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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire! Features: - Dynamic Deck Building: Choose your cards wisely! Discover hundreds of cards to add to your deck with each attempt at climbing the Spire. Select cards that work together to efficiently dispatch foes and reach the top - An Ever-changing Spire: Whenever you embark on a journey up the Spire, the layout differs each time. Choose a risky or safe path, face different enemies, choose different cards, discover different relics, and even fight different bosses! - Powerful Relics to Discover: Powerful items known as relics can be found throughout the Spire. The effects of these relics can greatly enhance your deck through powerful interactions. But beware, obtaining a relic may cost you more than just gold…

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Port needs work
VoodooVyper on 2021-09-19
Anyone who says this port is fine is delusional. The interface is god awful. Picking up a card just to view it is a process just to get it back in your hand. You have to be very careful not to accidentally play it if it’s a non-attack card. Card selection is also an exercise in frustration, being largely inaccurate. Additionally, the design of your hand is poor, only showing you the top of your cards and no text description. Worse yet, it’s been like this for 10 months with no indication of an update coming, as the devs had initially indicated shortly after release. I understand it’s difficult to provide a timeline, but we haven’t heard anything. Wouldn’t be surprised at this point if they abandoned it. The game is great, don’t get me wrong. The UI doesn’t make it unplayable, but it makes it very unenjoyable. Giving 2 stars until it’s fixed in a patch, will update after. Update: Lowering my rating to 1 star. They somehow managed to make the controls even worse. I don’t play the game because of this, it’s a chore. The game has been out for over a year with 1 update and no shortage of complaints about the controls. Devs didn’t listen and made it worse. Guess I’ll update my review next year when the next update comes out, but I won’t be holding my breath. Wish I could request a refund.
Great Game that loses so much on mobile
Sukehiro the Stranger on 2021-09-19
The game is just so impossible to see on the phone and there are absolutely no setting to adjust anything to be bigger, not to mention that the controls are god awful. Never have I played a game where the same button to read the cards information can also automatically play the card, there needs to be some delineation This is a deck building card game, I need to be able to see it. Honestly I would prefer a refund and would advise anyone to NOT BUY THIS the console version is 5 stars. This is 2 because the mechanics of the game that are interesting are impossible to see or play without straining your eyes Otherwise fun and engaging on console where I first played it first, decided to buy it for the phone which was my mistake.
Great Game, less-great port
Eyes Imagine on 2021-09-19
The game itself is fantastic, but on the iPad there is a major flaw that the home bar interferes with your hand of cards. It can be incredibly frustrating to try to return cards to your hand (for example, when just checking descriptions or making strategic decisions). If the app just disabled that bar – or changed how your hand works – it would improve the UX so much. As it is, fiddling with trying to just pick up the card you want can lead to frustrating and sometimes run-ending misplays. =/
Game is 5/5; port is 3.5/5
Masta Killa Bee on 2021-09-19
Best deck-builder video game. I own it on multiple platforms including Nintendo switch and pc. This iOS port is manageable, but misclicks are too frequent due to the invisible cursor that is used for the port. I would suggest a control overhaul, but I understand that is an insane amount of work that would be added to the devs plate. Still my favorite mobile game, so would 100% recommend to deck-builder enthusiasts.
Love it so much I own it on 3 different platforms
Turner319 on 2021-09-19
If you ask me I say this is one of the most innovative game ideas I’ve ever encountered. A rouge like card game with 4 different archetypes all with cool synergies and a variety of mechanics that guarantees a unique run every playthrough Please fix crashing tho :( I foolishly tried to uninstall and reinstall in attempt to resolve the issue and lost all my progress lol
Great game, controls need work
ChloesMan on 2021-09-19
At the start of my turn a card is pulled up to the middle of my screen and tapping on anything but the bottom left corner of the screen will play it. This is extremely frustrating when trying to read other things on the screen and forgetting that the card is going to get pulled up. Please fix.
Don’t understand
Ifritmaximus on 2021-09-19
I can’t wrap my head around why this is rated so highly. First off, it was an expensive purchase. The gameplay is not that enjoyable. As a rogue like game, it needs to have high replayability, but I only enjoyed it for 2hrs? Wouldn’t recommend as it’s not worth the $
Absolutely amazing, some trouble, but give it a chance it’s great
The Gaming Pigeon on 2021-09-19
One issue atm, the games sound cuts out on iOS port, absolutely love game and I’m seriously missing out some important gameplay, would love to see a fix! Otherwise game is fantastic great rogue like gameplay and a great way to stim your mind for a bit
Bad performance, weird controls.
sudinorm on 2021-09-19
Wish I read the reviews before buying. I bought this game because I love it on pc but found the iOS version unplayable. On iPhone 12 the FPS is terrible and visually jittery. The controls for selecting cards is awful. Waste of $10. Bad port.
The more you play
John0531 on 2021-09-19
The more fun it gets. Starting out is entertaining enough. But once you start unlocking the other characters, it gets to be really fun. I would definitely recommend. It’s a great entertaining game to relax with.

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