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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Song of Bloom is an intense tale about everything, packed into a short, handcrafted experience. Playfully explore a story, told in rapidly changing art styles, find out how to control it, and uncover what happened.

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I don’t need this frustration in my life
Sean Cier on 2020-07-15
A game whose point seems to be figuring out how to play the game? It’s like learning how to program the VCR without an instruction manual, and being taunted by the VCR when you fail. Or going to the DMV, but they won’t tell you which form you’re missing, just silently smile mysteriously and gesture in the air. Or a dream where you are using a computer in another language and you just want to save the report you’ve been writing, but somebody has swapped all the icons for little pictures of fish and every key on the keyboard just plays a laugh and rearranges the menus. Actually that last one sounds like more fun. Beautiful art though.
PenguinzzzzZZzzz on 2020-07-15
*Obligatory "don't usually leave reviews" statement* This game is just quite simply amazing, and deserved Apple's award easily. It's beautiful, it's dark, it's engaging, it's impossibly creative... I love everything about it and am so happy I had the opportunity to play it. I really can't say much more than that other than you should give it a try if this genre of game is appealing to you. In some ways it reminds me of monument valley (not in the way puzzles are solved but how secrets are unveiled and how you feel more and more a part of the world the longet you play). Great game!!!!!
Engaging, beautiful, creative
Ms K spence on 2020-07-15
I was camping where I didn’t get cell service and it rained all day. Fortunately I had downloaded ‘Song of Bloom’ the week before after seeing on Apple’s “best of” list. I opened it up for the first time and my partner and I worked through the entire thing together in our tent, passing the phone back and forth as we figured out each puzzle. The time flew by and we felt connected and engaged - we loved it!! I highly recommend this game and look forward to discovering others like it!
One of my favorite games ever.
MissG 2004 on 2020-07-15
This game is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. There was obviously an incredible amount of work put into this game and from the first challenge I. was. hooked. It was gorgeous, the storyline was compelling, the music was gorgeous, and it KNEW MY NAME. It was one of the most complex games I’ve ever played and I loved it. I have a fairly analytical mind and the puzzles were mind bogglingly complex. 10/10 worth the money.
Award well deserved!
Chialalala on 2020-07-15
I started playing an hour ago and now that I’m done, I feel empty. What a journey! 1 star for the creativity; 1 star for the music; 1 star for the visual design that is refreshing; 1 star for the complexity that satisfied my love for puzzle games; and 1 star for thinking beyond the box. Congratulations on the award, I hope you get rich so that you can produce new games ❤︎
Beautiful interface and amazingly intriguing.
BombshellMom on 2020-07-15
This game will keep you coming back for more. I guarantee you have never played a game like this. I’m not a game player, but this game is like a logic puzzle, an adventure and visual poetry all woven together in one beautiful app. It is truly a fantastic adventure!
Writer30033 on 2020-07-15
I never buy games and rarely play them. Rian Johnson’s tweet about this piqued my curiosity and $2, wth, let’s see what it’s about. I love the visual, artistic cues and the satisfaction of the blooms. Thank you Philipp Stollenmayer for sharing this world.
One of the most comprehensive apps I have ever used
Jorge-Ruiz on 2020-07-15
This puzzle app is such a unique experience. From it’s amazing design to its intrusive story flow. This application is among the best in really using your phones fullest capabilities to create a bespoke one of a kind experience. Absolutely amazing!
Crazy amazing...
marlenel on 2020-07-15
This is one of the most beautiful, creative, stunning, brilliant, albeit frustrating yet calming puzzles where the mix of all of it, keeps me in it. Bravo
Really cool!
Fhrbekfuchd on 2020-07-15
Very unorthodox, fun, surreal, different. I don’t often buy apps, but I HIGHLY recommend this one if you have any interest in puzzle games.

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