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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



SportsSignUp Play is a leading team and league management system, providing schedules, calendars, communications, rosters and more to busy coaches and youth sports families in an easy-to-use app. SportsSignUp Play is free and can be used with any team or club! Best-in-class features: - Scheduling, calendars, and changes in real time - Communications and updates on the fly - Rosters, player info, video and photo highlights - Simple, easy, and fun to use! Why will you love SportsSignUp Play? - SSU Play is 100% free for ALL our features and functionality - The Feed allows teammates to post comments, highlights, videos, photos and more - Family Schedules: track games, practices, and events across all your kids’ sports and teams in one place - Interactive Player Cards make your players the hero – rosters, athlete info, attendance tracking for coaches, and tagged photos/videos - Live game and score updates – share scores, stories, photos, video and more, right in the app! SportsSignUp Play is built for all sports – baseball, softball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey… or whatever team you are part of! Start simplifying your sports life and sign up your team today! PRIVACY POLICY: DO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION:

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No Technicial Support for bugs
CMRoth on 2020-02-21
This app is terrible. Has serious bugs and no support. I do not recommend. I coach 2 lacrosse teams. I have used the SI Play app the past couple of seasons to communicate with my teams and was pleased with it. I had to update to the new SportsSignup Play (SSU) app this season. When I login to the app it takes me directly to my teams. I can navigate the schedule, roster, etc. however the app shows me as not being active. I’m clearly logged in and listed as the coach. However the SSU app doesn’t recognize me or let me use any of the communication tools. I submitted multiple request through the app for assistance and the only response I get is to “contact my league administrator.” I’ve contacted my league administrator. The league cannot help because I am clearly listed as the coach in the app for both teams. There is obviously a bug in the app. I have also emailed and called the SSU help line and left a message but have not received any support.
Knicknames taken too on 2020-02-21
After using the League Athletics app for so many years this one is truly a disappointment. It has none of the useful features the old one did and seems to constantly reset, making my teams disappear. Sometimes I can add them back easily, other times I just get told that no other leagues are available. Oftentimes updates to our website do not come through so it cannot be counted on for up to date information. I dread the upcoming lacrosse season as I used to handle all team management duties on my phone and I just don’t see that happening successfully. with this sub par app.
If you’d like to waste hours of your life
_myaction_ on 2020-02-21
This app is a complete waste of time. The signup process is broken with no support from the developer. The family invitation process is broken with no support from the developer. The account activation process is broken with no support from the developer....hopefully you see the trend and don’t waste your time. If you expect to communicate using this app, you would have more luck attaching a message to a balloon and hoping it floats towards the right person.
You had one job
drpepdds on 2020-02-21
I have been added to a named team that looks like it’s registered with the app, only I can’t find this team. In the app there were messages running for awhile and the coach would post game/practice times, and now those messages have all disappeared, so in terms of knowing which team I’m on and when and where practices/games are, this app is failing completely. Lacking all logistical team help, what else would I use this app for?
Stupid Nickname 12345 on 2020-02-21
This app is the biggest piece of junk I have ever tried to use. Three times over the years now I have tried to load my kids teams and can’t figure it out. There are no instructions on how to do it. Hey app developers why in the world can’t you just have a simple add button like most other apps. WOW I can not believe how worthless this thing is. It’s 2020. It should not be this hard.
Doesn’t work
KelMarie on 2020-02-21
Can not get the app to load properly on my players phone. There are also parents who can not get the app to load properly ont heir phones. Why does this app not work and load properly for everyone? App gets stuck on “we’ve found your team” screen and there is no team/s showing up to proceed to next login screen. HELP!! One star until fixed.
Clunky & Sparse
Nittany.Alum on 2020-02-21
Low level of utility, common communication actions take multiple steps and are not intuitive. In addition, opting out of having all you info sold requires a Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch level process, and they ignore it and sell your info anyway. Coaches, just text or email your teams, it will make everyone happier including you.
i hate this app
karen:((((( on 2020-02-21
stupid schedule never shows up. very disappointed. what’s the point! i missed three games already and coach kicked me off the team! my friends hate me. and i eat by myself at lunch. this is all your fault!! i gained 20 pounds because i can’t exercise because this stupid app got me kicked off the team
I just don’t get it
Cobrindo on 2020-02-21
We use teamsnap for other sports. This one tries to focus on things that don’t matter...player card? Wth is that? U can’t even message one person directly, can’t edit, it’s just awful. Teamsnap is the best one. Can’t believe we’re forced to use this by coach
Can’t see anything
kponderr on 2020-02-21
I’ve used this app since my son started playing baseball just recently I’m having issues and i cant see any teams at all !!! And i cant fix it on my own I’ve tried getting help fixing and not having any luck !!! Fix this pleaseeeee

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