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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Never-seen-before new experience of gliding into targets to earn points. Addictive gameplay, easy-to-learn controls.

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I’m not an add hater but...
ELIMOREGON on 2020-12-04
Ok, so I’m not an add hater (like the title says) because the x option to exit the add pops up immediately (unless you want to double the coins) BUT I am going to agree with some other people that the creator should have an option saying if your at least a teen or older because I’m 9 and I don’t want to see ads that are inappropriate for kids like me and anybody that is younger. Ok the next comment and the one after that is the only other negative comments I am going to say and it won’t be too long. I noticed that there is not enough space for all the buttons. Hold up. A lot of people are going to say “YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE BECAUSE YOU ARE PLAYING ON A PHONE!” But, that is not the case. IM PLAYING ON A FREAKING IPAD. Ok, one more thing. So, you know how the scale where there is colors like red, yellow and green says Tap To Start is bouncing around? This is pretty annoying because you have to see the scale so you can get a perfect to launch the golf ball but the tap to start is in the way. Now I’m moving onto the positive side of the review.(Sorry for starting with the negative side.)The app is pretty fun and NOT To challenging which I like. It’s also easy to learn. Ok I am going to disagree with some people next so don’t get mad. The scoring works perfectly because I landed on the edge of the target and rolled into it but after that happened it said I got the points.(That is positive.)1 more thing. There is no lag and the graphics are amazing for a 3D game that has moving parts and is made by voodoo. Ok, so that is it and I put a three star review because it is 50 50 good and bad. I hope that the creator sees this review and tweaks the game a little bit so I can give it four stars or more.
Writing this because I’m bored.
Cruces can cure on 2020-12-04
Honestly don’t waste you time with this game. The devs are just money hungry by pumping ads in after every round you play. I don’t see how y’all have a 4.5 star rating. Y’all must be paying some people for reviews on the App Store. Not to mention the game says “only 1% will reach the desert”. Once you make it to a certain point in the map it just resets. False advertising/click bait at its finest. Not gunna lie I played it for about a week pretty frequently ONLY because I was in quarantine. Don’t waste your time with this weak game. The devs got lazy and produced half a game. Also the in game mechanics are wonky when you hit a boost pad at an angle it straightens your angle back out which gets annoying for certain parts of the map. I rate this game a -69 out of 10. I hope y’all don’t waste too much time on this bad boy and get out and enjoy the outside world cause this game is a huge waste of anyone’s time. To the devs: do better boys. Less ads. Release a complete map next time. To the 1 person who might of made it this far down: thank you for coming to my Ted Talk my name is Andrew and I hope you have a great day. Follow me on Instagram: @iamandrewlewis’s the deal
Johnnymoony on 2020-12-04
So this game was my “go to” for my 20 hour drive from Dallas to Santa Ana (I wasn’t the driver). I like it but I don’t love it. For me there are NOT too many ads. It’s only after every 3rd or 4th flight, unless you click for extra coins. They are providing a service so deserve to get paid. However when you progress fairly far they do increase the frequency of the ads. They do this on purpose because they know you are more willing to sit through ads since you have invested time to upgrading your stuff. My gripe is that they do not accurately record when you land on the 25X bullseye! 3 times I was definitely on the bullseye and it told me I had the 10X. NONSENSE! And it’s a little buggy. But I think worth the download.
Fun but could be much better
Nickita A on 2020-12-04
This concept is pretty cool and so far it’s been really fun however I have run into many problems playing the game. 1. You change directions when hitting a boost/jump 2. Your speed severely slows down when you pull out your glider 3. Sometimes I run into the problem where I can’t claim the money/earnings after I finished 4.this game can experience quite a bit of lag and I know this isn’t on my part because I have tried many other games and none of them have had this lag. Conclusion..... Very fun game just needs the problems listed above to be fixed or possibly explained for a better experience.
Don’t get it!
alexcoolgirl on 2020-12-04
This is the most dumbest game ever do not get it if u do get it i know u will right what i did and this game kicks me out every time when i was looking how much stars it got and i found someone who sed a bad review and i think they were crazy then i agreed with them so don’t get it and if u don’t make it bedder i will definitely delete it and the most stupid thing about it is has to many adds!!!!!!!! And when i sed it kicks me out well i get in but all i get is a add and then it kicks me out i know u. An make it better then this hate it!
Crash and fail...
omgwhatevernameyouwant on 2020-12-04
Cool concept... If only I could finish the FIRST level without the game freezing and crashing. I have started the game nearly 20 TIMES!!! No exaggeration. Not sure why I tried so hard to make it work. Like I said cool concept. If only it worked. I believe it may have something to do with the ad banner not loading. Bottom portion of the screen is blank(most likely where ad banner would be). Anyway, if I could suggest anything it would be to complete the game before releasing or avoid slapping ads on last minute.
Good game, but...
Fix your problems! on 2020-12-04
I like the game, but it basically ends your run when you hit the ground; it doesn’t wait for you to stop rolling. I have lost a lot of money because of this. *To the devs* At least make it so there is a 3 second countdown after you stop rolling and then end the game. I have done several runs where I hit the ground and start rolling but then the game ends when I am about to hit a boost pad. Sometimes, the game even ends when I am in mid-air. Please fix this; it would be much more enjoyable.
A lazy cash grab
Levivy on 2020-12-04
As most games from Voodoo, this app is riddled with ads. After every run, you must watch an ad to claim the money you earned. This turns 20 minutes of work into an all day ordeal. The landscapes seem interesting, until you get to the fifth one, and then they just start over. They are literally identical. There’s no way to upgrade your appearance, nothing new to discover. Absolute waste of time, not fun whatsoever
Aggressive Ads Lead to Uninstalling
Rygry11811 on 2020-12-04
We all understand ads are the lifeblood of any game creator. However the overly aggressive frequency of advertisements prevented me from becoming hooked and spending money on new upgrades or in game cash and buying the ad free version. Poor execution of advertising. Ads every 1.5 times played is out of touch. Find the right balance, get me hooked, I’ll spend money. Failed execution.
Great game! Pretty irritating.
JackSals04 on 2020-12-04
I got the game a few days ago and I’ve really enjoyed it! It’s quite entertaining! But today I haven’t been able to get through a jump without being kicked out. It’s super laggy and halfway through a jump it kicks me out of the app and when I go double tap the home button to open the app again it doesn’t show it was ever opened. Just kinda frustrating. Other than that it’s a good game!

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