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Nov, 2020



*Featured on Fast Company, People, Fashionista, and more! * Shop's got all your online shopping details covered in one place. TRACK BETTER Get it, don't sweat it Shop lets you follow all your online shopping deliveries with map tracking and real time updates from your shopping cart to your home. Shop is on it There's no need to copy and paste package tracking or shipping codes, Shop takes care of it for you. You can also use Shop without auto-tracking. PAY BETTER A thoughtful way to pay Shop Pay is a safe and lightning-fast payment and checkout experience available at over one million independent stores online. Shop remembers and protects your personal info so you can fill carts, not forms. Secure and worry-free Our servers meet strict PCI compliance standards for vaulting credit card info. Your payment and personal details are encrypted from end to end. SHOP BETTER Love local Shop makes it easy to discover and support independent businesses in your area, so you can buy locally made fashion, shoes, gifts, and whatever else you find while you stay home. Get personal Tell Shop the stores you like for a personalized interface that makes sure you're one of the first to discover, sales, deals, and trending items. Shop also suggests new products you'll love based on your past order history, for personal recommendations that are always relevant and never spammy. Remember everything Shop keeps track of your current and past online shopping orders, receipts, and even stores' return policies. Deal with it faster If you have questions about your purchases, Shop can connect you to your favorite independent stores in a tap. Powered by Shopify Shop was created by the commerce platform trusted by more than 1,000,000 businesses worldwide. Bet you didn't know shopping could be this good. --- CONTACT Have a question or just want to say hello? Contact us at [email protected] or @shop on Twitter.

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It’s not real time
jlovesoul on 2020-12-01
I do like this app because I can see all the items I have ordered in one place. However, I’ve been testing it to see if the updates were in fact real time. I have the FedEx app and an account with UPS. I’ve found that the carrier notifications were more accurate and Shop will notify me 30 minutes to an hour later. Also, on a recent delivery the app told me my package was to be delivered Friday 11/20/20 yet when you go to the carrier site, it said 11/22/20 which was actually what happened - but never got an updated delivery date from Shop. If the notifications on the app were real time I would assume an update from the carrier would also be captured by the app, updated and then I would be notified. I don’t consider 30min - 1hr real time. I expect the notifications to be within minutes of the carrier update. Considering that some people track their packages to beat the porch pirates then I think this is a fair expectation. I’ll keep using it for the simple fact that most retailers are now connected with Shop and I can see most of my packages in one place but I won’t solely rely on it to know when my packages arrive.
absolutely perfect!!
Liv_Luvs_BTS on 2020-12-01
as an impatient kpop collecter, this app is so useful to me, not only do I get multiple notifications per day, but I also get to see exactly where my package is at any moment of the day!! I also love how shop automatically adds packages for you if you sign in with gmail!! you can also follow different shops near you, weather its online or in person!! sometimes notifications are delayed, but when your package arrives, shop makes sure that you get your notification as soon as it enters your house ( multiple occasions I went out to get my package and the mail lady was still there). I definetly would reccommend this app to anyone who orders a lot online, especially if you are impatient, because it is definetly reassuring to see how close your package is!!
Sleep gram pillows order number 59188
mrlbec73 on 2020-12-01
Three months ago I ordered a 4 pack of pillows from sleep gram. After several phone calls to find out the status of my order, I have yet to receive my order. I have been promised over snd over again that I would get my order in 5 to 7 day but the order never shows up. If you do not wish us to have this order, I suggest you refund my money. If you can not fulfill your orders, you inform the customer that you can not fulfill their order at this time and refund the money. This has been the second time this year I have been scammed. Will not order again from you.
PrincessGZM on 2020-12-01
I gave the app 3 stars because it’s not bad it’s allows me to order things without having to enter CC info, or through PayPal etc.... HOWEVER........ HOWEVER....... It won’t load other orders from Amazon, eBay, or any other orders that weren’t purchased through them.. which is super disappointing because for a while it used to, then it stopped. I’m going to continue to use the app because of my first comments, but if something doesn’t give I may find another app to use. And I’d rather not seeing as this app is simple yet accurate.
A few flaws
thomastan on 2020-12-01
(1) There’s no iPad version, (2) there’s no way to check or add tracking numbers by logging in from a desktop browser; and (3) there’s no way to use any other email providers other than Gmail (i.e. no Outlook, no Yahoo, not your own domain). Also, (4) if you add a tracking number after it’s already been delivered, the app will never indicate that it’s been delivered. Instead, the package’s status will be perpetually stuck on “waiting for details” and you’ll be none the wiser. Other than the above, this is an excellent app.
The best vegan handbags
Happy girl !! on 2020-12-01
I have been a faithful customer since 2018 and I am very pleased with the quality of these handbags, my daughter got her first one on Mother’s Day and was a Juliana tote in red for summer, she got so many compliments for it. I just ordered 2 more for her as Xmas present, and 2 different styles for me, with quality and price are great deal. Thank you girls for making them very affordable for all of us. Happy holidays !! Love them
Folding laundry tub
cute rider on 2020-12-01
I didn’t get the item that I paid for, also was very unsatisfied with the service I have tried plenty of time to contact them and they never responded. I rate this company has zero for unsatisfaction, and not warranting their service. I had tried emailing them and letting them know that I never received the item. I never got a response back from them !!!’ .
Msoldat0927 on 2020-12-01
I ordened an above the ground swimming pool and paid for it in May 2020; after waiting for almost 4 months they sent the wrong product.., I sent many emails regarding my order and just ignored me. Up to date they haven’t taken care of this issue. Don’t buy anything from these people. The company’s name is Abandonsa.
Love it
BreLovell on 2020-12-01
This app is great, especially during the holidays! I always get emails for my packages but this way my information is all together. I can see what I’ve already got for friends/family so I don’t forget and buy more gifts. If you like to stay organized or you always track your packages one by one, this is for you!!!
I don’t underhand the purpose
shanidk on 2020-12-01
What is this purpose of this app? I am sent an email: “check the status of your package with Shop”. Nah. I will just click this UPS tracking link. “No update”. Okay. Back to email. Download Shop app. Open link to track (several) packages: “no update available” Why am I using this app?!

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