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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



Dig wood to form spirals and use them to destroy obstacles ! Have Fun :)

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So satisfying! one bad bug
Nooooo fix it on 2020-04-09
This game is so fun and great! I love the idea of the game and it really fun but I have a suggestion. When I saw a commercial on my I pad I has about to leave but it look so fun so I got it. I played about 30 matches till something happened it was a level that when you scrap the wood on the wood there was some metal so before I was going to scrape the metal I let go so I would not die cuz I thought it would kill me if I scraped it. So I let go like 7 seconds before I was going to hit it but it made me die because I hit the metal but I didn’t! It made me DIE !!!!! So get this game if you want to immediately die. Thank you for reading Hahaha but besides that the game is really really fun and cute
Not So Good Game
Carl Frontoza on 2020-04-09
I give this only one star because needs to get your personal information...dont believe me?..well at the very first time you open this apps it has some approvals...and that includes the personal information thing.and has alot of ads...yes i know all apps has to have ads..,but this is just different than other apps,in other apps that has ads,it has somethings where if you watch an ad it has some approval things like watch a video to claim or double the coins/earnings but this app has an ad after you complete a round....its like you need to warch an ad so that you can go to the next yeah i dont really recommend this app if you dont like ads or if you dont like waiting...
Meanie junior on 2020-04-09
Well i already had the app and I just came across and ad for this game that so so unbelievably obnoxious that I went and uninstalled the app. The ad was this girl with an extremely annoying voice and saying this game is so fun like blah blah blah and saying “like” every other word. I understand it was probably ironic and meant to be funny but it was not funny in any way and it was actually infuriating, enough for me to type a whole paragraph and uninstall the app. Besides the god awful ad, the game is very boring and repetitive, there’s no challenge, and literally only like 3 different levels and nothing new. Please do not download this ad it is absolutely awful.
puppylove875 on 2020-04-09
So I got this game and when I got it I thought I actually found a game with not a lot of adds!! But, as I got more into the game the adds got very very inappropriate and not accurate for children. I’m a mother of 3 and my daughter got this game. I didn’t really know that it was gonna have inappropriate adds so I got it for her. Later that day she cane running to me asking was p**** means you know what I’m talking about. So please make the adds wag more appropriate please. And for children not recommended.
Takes up battery life
oof18888888 on 2020-04-09
When I was playing this game, it seemed fun and I figured it would only take some battery life after playing for a couple of minutes on a road trip. Then, my phone has sent me a notification that I had ten percent left, and the next day, my battery life report showed that I had used 71 percent on this game after playing for a couple minutes. What in the world!!! I deleted the game as soon as possible and and will not be downloading anymore apps from this company.
Great game
nrhhnvv on 2020-04-09
Over all I think the game is great.However you should be able to spend the coins.If the coins were not in the game it would be a lot better.The coins could also be used to buy a new knife or more stuff to roll maybe even new backgrounds.Now the add problems I don’t have dada so if turn off my internet it won’t give me adds.Plz read this and fix everything I mentioned in this review.Thank you
Good but...
Corie Harley on 2020-04-09
The game is good but one the lag it’s hecka laggy once it even kicked me out of the game cuz of lag also there are ads that are more than 15 seconds long after every level part victory and after winning a level it’s terrible but To Be Honest it’s a good and addicting game and that’s the good thing the only good thing, but overall it’s a good game I would recommend it to be for ages 7-9
Pretty Much Love It
FollowReddit on 2020-04-09
It’s easy, but keeps your attention. I absolutely love that the usage of coins to buy things was implemented. The only problem is that over time, the things I bought with the coins just disappeared. Not only that, but all of the coins I had before the update disappeared. The disappearing items though is the main problem, though. If that was fixed, it’d be a great game.
Developers please read this
drawclassic on 2020-04-09
This game is... ok. But whoever you had do your ads was SO ANNOYING she kept saying stuff like “so you take the wood and like, cut it to make a like, spiral, and it’s like, SO SATISFYING.” It was hard to even focus on the point of the ad with her “likes” popping out everywhere. Please stop running those ads somehow because I hate them and it’s annoying.
my coins
BlueberryTang on 2020-04-09
so i’ve been playing for nearly a month, before the update and i had a ton of coins. upwards of 12-13k. i had been saving them in anticipation for this update and when i get on after the update i have 400 coins total. i enjoy the game and it’s great when nothing else is going on, but i’m really upset about losing all of the coins i’ve been saving.

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