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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Fascinating spa experience... True ASMR experience. Lots of mini-games are waiting for you. Collect all the money and upgrade your spa center. Can you unlock all the rooms?

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I hate this..
Music&Art YAY on 2020-10-27
When I got in the game, The most things I did was just crack some necks and other. I think it’s creepy of the movment when you hit the red button. Also I don’t like the characters. The art could be better. But don’t call me “GRADING THE ART!” Cause hey! I’m a artist! I know how it feels. But if you want a game that gets a lot of 5 stars, you want to put work in it! It’s like drawing something for your mom on her birthday. What if you just drew a stick women. With a smile, and short hair. Not even colored. I’m not saying she wouldn’t like it, but at least do better! Sorry if I sounded rude. I am not a rude person. I was just mad. Bye :)
Nini nichole on 2020-10-27
so I got to the part of the game where someone wanted a tan & this man wanted to basically change race. How is it possible that he turned from white to African American because a tan ?? I just find thats really insensitive, disrespectful, disgusting & disturbing. I’m pretty sure you guys approved the whole tan situation & y’all knew it looked out of pocket. HOW A WHITE MAN GO FROM WHITE TO BLACK LMAOOOO THIS IS LAUGHABLE! NOBODY GET THIS GAME. ITS NOT EVEN A FUN GAME I LITERALLY GOT TO THAT PART WITHIN THE FIRST / SECOND LEVEL. SMH. DO BETTER. THIS JOINT REALLY DESERVES 0 STARS BUT ANYWAYS! 10/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND.
too many ads
bellaaaaaaroddy on 2020-10-27
what’s even the point of playing the game when you repeatedly have to watch ads? it wouldn’t be such a bother if it was just like at the end of each “day” but after every single patient and more?? it would be such a fun game but it just is so sucky when you constantly have to watch ads to even play. i would be happy to pay 99 cents to get rid of ads but that’s not even an option? also kinda weird that the tanning bed changes a whole white persons race seems kinda strange, you guys could def do better :) it’s 2020 please actually do better!
Not bad but...
Sborder on 2020-10-27
So I think the dev messed up and released it early based on all the reviews I saw but gave it a chance since it was updated recently. Totally different than the reviews about towels only. I never have even seen a towel level. It’s interesting but it broke on me but don’t recall the lvl it happened on. I can’t complete a massage lvl it gets 3/4 of the way thru and stops and can’t finish...tried several times and I have to force quit as I get locked in the one screen.
dont like cocoa on 2020-10-27
Let’s start with the nasty noises the people make. I feel like someone is having sex.And the worst part is .... THIS IS FOR CHILDREN AND IM ONLY 9!And the adds keep popping up even if I pay for no adds.I have this problem with every game in the universe.EVEN LAURENZ SIDE HAS THIS PROBLEM!This is disgusting and inappropriate for everyone out there that is around my age I’m so sorry you had to play this. DISGUSTING ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!
Not for 12+
READ VERY IMPORTANT!!! on 2020-10-27
Dear perverted developers, I have a couple of things. First, this is NOT for 12+ audiences. It’s more 18+, and I’m not going to say why. Second, why so many ads? Seriously, I get one every 5 seconds. You’re just trying to make money off of kids learning about the birds and the bees. Are we not going to mention the first level? Besides that, I love cracking people’s necks. Your game is garbage
Spa master
This game is so trash after every level there’s a ad I just couldn’t do especially the unskippable ads u had to go through and I had to watch a ad to start a level and after I finish the level there’s another ad. I never made a review before because normally I like the games I play and leaves stars but this game is pathetic this game is a walking L TRASH GAME.
Very ignorant from a company that makes games...
psaints on 2020-10-27
Downloaded it and started playing. Ads are endless, very basic dynamics, you don’t actually do much in the game. And then, 2 mins into playing, one white character came into the shop to tan until turning Black. You developers should know better and have some common sense for how your passive blackface will come across. That was cringe and unnecessary. Deleted.
Stallyon on 2020-10-27
This game is extremely racist and has white washing in it, because every person that comes in for skin care is black and then you spray basically white paint all off them and look magically they are white now? This is very insensitive to the time and should be taken care of immediately I’m so appalled that this is happening in 2020
carmmmmmmmm on 2020-10-27
Im sorry but the skin care doesn't sot right with me and neither does the tanning. Spraying a black man white?? Tanning a white person until he looks a whole different race?? This is not okay. The game is boring you do the same 4 things, They sound like sex characters. Overall I give it 0 stars. Do better

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