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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



SmartNews is the award-winning news app downloaded by 40+ million readers in 100+ countries! SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the top trending news stories influencing the world right now. News From All Sides! SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top news publishers: NBC News, MSNBC, USA Today, TIME, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE, VOX, AP, Reuters, Buzzfeed, Fast Company and more. *** Reviews: “Better than Feedly or Flipboard. Love it!” Jack C. “Much better than the new version of Apple News.” - Polidoc “Been using Google News but this is better. Much easier to share.” Eddie H. “Literally one of the best news apps… It ranks with the likes of BBC News.” -lightspeed12 “Browse headlines quickly, customize your channels and read the news offline. SmartNews is an excellent free alternative to other popular news apps.” - CNET *** Features: Breaking News Notifications for breaking news stories. Trusted News 300+ top US & World news publications. Offline News Fetch trending news and read news offline. *** Awards: - Best of 2013 (Japan) - Apple - Best App of the Year, 2013 (Japan) - Google

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Great but not everything “news”
WALL012 on 2020-10-24
I love the wide variety of options for my news but the app has one problem for me; not everything they post do I consider news. I’m not talking about sources being left or right, but some are just really stuff I’m not interested in. Example, I constantly get articles for “Wide Open Spaces”. This is a website for hunters and fishers to share videos and memes. That’s not news. And yet, I can’t get rid of it. Or Ebaum’s World. I used to go to this site in college for funny content but never news. My suggestion is either narrow it down to sources that focus on actual news or at least give people to opportunity to say “this has zero interest to me, not because it’s political bias but because I’m not a 17 year old who loves to hunt and fish.”
Was a really great news app but going downhill!
Joyflute on 2020-10-24
I really loved this news app and the ability to customize it with all of my interests. I have not seen any ads like other reviewers have mentioned (although the left wing bias is becoming more apparent). However the real reason for the 3 star rating is that the local tab no longer functions at all. I just get a black page with coronavirus numbers and weather at the top. This happened after the last update and happens whether I use my device’s location or put in a zip code. This really reduces what I what to see on this app, especially because you got rid of the Cleveland tab recently also. Please fix this! Thanks!
Y’all finally killed it.
DoggyDawg88 on 2020-10-24
So awesome how you guys added massive, annoying full-screen ADS to your app!! So awesome that I just don’t think I can handle all the extreme awesomeness. I’m afraid it’s so awesome that I have to delete the app. Goodbye “Smart”news, hello again Apple news and Google news. EDIT: lol at the developer response, this app was “fully accessible” to everyone for YEARS before you decided to get greedy and try a subscription model. And now you’ve decided the subscription model wasn’t making you enough money, so you completely litter the app with ads. Spare me the PR lies, Nathan.
Works Well — Occasional Anomalies
MaybeMilo on 2020-10-24
I check in on the news with this app several times per day, and though I steer as clear of some content as humanly possible, it’s generally reliable. It would be nice if the dates for stories were included — quite frequently they’re not, and sometimes there are “zombie stories” presented in the current tense that I know for a fact (based on context) are old — sometimes significantly so. It seems like one of their favorites of late is stories quoting the late Dr. Ben Carson as if he’s just made a specific statement, and—well—the guy’s quite deceased.
dlwws on 2020-10-24
It really appears that the algorithm for this app quickly learns the new stories and headlines that you are going to click on. Then it proceeds to give you more of these type of stories to get you to click on them and hopefully the advertisers that support this app. So in the end, it is all about money as usual. Also, you people need to stop using inflammatory language like he skewered his opponent. You’re supposed to be reporting the news not reporting the results of a WWF SmackDown.
Please give an option to get rid of ads!
hdncnemd on 2020-10-24
I’ve been a long time user of this app, it’s been my go to for years and I’ve recommended to many others. Recently though, adding the ads in have made it nearly unbearable...seems every ad is at least 30 seconds. Fine, I get it, you need to make money. AT LEAST give some sort of option to pay to get rid of the ads!!!! I’d gladly pay for it because the functionality of this app blows away any others I’ve found. Sadly, I’ll likely delete and switch to google news before too long....
birdmandave on 2020-10-24
After several months, here’s the review you have been asking for. It’s based on your apps performance and not the news content. I’m deleting the app because half the time I open an article and either the screen goes blank, or you can’t read it because you haven’t subscribed to the organization your coping from, You might as well just sign up directly with your favorite news channel or whatever news program are out there and avoid the aggravation.
What was, is no more
andof ourse on 2020-10-24
What was an ad free experience, a blessing In the world of mobile ad hell is no more. Worse they won’t even let you pay to remove the scam ads. They track your usage data pair you with ads that may sell to you. There is an ad page every 4 articles you scroll down. This has changed from an excellent app to another news site cluttered with scammy ads
Ad hell
frustrated1964 on 2020-10-24
This was one of my most favorite apps loved it and then all of a sudden you guys started putting ads you’re in the middle of reading an article and an ad pops up and you can’t even get out of it come on guys give us a break will you please! I know you have to make money but at least make it so we can get out of the ad and go back to where we were
Mike GT,Jr on 2020-10-24
I signed up with this app because it seemed to provide clear news Don’t waste your time with this news it is bias and supports the democrats , clearly showing their personal agenda which makes it fake news Some stories are clearly fabricated to slam President Trump and staff I just want factual and clear news >>>> period

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