’t like. I would just rather play the game and be done with it. Overall I did delete this app because I don’t find myself playing it and I can honestly just did not like it.
Please reply
ajkittyunicorn6 on 2021-04-12
This game is fun but it has on problem. When you have to change shoes you have to change them exactly when the ground changes. There is one problem with that. IT IS HARD TO CHANGE exactly on a little tiny line. When that happens I get a bad score! This upsets me because otherwise this would be my favorite game! My request is to give some time to change into new shoes. Others might not agree with me and that is ok. This all my opinion and you can respond to it anyway you want. This is just a little suggestion.
looks like im walkin on 2021-04-12
It’s not a bad game, the problem is there’s too many ads and at the end when it tells me if I wanna double my diamonds and I say no it gives me an ad anyway that’s annoying, sorry if I’m complaining too much, a lot of games have the same problems, also there’s one more thing you probably know about, when I make a small mistake it says a bad word to me, and I find that very offensive. It’s also a bit boring and too easy, one way of it being too easy is that the bots are too slow please fix that!
Is this appropriate?
nicky no baby girl on 2021-04-12
One of the ads for this game does not care about children language! Some kids might be playing on their mom or dad’s phone and the bad ad comes on! What kind of game developer does that? If I am being to serious tell me and please, reply to this! Also, I read two other reviews, and someone said that you don’t have enough time to change your shoes, I am completely on the same page. But this game isn’t that good, and I’m literally on level three.
Good but to many adds
bristol.r on 2021-04-12
Okay for all I really like this game but there is way to many adds every time I finished and collected my diamonds I had to watch a add, and when ever I got the three keys I collected my reward then I had to watch ANOTHER ADD!!! Also the rain boots didn’t have a picture I have had this game for two weeks now and still no picture for the rain boots also every SINGLE TIME I got new shoes I had to watch TWO ADDS besides that I recommend downloading
taba Ty on 2021-04-12
I was playing a game and I saw shoe race pop up I thought it looked really cool so I decided to download it I love the game so much but after you play one round you have to watch like three ads and if your like me I don’t like ads so if you are the maker of this game can you please stop with the ads you can have like one or two ads but not a lot besides this little problem I think the game is great I would recommend getting this game.
Please understand this
shadow killer2901 on 2021-04-12
So great game, I just wanted to tell you that it is a bit upsetting when you change right when it hits, and it says that you didn’t do it. The upsetting part is that when you mess up, it’s takes away ALL of your points. I thought that is puke be better if it only took away one section, for example if you have perfect x4 and you mess up, only make it go down one which would make it perfect x3. Please reply and understand.

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