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May, 2020


May, 2020



Let’s get cookin’! Join SpongeBob SquarePants on a hilarious culinary adventure through the restaurants and kitchens of Bikini Bottom! When Mr. Krabs realizes there’s more money to be earned in the fast-food business, the penny-pinching entrepreneur sets out to expand his restaurant empire starting with a breakfast stand outside of SpongeBob’s house…and who better to help him run it than SpongeBob SquarePants himself? Create your own Bikini Bottom kitchen, decorate and customize your restaurant, and get ready to serve up delicious food to your guests! In this fast-food cooking game, put your time management skills to the test and experience the crazy cooking action of the SpongeBob universe. Fire up the grill and get ready to cook! Fun and Fast-Paced Cooking Cook and serve up delicious food including Krabby Patties, pancakes, BBQ and more! Get behind the grill as SpongeBob SquarePants to provide speedy service to the residents of Bikini Bottom. You’ll serve tons of familiar faces like Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward and many more! Keep your customers happy and be rewarded with tips, likes and exciting bonuses! Start as a junior fry cook and train to become one of Bikini Bottom’s premier fast-food chefs! Explore the World of SpongeBob SquarePants Grill up delicious Krabby Patties in the Krusty Krab, Steaks and Ribs in Sandy’s Treedome, Hot Dogs in Weenie Hut Jr’s and much more as you explore familiar restaurants and new kitchens in Bikini Bottom, Goo Lagoon and beyond! New restaurants and cuisines are added regularly, bringing new cooking challenges and recipes to learn! Upgrade and Decorate Choose new furniture, decorations and more to add your personal touch to the restaurants of SpongeBob SquarePants. Upgrade your kitchen equipment to cook food quickly and provide faster service to your customers. Start out with a basic restaurant design and build your kitchen to one fit for an expert chef! Collect and Customize Unlock your favorite characters from SpongeBob SquarePants and dress them in amazing outfits inspired by the show! Create your own custom avatar for the game and interact with the costumed characters as they explore Bikini Bottom. Hilarious Storyline Experience an all-new and exclusive SpongeBob SquarePants story featuring SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Sandy and Patrick. Play through the hilarious storyline as you progress through the game and unlock new levels. Join in Limited-Time Events Earn amazing rewards and show off your food-making skills on leaderboards by completing awesome cooking challenges. Take your game on the road with Food Truck events, hone your craft in Serve Streak Challenges and more! With new events and challenges added every week, there is always a reason to stop into Bikini Bottom and get cooking! FREE-TO-PLAY: Please Note: This SpongeBob cooking game is a free to play game that includes optional in-app purchases. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Great game but the GLITCHES and DIAMONDS
Chanmurray on 2020-06-05
I’m having a lot of fun with the game but the glitches are ridiculous. There have been dozens of times, and I’m not even exaggerating, where I finish the level and I click to leave the level and it takes me back into the level except I can’t click anything, no customers are appearing, and I’m just watching my left over food burn on the grill. Just today I ran into another two different glitches where I get back to the home screen, click to play another level, and then my left over burgers from the last level are still on the screen, the drinks are still refilling, and customers are still coming, but I CAN’T CLICK ANYTHING. Usually when I come across these bugs I just exit the app and open it again, but this time when I did that, I went into another level and I couldn’t click anything from the get-go. The game is great but every time I run into the latter two of the glitches I’m wasting my lives. I find it really annoying that not only do I have to keep exiting the game to get it to work right, if the level messes up I have to lose my lives to a mistake that is not mine. The life refill is way too long to have this happen. My second complaint is the diamonds. The fact that you need money AND diamonds to buy things is ridiculous seeing as how you only get diamonds from achievements, chests by completing the storyline, and upgrading your kitchen. The fact that you only get ONE diamond per achievement is dumb seeing as how the diamonds aren’t some secondary currency but a main one. The diamonds that you get from the storyline and upgrading your kitchen would be fine if you got more diamonds from the achievements. You’re always struggling to get diamonds no matter what you do. At least let the achievements give you 5 diamonds, scale up the amount of diamonds along with the difficulty of the achievement, or both. There definitely needs to be more leeway with diamonds. Other than those two things, I really enjoy this game and for the most part my love for it outweighs the negatives. I hope that it will improve within these two regards.
Great12356793 on 2020-06-05
First off, this game alone earns a good amount of brownie points. I love spongebob, and I absolutely love fast paced cooking games like this. I’ve been addicted to this game. However, there is a couple major issues. Glitches. Sometimes the game doesn’t leave the level you are in, and you’re left there, and you need to reset the app. That’s not the biggest problem, but the app also has a major issue with currency. Gems are such an important part of upgrading your items and obtaining items for your restaurant, but they seem to be VERY hard to get. An achievement gives you 1, a video gives you 1, and your challenges and events don’t even give you any! I’ve played the pancake stand over 100 levels and nothing. I can’t upgrade anything, I can’t get any gems from anything as I’ve already completed basically all the achievements that I could, or all the leagues. I can’t progress further. Either the gem cost to upgrade things is much lower or even possibly gone, or the gems need to be MUCH easier to earn. Maybe add 1 or 2 per level. That’ll keep us satisfied and much happier.
good, but a couple of issues
ThatKatLova on 2020-06-05
this is by far one of my favorite games right now, and i’m obsessed! except, -sometimes when i watch ads to fast forward time for delivery, it doesn’t fast forward the time at all -after i finish a level sometimes it will put me back in the level and won’t let me tap the pause button, so i’ll have to reload the game -i can never get enough gems. please put more options to get more gems, and i constantly play the game for more achievements and i only get one gem, which isn’t enough at all. ya girl is broke and can’t spend any money on a spongebob game, so please put more options to get more gems! -make everything cost less gems, i spend thousands of coins for interior to get the chests, which only give me like 10 gems and then i can only buy one upgrade for the kitchen, and it’s really really annoying. if those suggestions are taken into consideration i will definitely change my review into a more positive one!! thank you :)
Glitchy but fun
The-Real-Inu-Girl on 2020-06-05
The game is very fun with its typical cooking game with a nostalgic 90s Spongebob twist. The most annoying glitches or bugs or what have you are that sometimes when a level is over and passed sometimes the screen will go back to whatever I was cooking. I’m still able to cook even though there are como customers and I can’t cause the game to leave it. I have to leave the app. Another thing is that, take for instance the pancake stand. I’m well past the story for that and just playing to get a high smile score and make money for upgrades. Well sometimes my smiles don’t go to the overall score. I’m not sure if it’s not just not showing the added total or if it isn’t being accounted for at all. It does concern me a bit cause I want my score higher lol. Overall a fun game. Spongebob’s look does kinda freak me out a bit. Idk what it is. But he looks kinda awkward, his outline maybe? Ot sure.
I don't have gems, Mr. Krabs
Sw€€t on 2020-06-05
This game is at a good start. I do like it a lot and would love to continue playing. However: - you need coins AND gems for upgrades. This makes it practically impossible to progress in the game, since there's not many options to obtain gems. Even when you do get a gem, it's only one. I'd say either provide more ways to obtain gems and make the rewards for achievements higher or take them out of the price to upgrade items altogether. - the game does glitch. I've experienced this typically at the end of a round. - sometimes I'll watch an ad to lower the time for an item to upgrade but the time doesn't lower at all. The biggest issue is the gem thing. I personally don't see the purpose in playing if I can't progress and I'm sure other players feel the same.
Pretty good game overall! Some stuff to say to their people. on 2020-06-05
Okay so, this game is awesome! It’s really combines together with the show and game! Now, about the gems, honestly I have no trouble with them. It’s probably because I save my gems instead of spending them like ham unlike of (some) people. And I know I just talked about gems not being a problem, but can you just put gems on the last upgrade? For example: In the Krusty Krab, my first upgrade on the grill is just coins, but the last one is gems. You get what I mean. Now, I don’t know if this is a bug or not but when you finish a level, it will just pause for a moment and continue. I think you should fix that to make the gameplay more smoother. And sometimes, the screen even freezes! Other than those two complains, it’s a good game! Have a nice day.
MANY failures!! No Support!
Jazk-Potter on 2020-06-05
First of all, there is NO way to get in contact with someone for help or support. I tried on the app and NO ONE has replied to my message for over a week. So I came here to find support and guess what? Nothing!! That’s just horrible. Second of all, it is very hard to get upgrades without spending a lot of our real hard earned money. And you barely get anything for your money, not worthwhile enough, and on top of that, whenever you win any big event, the prizes aren’t even worth it either. Especially not for all the boosters you spend and gems. Third. I have completed one of the levels and it is not unlocking the next stage, I don’t know why. So I am now stuck in one area. Just great. A lot needs to be fixed, adjusted and taken care of.
Overall a great game!
All usernames are taken01 on 2020-06-05
I really like this game. The whole objective is really playing for gems. When you get to the Krusty Krab, it does get more difficult and gems are more scarce. However, I didn’t start upgrading my equipment until I was over 50% finished with the krusty krab and I was able to get through the levels. This is a great time waster, and as an adult I could play for hours. I love that there is rarely any ads unless you want to try to speed up equipment times or get an extra life. My only con is that there is only 5 lives, and when you get towards the end of the Krusty krab level, it will take you multiple attempts on some levels. Overall, it’s a great game.
Fun at first but glitchy
Squid91 on 2020-06-05
A great time waster! However I think it’s silly that you need both gems and coins to upgrade things. At first the game gives you enough gems to where it seems like it won’t matter, but after time it’s very clear the only way to progress is to spend your real hard earned moolah. There are also a whole bunch of glitches. Especially when it comes to ads. You have the option to watch long ads to speed things up but more often once you are done watching those ads the timer hasn’t changed. I feel like I’ve watched about 15 minutes of ads when there was a promise of a benefit that was never delivered. Nonetheless it’s still a pretty fun game.
Too many ads!!!
vivstarr on 2020-06-05
This was a great game at first, but the recent update brought way too many ads that it makes the game a lot less enjoyable than before. Also there seems to be a glitch with the ads to speed up upgrades. I’d watch the ad and it wouldn’t speed up my upgrade at all. This problem has occurred on multiple occasion. This is an amazing game, please reconsider the amount of ads we have to watch. The old system where we only watch ads to earn a life, speed up upgrades, etc was a lot more fun than this new update.

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