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Oct, 2020


Oct, 2020



Fascinating spa experience... True ASMR experience. Lots of mini-games are waiting for you. Collect all the money and upgrade your spa center. Can you unlock all the rooms? Subscription Terms VIP Subscription offers a weekly subscription for $4.99 after a 3 day free trial. After purchasing this subscription, you will immediately unlock: 3 new Managers, Unlock All VIP Decorations, x2 Income from Spa Center and %200 LEVEL BONUS, and remove all random ads. This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your iTunes account after confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will be renewed unless you turn it off at least 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. See below links for more information. Policy - Subscription Terms - Terms of Use: The prices are set for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency. To cancel your Subscription Please visit: Contacting Us If there are any questions regarding these terms, you may contact us using the information below. Ruby Games Turkey [email protected]

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rose❤️3️⃣ on 2020-11-26
So I downloaded this because I needed to make a review, or at least I wanted to. Well first of all this is weird and I understand that it’s not for kids and it’s not a kids app and it is made for 13-year-olds, but the ads that I saw for this app are inappropriate, I’ve seen them and they are inappropriate. Second of all what is that app icon? Well I know what it is but like it’s just weird and kind of creepy and one thing with all these apps is that there’s so many ads on everyone of these apps. I don’t know how many ads are on this one if you improved I am happy thank you but if you haven’t you won’t change my review I wish I could write you a half of star wait no I take that back I wish I could rate you zero stars Edit: so I haven’t even really played this that much but the first part is really weird and I don’t like it and starts weird I don’t like you whatever you stand for I just take this down now I get why does this exist it’s weird to me that the App Store takes some apps down but not the ones that are actually inappropriate And I have read some reviews and some people say that there’s like plastic surgery and yeah you’re weird Oh and not to mention that when I look at all these screenshots they’re weird and inappropriate and sexual I guess I can say on some. Know if you enjoy making apps in appropriate then that’s fine with me but don’t put them on the App Store or any other app where you can get them I don’t want this game to be available it’s weird you can keep the apps to your self and play them your self if you enjoy making inappropriate apps but I do not encourage you to post them. It is weird and I recommend you don’t make these apps and put them available make something fun and addicting that people would like to play a game for everyone maybe a kids game maybe a game that grown-ups can become addicted to Like a mobile app and I get this is ASMR and ASMR is for everyone but not everyone wants to see sexual content in a app that should be like this since it is on the App Store and you would not expect to see any inappropriate app on the App Store.
Full of crap
@%#-$+&=*/(; on 2020-11-26
1.The title like bruh children sees this it’s inappropriate. 2.The first level is you have to make a BREAST BIG.I remember one day I just loved your know like nail games and salon hair games stuff like that and I download this game and it was just to inappropriate for me.And then racist.I was taming a BLACK man and I messed up then the skin turned into a different color.And then the noises OMG IT SOUNDED LIKE THERE HAVING SEX OMG NOOO I cant I just can’t-.Then the adds.So I paid for the adds like about 2 dollars and MORE and bruh when every time I touch something it pops up a LOAD OF ADDS.Money app stealers.!Then the add so I was playing another game and then I saw the spa game that I DELETED A FEW MINUTES AGO and someone was making a butt big and then it started playing music and then it started shaking its butt and then it said something like this:shake it.Or something like that.I said OMG THATS THE game I just deleted!Warning):don’t download this game if your a little kid it’s bad.You should be 18+ to play this.Its a good thing they updated it but steal noooooo don’t play this it’s BAD!who ever is reading this have a good day stay safe at home!.Byee!
WTH developers !
Quinnisthecoolest on 2020-11-26
Seriously this game is terrible It is not appropriate for kids and there is no ASMR experience. One, who could be so cruel to have a level were you increase a woman’s chest size dramatically and inappropriately. Two, SO MANY ADDS I swear to god this is the most add filled game I have ever played there is an add almost every time you touch the screen! Third, the cracking levels are supposed to be satisfying but there not because there is no experience there are jut adds and uncomfortable cracking noises Don’t even respond developers unless your truly sorry I don’t want to hear one of those formal “we apologize for this stuff contact us if you have questions” because that shows you don’t actually care your just trying to make money through an add filled cash grab. So if you want players to actually appreciate the work you put into this (which there is honestly none) then FIX PROBlEMS PRESENTED TO YOU!! It’s not hard! I’m done wasting my time you probably won’t even pay attention. I am Severely unsatisfied. Thanks for reading
The wrost game I ever played
sbd rjdkde dj on 2020-11-26
I hat this game and I can give you some many reasons 1. The Adds ok let’s be really they are why to Many adds they are like a add they are like a Every second and sometimes you can to restart the game because you can not go back to the game 2. When You First Start ok when you first start the game it is Incredibly inappropriate like what the hell do you have to make someone breast big for!? I do not think this is for 12+ this is 18+ and I hate this 3. The Cover ok why is the cover with someone head off of there body like kids can be Traumatized by that and I really hate how you don’t know what you are doing and I don’t know how the App Store approve this That is all I have to said if you are reading this please don’t play this game it is extremely inappropriate and sexual and it is not for kids have a great day and stay away from these games kids
I threw up in my mouth
ChickeN partY yA on 2020-11-26
Okay, so you can tell that this game is weird by the picture. It looks like your ripping a woman’s head off and if you look closely, YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE RED. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the first task. The game itself is just...No!! This isn’t 12+ This is 18+. I just had to check out how bad this game was when I saw an ad where there’s a woman and your saying "Shake That " And the woman starts twerking. Just NO. This is not suitable for kids that are under the age of 18. I literally only played for like 1-2 minutes and I regret it. On the first task, you grow a woman’s breast. THATS A HUGE NO NO. Just don’t download this game for your sake
hejencjc on 2020-11-26
In the beginning I hate THAT PART!!! You have to make the girls breast bigger, stop sexualizing woman breast’s THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS!!! especially when the girl moaned at the spa. She moaned like twice. This is NOT FOR KIDS. NOT FOR KIDS, people don’t moan when they get their back Cracked or massaged. THIS IS JUST WRONG I TELL YOU DONT PLAY THIS GAME KIDS!! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME, IF YOU FIND IT INAPPROPRIATE!! THIS IS VERY MOSTLY LIKE INAPPROPRIATE. THE MOANING SOUNDS ARE VERY DISGUSTING, AND EW ITS SO GROSS FOR KIDS. WHY TF WOULD U ADD MOANING SOUNDS, BREAST CHANGER?!! CMON NOW.
⚠️Read this ⚠️
mad human!! on 2020-11-26
There are many children out there who download this app and are like ew ew ew but really this game is not disgusting, and if you are mature enough to get this than you’d understand it’s not, and it’s simply is real life. Plastic surgery, and what woman want. I think that it’s completely appropriate for teenagers / 12+ AS THE TITLE SAYS. 12+ . If you see that that means there may be some grown up stuff in it or things that a child SHOULD NOT SEE. I am 11 and I find this app fine, I’m just not interested in it. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, that you need to be mature for this.
....really? ( )
Puddle cakes on 2020-11-26
I’m basically still a kid and I get ads like this? I mean this game is really inappropriate for people and should be rated something like 17+ and it’s pretty sexist so I don’t think games like this should be made and I think that this game is pretty bad... just look at the first level.. plus the ads are about well () soooooo yeahhh dont do that if you want to make an older game, dont make it look like a fine, classic arcade game that well kids get. I would reat this app a -1 out ot 10 because its inappropriate. ☹︎☹︎☹︎
I like this game!!
burgersrthebest on 2020-11-26
This game is actually really entertaining, and it has a lot of diversity/options to it. There are some parts which are... questionable, but for the amount of options this game has it’s actually really well developed! Of course there are the annoying ads, which never stop playing, which is the biggest flaw to the game. The no ads option is cool but the amount of ads in the game is just insane. I can see this game improving for the better, but to get better reviews and more players decrease the amount of ads.
Where do I begin?
Ahh where do I even start?! As a parent, I would not allow my children to download or even play this game. I believe women should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies, but is it really necessary to make a game about it? Also, the noises... I have noticed a lot of reviews about the noises. Even though a child may not recognize it, doesn’t mean it’s not there!! Oh goodness! Definitely do not recommend to any age really. A concerned parent.

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