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LET’S GO SHOPPING - Shop the latest trends and stay connected to your favorite brands, all in one place. - Turn on push-notifications so you never miss a sale, restock, or order update. - Browse collections that spotlight the brands and communities you care about. - Get personalized recommendations for exciting new products and brands. - Experience new ways to shop from the brands you love like digital gifting and shoppable content. ONE-TAP CHECKOUT—LOTSA PERKS - Keep your billing info secure with Shop Pay for faster one-tap checkouts. - Buy now, pay later with flexible payment options that let you get what you want, when you want it.* - Get carbon-neutral deliveries at no extra cost whenever you check out with Shop Pay. AUTOMAGIC PACKAGE TRACKING - Track all your online orders in one app. - Know when your package ships and when it’s on your doorstep with real time notifications. --- CONTACT Have a question or just want to say hello? Contact us at [email protected] or follow @shop on Twitter and Instagram. Shop secure and worry free Our servers meet strict PCI compliance standards for vaulting credit card info. Powered by Shopify Shop was created by the commerce platform trusted by millions of businesses worldwide. *Available only in the US. Payment options are offered by Affirm and are subject to an eligibility check. Not available in New Mexico. CA residents: Loans by Affirm Loan Services, LLC are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lender license.

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Stores includes scam business
dvuong5 on 2022-09-27
Thanks Shop for including one business that was or is a scam. I lost my money and I don’t know how to get it back. The business is called “Pheromonie” oil/perfume. I am warning everyone to please be careful and double double check every business. This was the most frustrating experience for me and I wouldn’t want that for anyone. Shop, I don’t know how or will you remove that business. It is a total scam and taking everyone’s money from what I researched and experience and so I wasn’t the only one. I found reviews on “BBB; Better Business Bureau” of girls filing a complaint on Pheromonie. I use to love using Shop, it was super easy getting items and buying things, but if it includes scam business, I rather delete it than losing. Please look into that business and have it remove please. Thank you.
__autoMATTic__ on 2022-09-27
Almost useless due to multiple bugs. -widget states every package “Arrives Today!” -Amazon account gets disconnected almost daily -unable to relink Amazon with Face ID (app freezes every time) -if I do get signed into Amazon manually, then get an email about an Amazon package from the carrier, that package shows up twice in the Shop app. The Amazon stuff may be an API issue on their end, but the app freezing due to a problem signing in, the duplicate package issue, and the widget displaying incorrect information could all be solved with simple programming logic. I first downloaded this app years ago on an Android device and it worked great. The iOS version (which I’ve also used for a couple years now) has never been right, and it keeps getting worse.
Excellent tracking app terrible shopping app
newdev4ios on 2022-09-27
Pros: excellent tracking and automatically pulls tracking info from your email so you don’t have to. Cons: • forget about tracking Amazon packages, just don’t waste your time signing into Amazon with this app to track your orders, you will be signed out after like 2 weeks (sometimes even sooner) (this i was told was to do with Amazons login policy or something) • the inbuilt shop is not good, there is no support and you can’t report scam sellers (Get Screensaber) and you are reliant upon the store you bought from to respond to your emails and refund you your money. I’d avoid buying anything using the app.
MamaBrie623 on 2022-09-27
I am very grateful this app is available. I ordered a few things from different stores and kept having to remember the site and order number to try and track the package. This app does all of it in one! The fact that I can order from any store around the US (possibly out of states too but I am not sure) and then just click on one app to check on the status of my order from all the sites at once is such a time saver! They also make it simple to just click a button to contact the stores if you have any questions. I am a very organized person and appreciate having this app available!
Couple things I don’t like
flavorful on 2022-09-27
I like this app and it does keep me informed plus the payment plans it offers is nice; however I have my personal account and my business account for Amazon. It won’t give me info on both. What’s funny is I get notifications on my iPhone but when I tap on it to get on shop and look at where my package is, it gives me an error code because it’s not with the account registered to shop. Why bother giving me the notification if I can’t see the details. I guess to make a long story short, please make it to where I can get info on both of my Amazon accounts.
It’s fine when it works, but doesn’t work often
John.Ya98 on 2022-09-27
I don’t understand the point of letting users check the “stay signed in” and FaceID function when it makes you sign in to everything again the next day. It’s a nifty idea but not really worth having to sign into everything constantly to check order status, I might as well just check email and tracking info if my time will be wasted anyway. Also not a fan of the corporate ads for other products being shoved down my throat. If I wanted to buy more products, I’d do it from their website, not on an order tracking app.
Data collecting scam
Alternative Rock Hank on 2022-09-27
The inability to track a package without allowing Shop to access your emails unadulterated is truly ridiculous. Yes, shop does allow you to manually add tracking numbers and carrier information to track your package, but why on Gods green earth would I need an app for that? You can track that information directly on the carrier’s website. Furthermore the tracking and carrier information can be withheld by the vendor so you *have* to download this app and give them email access. This is a useless, scam of an app.
Was good, now disappointing
wishingonastar on 2022-09-27
This app used to be a great way to track all my orders from different places. Now when you try to “track order with shop” from a site it won’t add it to your orders & forget about adding manually. If it lets you add the order manually it doesn’t give you accurate updates or delivery notifications anymore. That was the best feature about this app but now it’s basically just advertisements/links to sites for you to buy more & it’s difficult to even get to your orders
I Love SO MUCH, But…
Enid48136 on 2022-09-27
I love this app! It’s like magic how it knows I have a package on the way! My complaint is that sometimes the notification is that I have a package coming from UPS, which isn’t helpful. The information on who shipped the package isn’t available so I’m not sure what is where or what package is on the way. Is it my contacts or my cleaning supplies? I just wish that I knew the origin of the UPS package!
Shipping Status
$Gatsby$ on 2022-09-27
This app does not accurately report delivery status of purchased items. Right now, I have an item that has been delivered but in the app it says it’s in Transit status. I also saw how the app was able to tell me where one of my purchased items was in real time while in transit. However, the app was unable to do the same for other items I purchased. The app needs work. Hope the feedback helps.

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