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Snapchat is a fast and fun way to share the moment with your friends and family SNAP • Snapchat opens right to the Camera — just tap to take a photo, or press and hold for video. • Express yourself with Lenses, Filters, Bitmoji and more! • Try out new Lenses daily created by the Snapchat community! CHAT • Stay in touch with friends through live messaging, or share your day with Group Stories. • Video Chat with up to 16 friends at once — you can even use Lenses and Filters when chatting! • Express yourself with Friendmojis — exclusive Bitmoji made just for you and a friend. STORIES • Watch friends' Stories to see their day unfold. • See Stories from the Snapchat community that are based on your interests. • Discover breaking news and exclusive Original Shows. SPOTLIGHT • Spotlight showcases the best of Snapchat! • Submit your own Snaps or sit back, relax, and watch. • Pick your favorites and share them with friends. MAP • Share your location with your best friends or go off the grid with Ghost Mode. • See what your friends are up to on your most personal map when they share their location with you. • Explore live Stories from the community nearby or across the world! MEMORIES • Save unlimited photos and videos of all your favorite moments. • Edit and send old moments to friends or save them to your Camera Roll. • Create Stories from your favorite Memories to share with friends and family. FRIENDSHIP PROFILE • Every friendship has its own special profile to see the moments you’ve saved together. • Discover new things you have in common with Charms — see how long you’ve been friends, your astrological compatibility, your Bitmoji fashion sense, and more! • Friendship Profiles are just between you and a friend, so you can bond over what makes your friendship special. Happy Snapping! • • • Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages by taking a screenshot, using a camera, or otherwise. Be mindful of what you Snap! For a full description of our privacy practices, please see our Privacy Center.

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Great app, but there are a few bad things
Not to play game on 2022-01-21
So overall, I like the app because it’s a great app to communicate with friends and take pictures with variety’s of filters, but inside the app there is a thing called a “Discovery page” or “Discover” that has many semi-famous Snapchatter’s. Which some are snap stars or shows that you can subscribe to and watch. Let me just get to the point, There are hundreds of, let me put it this way, “Women”, on the app trying to sell you nudes, or “private stories” and FaceTime calls with their personal phone number, and with most of them you can literally see their, how should I put this, upper and lower parts of their body, which they try to edit out but you can still see it. Also with mostly all of them each picture is a different person, which is extremely concerning to me. Because that immediately tells you that this is not who they say they are. I literally asked one of them why their was multiple people trying to act as one, and he or she said “Hi babe, do you want my naughty menu?” Which made me uncomfortable because they didn’t even answer my question and are clearly trying to bait me into giving them my bank account info, which I don’t even have because I’m 13!! Please ban these people immediately! You all need to start monitoring these accounts much more closely. Thank you for hopefully reading my review
hawaiihammah on 2022-01-21
i really really love this app but all my memories of family and friends gone i went to go check on my snap to chat wit one of my friends that just texted but when i tapped on the app it took me to the login and sign up screen which made me confused so i went to go log in again and it said username not found so i was just really confused so i tried again but didn’t work so then i tried on my other account and it had me in for a second and then back to the login and sign up screen so i tried to log in again and same things tried to log into my actual account and didn’t work so i tried making a new one and it still didn’t work so i just said whatever and went to sleep then when i woke up i tried again and SAME THING i kept trying to make a new one but it keeps saying “could not connect please try later” so i waited and did it again and still didn’t work so then i went to go check if there were any updates no there wasn’t so then i deleted the app restarted my phone then i downloaded the app and tried again and same thing i also have seen that most people are dealing with the same thing so please snapchat can u fix this i just want all my memories back and also people i have met while using this app made my days less boring so can u just fix this so that it stops happening cause i’ve givin up on trying
dnjdrjd on 2022-01-21
This app used to be great till too much was changed and added that didn’t need to be there like bitmoji games barely anyone plays. Almost every update there is a new bug this time the pics in my camera roll when i click to look at them they all look extremely blurry which has never happened before. Also would like to note that a-lot of people are leaving due to the fact u get banned for an emoji? Tell me why celebrities or bigger people can post drugs or scams clear as day but the moment someone else posts a mushroom emoji suddenly it’s bad. yall should give an option to migrate the old memory’s as well it’s pretty messed up y’all can take years of memories like that over something trivial as an emoji. I understand needing to be stricter but i see people posting harder drugs and they still have their account. But the moment someone posts even a spec of marijuana their account vanishes like that. It makes no sense whats gonna happen when it’s legalized almost everywhere?? Why don’t celebrities get the same treatment?? Why do i see scam ads like those fake car and money giveaways??? It’s so backwards y’all make no sense I can post a link to a scam website but if i get a med card and post me hitting a joint I’m gone. Crazy
nob4ugo on 2022-01-21
Who does that??! Deletes 7 years of laughs, tears, lovers, good times, bad times, pets, deceased family…with no warning. This is so inhumane and frankly screwed up. Like many of the bad reviews on this app I have the same story. I’ve used snap as my main picture saving/texting app since I was 14. I am now 21, and there’s no way I would remember all the times I’ve had in the past without those pictures to look back on. But now in the blink of an eye, all of it, gone. No warning, nothing. There needs to be a warning system implemented. I don’t even know if I broke the guidelines because when I ask for specifics of what I did to deserve this, the customer support email is an unhelpful, automated response. Snapchat has been my favorite social media app for so long, I really can’t believe they would do something like this to so many people. It’s absolutely terrible. Snapchat can go to the deepest darkest pits of. I would rate it 0 starts if I could. Give me back my past.
Stories are the worst
BotannicalMammal on 2022-01-21
I wish there was an ability to comment on the stories posted by Snapchat themselves in the discover area, cause the videos in there are so dumb. I watched a “surprisingly satisfying” video that was over a minute long, multiple ads, and not only did they intentionally make it take longer than it needed to so you have to go through multiple ads to view the “satisfying” end, it wasn’t even satisfying! This is why people are switching to TikTok and other video apps. It’s like you’re grappling at straws just for as much money as you can get and there’s no way for viewers to add input to what they’re watching. We can’t tell you what we do and do not enjoy watching. Your data is probably from years ago when viewers could actually input to trends and stories. Don’t even get me started on the drama stories that are picked and uploaded by Snapchat. Y’all are greedy and don’t give two cares about what your users want.
Bugaboo200219 on 2022-01-21
My filters haven’t been working for a few days. It’s there is something that is to be on your have it does show up and filters that just that change color doesn’t even work. Update it’s been 4 months and my filters still aren’t working! This is making me very mad and is ruining the whole app. And on top of that what is wrong with Snapchat? When I hit the button to take a picture I have to sit here for about a whole minute before it actually works and takes the picture. I have to leave the app several times to get it to me more then just a black screen or chat half the time. It’s being so slow and laggy it isn’t funny! Snapchat fix this ASAP! At this point there is no excuse other then laziness! I’m so close to deleting the app for good because of these problems which makes me so mad because I’ll be losing a lot of friends and I have been using this app for years.
Lost 4-5 years of memories
Sheyenne_S_05 on 2022-01-21
I have used snap chat since 2016 and recently it has been liking me out temporarily and I can’t get back into i had 10 emails from Snapchat just a few minutes apart telling me after I unlocked it was locked and after so many hours it’s permanently locked and I can’t get in them at all I lost over 1,000s of pictures on Snapchat I though it was a safe place to keep this pictures so I wouldn’t lose them but I’m the end lost every one of them because snap locked my account for no reason multiple times and I made a new one and the same thing happens before I could add anyone I can say is Snapchat is having major problems and it’s very disappointing I have had this app since 2016 and lost everything and every one that was on there for absolutely no reason for it to have locked my account
Banning of users, and memories gone.
Hdhshakah on 2022-01-21
Recently Snapchat has implemented A new way to tried to cut down on the illicit Market of products being sold on their platform and as a result of that they have been banning anybody Who posts doing something perfectly legal such as smoking Marijuana. Many members have lost six maybe seven years of memories for doing something that’s not even illegal, snapchat is destroying their app and ruining the fun of being able to post whatever you want. i understand if some one is selling illegal narcotics but come on somebody smoking recreational weed? Do better, i know a lot of people who have stopped using snapchat in the last year because the app has gotten increasingly less user friendly.
Banned for what?
qué pasa¿ on 2022-01-21
Snapchat is a complete joke these days I went to bed last night with nothing wrong and woke up this morning with my account banned not deleted but banned no explanation no email telling informing me I’ve tried for hours to get my account back emailing there support with no response I’ve tried everything to contact them in every way possible i do not post weed or anything that violated TOS just a random ban very frustrating losing years of memories with no reasoning or warning I cannot even make a new account this is why your shares have fallen 30% in the past year one terrible update after another. Please fix this issue and try making the better app for the people
Snapchat error
tgettinbuckets on 2022-01-21
So I’ve been using snapchat for about a year now and last week I was trying to send my streaks but I got auto logged out. When I went to log back into my account it said “account not found”. I’ve been pretty upset about all the memories and friends and streaks lost but I’m starting to get over it a bit. I’ve tried making a new account but I can’t do that either. When I try to add me phone number or email it will say “error with connection, please try again later”. I don’t know what to do so please if i someone reading this would be kind of to help me I’d be grateful because I really want to get back to using Snapchat.

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