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*Featured on Fast Company, People, Fashionista, and more! * Shop's got all your online shopping details covered in one place. TRACK BETTER Get it, don't sweat it Shop lets you follow all your online shopping deliveries with map tracking and real time updates from your shopping cart to your home. Shop is on it There's no need to copy and paste package tracking or shipping codes, Shop takes care of it for you. You can also use Shop without auto-tracking. PAY BETTER A thoughtful way to pay Shop Pay is a safe and lightning-fast payment and checkout experience available at over one million independent stores online. Shop remembers and protects your personal info so you can fill carts, not forms. Secure and worry-free Our servers meet strict PCI compliance standards for vaulting credit card info. Your payment and personal details are encrypted from end to end. SHOP BETTER Love local Shop makes it easy to discover and support independent businesses in your area, so you can buy locally made fashion, shoes, gifts, and whatever else you find while you stay home. Get personal Tell Shop the stores you like for a personalized interface that makes sure you're one of the first to discover, sales, deals, and trending items. Shop also suggests new products you'll love based on your past order history, for personal recommendations that are always relevant and never spammy. Remember everything Shop keeps track of your current and past online shopping orders, receipts, and even stores' return policies. Deal with it faster If you have questions about your purchases, Shop can connect you to your favorite independent stores in a tap. Powered by Shopify Shop was created by the commerce platform trusted by more than 1,000,000 businesses worldwide. Bet you didn't know shopping could be this good. --- CONTACT Have a question or just want to say hello? Contact us at [email protected] or @shop on Twitter.

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Best app on my phone
missychrissie1491 on 2021-04-20
I’m not even sure why I originally downloaded this app, but this is the greatest app that I have on my phone. I order a lot of stuff, and I love that everything is in one place and it tells you when it’s coming or where it is. This is the only app that I let notifications come through because it is so helpful. I’ve never had any issues with it,Which should speak volumes because a lot of apps have a lot of glitches. Not this one. If you order a lot of stuff online and are constantly going to UPS tracking or Amazon order tracking or USPS trackingOr whatever of the million places that you order from… Get this app. It will tell you everything you need to know and if you need to go to the site if you want to see your live tracking or anything, you just click on the order and it will bring you to the website. I can’t say enough good things about shop, and everybody should have it
Anywho123 on 2021-04-20
Seemed to work at times. The 3stars is because I had to log it in to my Amazon and email regularly to keep it working and always had duplicates in my shipping list which got confusing . The list doesn’t tell you whats in the shipment but I think that’s due to the info it gets from the retailer, just that if there's more than one package/tracking number in an order (which is the norm) then you don’t know which one is which plus then sometimes theres duplicates of the same order in the list. Sometimes you can click to get more info on the order but not always. It was helpful getting the notifications and having it all in one app but overall I just found it more confusing than it was helpful.
Louis the Wanderer on 2021-04-20
I had a product shipped and instead of having the option to track the package onsite or through a carrier, I had to install this app, something I otherwise didn’t want or need. Fine. I’ll uninstall it after the package arrives. Installed it and for some damned reason it needs access to my Google account??? wth?? I should have deleted it into oblivion right then and there. Instead, like a good sucker, I loaded it up and what does it tell me? That my package had shipped and is on its way. That’s it. Thanks for that highly useful bit of tracking information. Uninstalled. How do I report an app as a scam?
I don’t enjoy this app anymore
october Heaven on 2021-04-20
I don’t know what happened to the application but shop used to be a good way to find and keep track of your packages but something happened in like the app doesn’t look for the packages by itself anymore how it used to like search through Gmails and find shipping orders automaticallyAnd there’s no yahoo you can’t sign into your Yahoo so I don’t know about this app anymore I don’t like it anymore
Don’t do it
Kacie Banks on 2021-04-20
Ordered this expensive toy from car tots fir my son. Car tots messed up my order and sent me a text to download this app to track my package. I didn’t get my item in time for my son bday as promised and this app never updated. They only send me something saying in transit but never tells you where the package is. It never updates!! Had to delete this app
The Feels
Olivia A. Harley on 2021-04-20
Now when shopping online I hope the shop I’m purchasing from tracks with SHOP. This is the most convenient way to track my purchase. I am so confident that I can get an answer if I had a question, that I don’t even bother to constantly track my package. I know at anytime I can look at my SHOP app and see where my package is. I’m so happy.
Graduation key ring
Libda H on 2021-04-20
I was shocked to receive my item today. It was exactly as shown, though smaller than anticipated. It is very pretty and will be very appreciated by our June graduate. The reason I am shocked is that I will not buy items that ship from China. One gift took MONTHS to be received. One gift has never arrived (since October 2020).
thought it was good at first but.
❤️Peanut on 2021-04-20
thought it was a good app but as I started using it more it doesn’t really show u anything on the map or give u accurate updates. it never moved from where it was originally pinned on the map and it never gave me updates on where it was and what was happening. personally had a bad experience wont be using this app again lol
I love my Shibumi shade
Roxeroo on 2021-04-20
We bought this Shibumi sunshade for a windy beach. Performs as intended. Easy to assemble, it’s pretty, and it stays flying in the wind, so long as there is wind. When there’s no wind, it sort of settles around you. But that’s actually sort of part of the fun. I really love the shade, perfect for Maui.
Good out of the gate, with a weak finish
Aeol21 on 2021-04-20
This app has been a big help with increased e-commerce shopping over the last year. Shop does a great job at pulling new orders, but drops the ball with updates and deliveries. I only get notifications for shipments occasionally, and rarely for deliveries, so I have to manually update those in the app.

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