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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



* Check out safely in one tap with Shop Pay * Get personalized recommendations from shops you love * Automagically track all your online orders * Get accurate delivery notifications * Manage your payment info and purchases in one place * Make every delivery greener just by choosing Shop Pay ***Featured on Fast Company, People, Fashionista, and more!*** PAY BETTER with Shop Pay’s one-tap checkout. * Shop saves and secures your personal info so you can fill carts, not forms. * Pay upfront, or in 4 zero interest payments over time—with no hidden fees and no impact to your credit score.* * Help plant trees with every purchase at no extra cost. TRACK BETTER with Shop’s real-time updates from checkout to delivery. * Don't search for shipping codes. Track every order automagically by connecting your emails to Shop. * Goodbye porch pirates. Follow your deliveries to your doorstep on a live map. SHOP BETTER with curated shopping lists. * Discover and support independent businesses in your area. * Get recommendations that are always relevant and never spammy. * Browse new products you'll love based on your past order history. Bet you didn't know shopping could be this good. --- CONTACT Have a question or just want to say hello? Contact us at [email protected] or @shop on Twitter. Shop secure and worry free. Our servers meet strict PCI compliance standards for vaulting credit card info. Powered by Shopify Shop was created by the commerce platform trusted by more than 1,000,000 businesses worldwide. *Payment options are offered by Affirm and are subject to an eligibility check. Not available in New Mexico. CA residents: Loans by Affirm Loan Services, LLC are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lender license.

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Use to work great. After the last major update and name change not so much.
2709ricardo on 2021-09-19
This app use to be really great and would show me where my package was on the map and it usually would say all my delivery dates. Ever since it’s name change and every update since it’s progressively gotten worse. Now even though on Amazon it’ll show me a map where they are, on this app it doesn’t show any of that anymore which isn’t totally necessary, but it was a cool feature that never seems to “load” correctly. Also it’s continually disconnecting from Amazon account and I have to log back in every couple of days, even though I always have the “remember me” box checked when logging in. I don’t know if it’s COVID that made the staff kind of forget about this app, but it’s a shame because I really really liked this app. I’ll continue to use it, but I may lower my rating if this decline continues.
Excellent Customer Service
Cattreeking lover on 2021-09-19
Cattreeking produces an awesome cat tree. We have two large cats, one is 20 pounds and the other is 16 pounds. The Cattreeking Mansion style we purchased two years ago is very sturdy and very well built. The quality far surpasses any of the numerous cat trees we have purchased over the years. For large breed cats nothing else comes close to the durability and stability of the Cattreeking. Their customer service goes above and beyond to take care of their customers needs. We will be purchasing another cat tree from them in the future to put in another room.
Be aware
Da_panty_dropper on 2021-09-19
They can easily hack your google account using this app, I was a victim. I logge in using my google account linked to one of my credit cards they charged almost $1,000 dollars worth of unknown items I found out by google security linked unknown devices with my account and one of them was this app as soon as I disconnected those unknown devices. This app is now protected against and I think it’s a Chinese company that made this app, be aware don’t install this app on your device.
Advertisement of Fall Sale not met!
Bubbe is ticked off! on 2021-09-19
I received email that they offer a 20% Fall Sale on all sales exceeding $50. Discount to be applied at purchase. No discount code offered.. just make the purchase and discount is applied. Just purchased $346.16… no discount deducted. Opened the chat pop-up. Informed the company. No answer. Nothing. Bupkus snd crickets. Not pleased. Now… will they ship? Ill wait and see. If i dont receive products, ill be back here with a full blown complaint!
Do not order
HAI All of them or taken so ya on 2021-09-19
I placed my order on 8/24 and have emailed the company 2 times already. The first response was they were on back order but expected within the next 6 business days. Well, the second email has not yet been answered. Here it is September 17th and I still have not heard back or received my ring. They still have my money though. I’m in the process of filing a claim with PayPal. Can you say scammed? Sincerely, a very unhappy customer
It’s the customer service for me!
Natalie Elizabeth 44 on 2021-09-19
This app gives me the extra customer service that you don’t get with most shops online. I get updates about my orders and they DON’T send you extra info you don’t need. I love that I always feel more secure using this app and they makes things easier. I don’t remember how I found it but I’m so glad I did. It’s like the PayPal for shopping clothing stores online… but better!! I just love it!!!
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! on 2021-09-19
I really enjoy Shop App. It’s helpful when I need to checkout quickly. I easily reference more than one card for purchases. I am alerted when orders have been place and when the retailers been notified and when the package ships. It super convenient if you need to contact the sellers. The only thing it’s missing is a security measure like face detection to login or a passcode.
great app
arkodios on 2021-09-19
i feel that many people criticizing the app for it not having purpose simply arent using the app correctly. while yes, you get email notification updates by the carrier, shop has it laid out much more neatly and makes keeping track of multiple packages much easier. its use is limited if youre just tracking one or two packages. great app and design
Such much is wrong
Xaigaa on 2021-09-19
I tried a million times even on the website to change my old phone number but it keeps sending me to verify through my old number and I’m not able to change my old number to my new number, it’s so frustrating that I decided to just not use the app and my Amazon and email constantly gets logged out and all of my orders never tell me it’s delivered.
Stolen Identity.
retnuH m'I on 2021-09-19
Their customer service said that I wasn’t allowed to use the payment system because I couldn’t prove my identity. They put no other restriction on my account my information is still in it including my card information. But they said that their decision was final and they I wouldn’t be able to prove my identity to them.

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