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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



What’s next in music is first on SoundCloud SoundCloud is more than a streaming service, it’s an open global community for anyone to upload any sound for immediate discovery. Be the first to hear new tracks, connect directly with fellow fans and your favorite artists in real time, and support the future of music with every play, like, repost and comment. Get SoundCloud FREE: - Access the most diverse catalog of content - Discover millions of emerging and established artists, DJs and podcasters - Listen to music that exists nowhere else - Get suggested tracks based on your listening habits - Explore SoundCloud Charts for the best music or podcasts in each genre - Connect directly with artists and fellow listeners - Create playlists for any occasion - Find new music faster with curated playlists Listen to the biggest hits and discover what’s next in music SoundCloud is the world's largest music and audio streaming platform with more than 200 million tracks and a global community of 20 million-plus artists from every creative corner of the world. On SoundCloud you can discover music that exists nowhere else – DJ sets, hand-curated playlists, remixes and freestyles – right next to chart-topping albums and mainstream releases. Our massive catalog has the biggest hits in pop, hip-hop, rap, electronic, rock, techno, classical, jazz and podcasts, but also the sub-genres and songs within these communities that you’ll be hearing about next year. Find and connect with your community SoundCloud is the only place where artists and fans and curators collide to push music culture forward together. You can connect to emerging artists and today’s superstars directly and in real time, and hear their new songs within seconds of them being shared. Or follow our curator’s community profiles (our take on genres), so the trending tracks and playlists our plugged-in music experts are posting will land in your stream. Support the artists you love Fuel the success of emerging and established artists. Every like, play, comment, and repost resonates and establishes a creator’s reputation, provides motivation, and amplifies their reach. Every listen and subscription purchased on SoundCloud puts more money in artist’s pockets, empowering and enabling them to continue to create and push music culture forward. Subscribe to SoundCloud Go+ for premium listening With SoundCloud Go+, you can get access to every track on SoundCloud, from the biggest hits what’s next in music. With offline listening, you can take your music with you wherever you go, and with no ads, nothing stands between you and your favorite tracks. You can get even closer to a creator’s intended sound and vision with high quality audio. SOUNDCLOUD GO: - Save unlimited tracks for offline listening - Ad-free listening - Your subscription helps financially support the millions of creators who are starting and growing their careers on SoundCloud - Try 30 days free, then $5.99/month* SOUNDCLOUD GO+: - Save unlimited tracks for offline listening - Access full catalog, no previews - Get ad-free listening - High quality audio - Your subscription helps financially support the millions of creators who are starting and growing their careers on SoundCloud - Try 30 days free, then $9.99/month** JOIN THE COMMUNITY SoundCloud Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: PROBLEMS? FEEDBACK? The more you tell us, the better SoundCloud gets. SoundCloud is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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I love This app
ChubbyAlpaca1233 on 2020-10-26
Ok so i absolutely love this app first of all it’s free and very little ads not like other music apps it works great without wifi. Also what I love about this app is that they give you a private playlist on what they think you would like, ikr what that is amazing. Ok so the cons are this I don’t like how people can see my playlist like can we have some privacy on what we hear u dont like people knowing what music I hear. And also I hate how many girls comment on music and say “ check out some pics” like excuse me there are kids in this app do that like on Facebook or something. Ok so if you read all this thank you for reading this, this is my opinion and only my opinion. - random person
anonomousballer on 2020-10-26
There’s an ad at least every three songs. Sometimes you can’t listen to a single song without listening to a 30 second ad. The custom playlists give you songs that were recorded on an iPhone 4 in a cardboard box and engineered on a chrome book. Don’t even try finding new artists unless you’re fluent in at least 3 coding languages. It would be easier to find a literal needle in a haystack than it would be to find an artist with half the talent of your least favorite influencer. Stick to Spotify where the algorithms aren’t written by 13 year olds.
You’re slowly ruining yourselves
Joeebop on 2020-10-26
This used to be my favorite streaming app of all time but you ruined it with ads that I can’t even skip. AND. You’ve pretty much rendered the app useless by making it so that the phone needs internet to listen to a song that I’ve been bumping over and over again, constantly using my data. I live in NY so it’s impossible for me to listen to music unless I want to have my song stopped everytime I go into the tunnel on the subway. Keep this up and you’re gonna go out of business
Too many ads you can’t skip anymore
tuna cracker boi on 2020-10-26
I have used SoundCloud for years but decided to delete recently due to the tremendous amount of ads. They used to let you skip them after 5 seconds but not anymore plus I can’t switch to a new song at all without atleast 1-2 30 second ads popping up. I have 2 friends who have deleted this app bc of the continuous ads. I love how many types of music are readily available but the constant commercials are ridiculous.
I love this app but I went one thing from you SoundCloud
Aoppai on 2020-10-26
SoundCloud can you change a liked tracks because every time I have to move one of my favorite music or songs clicking a like button when a glitches the like button don’t work I have to waited 3 or 4 days Could you please make a move up and down just holding a favorite music up and down so you can placed it on favorites spots .
A few bugs but overall it’s alright!! ^^
Anonymous neko on 2020-10-26
Great app! I use this all the time to listen to music but there’s this problems I had recently. The ads are too long and so wish I could just skip it henever a song plays the song would pause at random times even though I’m not doing anything. Another bug I’ve had was that the song would skip in the middle of playing a song.
This app is great! One problem though
Oshawott Pokemon on 2020-10-26
It is great and I get to listen to what ever song I want. There are a few problems though, When I don’t even have the app open it randomly starts playing and I didn’t even click the play button’ another thing wrong is that it randomly stops in the middle of the song and that also annoys me. Please fix these issues...
dont make me switch to apple music
ngc slim on 2020-10-26
its soo slow yall need to fix the app it freezes and crashes constantly. i pay for premium and the service is not worth my money. i use soundcloud because it has all of my songs and it is the best music service to find new artists. i have stayed hopeful that an update will fix the app but it has only gotten worse
fineray_8L on 2020-10-26
This is definitely a five out of five because they have the best songs and slowed and reverb. But can you guys cut down on the adds plz because when my favorite song comes on there is always an add. I love it tho so much ✨
I can’t even login
Sanae10101 on 2020-10-26
I’ve been trying to login but it won’t let me it keeps on saying “sorry, we’ve had a sever error”and it’s starting to get a little annoying, I’ve restarted my phone thinking that was going to help but it didn’t. :(

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