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May, 2021


May, 2021



Are you ready, kids? Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy and show the evil Plankton that crime pays even less than Mr. Krabs. Want to save Bikini Bottom from lots of rampant robots with your mighty bubbles? Of course, you do! Want to underpants bungee jump? Why wouldn't you! The battle is on! Features: - Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy and use their unique sets of skills - Thwart Plankton's evil plan to rule Bikini Bottom with his army of wacky robots - Meet countless characters from the beloved series - Faithful remake of one of the best SpongeBob games ever created - High-end visuals, modern resolutions, and carefully polished gameplay - Game Center support - Full controller support Thank you for playing SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom! Get in touch with HandyGamesTM: Join us on Facebook: HandyGames Subscribe to our YouTube channel: HandyGames Check news on Twitter: @handy_games Follow us on Instagram: handygames Imprint: © GmbH

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Weird Save Problem
twosix910 on 2021-06-13
First off, the game plays well and is a great port. I remember playing this game as a kid and love it as much now as o did then. However I am having a save issue after getting about 2 hours in the game. I saved and when I went back 30 mins later the save says I have 40 golden spatulas and 55 socks. The save also won’t load. Not sure what happens but help would be appreciated. I don’t wanna invest anymore time and it happen again. Is this a known issue?
Absolutely Amazing!!
Geovaunie on 2021-06-13
Definitely my top list of supported iPad games! The controls and graphics are smooth. It is truly the best experience I’ve ever seen for the Spongebob series of games. Who would of thought it would run and be better than the console or pc variants!?!
Sandy Glitch
Thaghostewatcher on 2021-06-13
if you grab a ledge while lasso-flying with sandy, she will constantly have her lasso moving afterwards and if you jump you will continually float upwards forcing you to restart
So this isn’t controller compatible???
vsboiii on 2021-06-13
I bought this game thinking I could use my controller that works on my other compatible games. There’s no instructions, no adjustments, and it just won’t connect????
Yes. Much fun indeed.
Cisco6754321 on 2021-06-13
It’s battle for bikini bottom, but on your phone. It’s a great game if you like spongebob.
This game is THE best
Robot1236 on 2021-06-13
I love it it’s so

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