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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Having trouble sleeping? It’s time to say goodbye to sleepless nights and stop missing out on sweet dreams! Sleep will be your favorite lullaby and will help you fall asleep thanks to soothing stories, meditations, white noise, tons of sounds from different environments and much more. You are not the only one to face issues at night. It is not uncommon to find it hard to fall asleep or to wake up various times during the night: Sleep feels you and we're here to help! Learn how to manage stress and anxiety so they don’t ruin your doze anymore, and bring peacefulness into your life. This app provides you with many features that answer to your own needs, from the fight against insomnia to making the morning wake up easier, from improving sleep quality to the management of tinnitus. *FEATURES* - Bedtime stories: listen to narrated bedtime stories designed to lull you to sleep that will help you turn off your mind. Let these peaceful, soft narrations calm your nerves. We found out the best narrators for you: choose among 10 soothing voices the ones you prefer. - Sleep meditations: improve your mindfulness and relieve stress and anxiety in just a few minutes a day. Disconnect your mind, take deep breaths and dive into slumberland. - Sleep sounds: discover a broad library of carefully selected sounds, choose your favorite mix or create your own combination. Fireplace, cat purring, hairdryer, gong, thunder, airplane, urban rain: more than 80 sounds are waiting for you. - Fade out timer: decide the time you want sounds gently dissolve to avoid disturbing your blissful dream. This way you can relax without thinking about switching off your phone. - Bedtime reminder: having a consistent bedtime is key to better sleep, so set up a reminder to go to bed and be sure to awake refreshed. Go on a dreamy adventure into “The Valley of a Hundred Waterfalls” or lose yourself in the “City of many canals". Establish a relaxing bedtime schedule to get your mind and body ready for slumber with Sleep! ---------- SUBSCRIPTION INFO: Subscribe to take advantage of the features described above. • Subscription length: weekly, monthly, yearly • Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase. • You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase. • Your subscription will renew automatically, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. • The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. • When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded. • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Terms of service: Privacy policy: Have a feature request you would like to see in a future version of the app? Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Website:

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Weird/annoying background sounds
hdjahdjskxvd on 2020-09-25
Ok so everyone seems to be talking about the price but why is nobody mention I bug the background sounds in the sleep meditations?? There is literally one with freaking MONKEYS and BIRDS CHIRPING in the background - not peaceful at all!! It actually woke me up!! At first I thought I was dreaming about a bird, then I woke up and thought it was my headphones or something in my bedroom, but then I changed the meditation and realized it was coming from there. And it's in ALL of them. There's a "hair salon" setting one that has the sound of SCISSORS CLIPPING (to simulate hair-cutting noises) that just made me want to rip my hair out (pun intended lol). Oh and their breathing exercises are super weird...only through the nose, even exhaling. That seems so strange to me and does not work - you always exhale through the mouth, everyone knows this. Anywayssss yeah maybe the things I mentioned won't bother everybody but they made the app a horrible experience for me
Weekly is too much
n-i.c-k.n-a.m-e. on 2020-09-25
I’d rather use ads to accumulate time to listen to the music, like every one add you watch will grant you idk 10 minutes of music or something. Kinda how vpn works, they make you watch ads and give you time. I know you guys worked hard from what I’ve read in the other reviews but I don’t have money to spend weekly. Maybe if it was a one time purchase or that same amount monthly, not weekly. That’s too much There should be an option with limited use of the app but still free, and the premium with full access. That’s how it used to be, but now it’s mandatory to pay. Weekly at that. I know my opinion doesn’t matter but I’m just upset that suddenly there’s a mandatory fee and not a limited option to the app that remains free like so many apps do :( and please don’t say to try the free trial. I already know what the free trial looks like because as I said, you guys used to have that limited use of the app and now I can’t even access that without committing.
Do NOT subscribe.
Heftybags on 2020-09-25
I have been subscribed for at least 6 months and there has not been a single content update. Sure there are bug fixes but that’s not content. What are we paying for? This app should be a one time purchase not a subscription when people subscribe to a content based plan it needs to add content. To put this in perspective consider subscribing to one movie or one music cd instead of Netflix or Spotify, would you do that of course not you would buy that movie or cd not pay for it over and over again which is what’s happening here you a subscribing to get the same stories and sounds over and over again.
False price
An Angry Sydney on 2020-09-25
It’s not that a majority of this app’s content is something you have to pay for, it is that ALL of this app’s content is something you have to pay for. The app is sold as free but when you open it there is no way to interact with the app other than to click “next” off the homepage, and “continue” to a “premium app”. If you “x” off that, or cancel once you hit “continue”, your only other option is the “next” homepage. The content can’t be premium content if there’s no base content. So for that, this app receives a true score of 0 stars because idek what it is other than a loud ass home screen ‍♀️
This is a great app
Silly beans in a hotdog on 2020-09-25
I know that you do have to make a monthly subscription or weekly or whatever, but honestly it is so worth it. This app is amazing it puts me to sleep so fast and I have honestly struggled to sleep. I tired so many different sounds and things but this all truly helps. And you can select certain sounds to play together at once to help you sleep and you have multiple speakers to chose from depending on your preference. I personally like Sue she has a very calming but monotone voice that just puts me to sleep. If you struggle to sleep especially because of anxiety this is a great app to use.
Sleep review
CaliGrl90 on 2020-09-25
Really helps me fall asleep. I like that you can change the voice for meditation. I love that the meditation stories have slight variations. I don’t care for two of the strong accent male voice narration options and wish I could remove some voice/ story options and recommendations. But I’ve been sleeping much better.
rip off
boo2uu on 2020-09-25
It’s a subscription service that costs 2.99 a month. Not worth it when there are so many others that charge a one time fee, or free with ads. This app offers only 3 free sounds and one free story. Not worth $36 a year!
It good
lil14/\/ on 2020-09-25
I just wish everything was unlocked you can only listen to the same sounds every night and the same 2 story’s unless you pay (I’m broke) I don’t have money to spend on apps.. but this does halo me fall asleep fast
No real trial. Should be a fee upfront to be honest
BARoberts on 2020-09-25
Don’t be fooled here. There is nothing to try without an opt in to a recurring subscription that has a 1 week grace period. It’s a hope they forget and still bill you marketing scam.
I can’t get pass the ‘buy premium’
chwincken nwugget on 2020-09-25
When I tried to get in the app it says buy premium I said no then it says are you sure ?then there no button to say I don’t want it .please add that then I’ll give it a better rating

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