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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



With the Spotify music and podcast app, you can play millions of songs, albums and original podcasts for free. Stream music and podcasts, discover albums, playlists or even single songs for free on your mobile or tablet. Subscribe to Spotify Premium to download and listen offline wherever you are. WHY SPOTIFY FOR MUSIC AND PODCASTS? • Discover new music, albums, playlists and original podcasts. • Search for your favorite song or artist by typing a lyric • Enjoy amazing sound quality on music and podcasts across all devices. • Create and share your own music playlists to suit your mood or discover other playlists you might like. • Listen to daily music mixes made just for you. • Explore top songs from different genres, countries or decades. • Sing along to each song with our lyrics feature. • Play music from your favorite Netflix shows • Subscribe to your favourite podcasts so that you never miss an episode, then curate your very own podcast library. • Bookmark individual podcasts into Playlists • Listen to music and podcasts on your mobile, tablet, desktop, PlayStation, Chromecast, TV or wearable device. Listen to popular and exclusive podcasts like; • The Joe Rogan Experience • Modern Wisdom • 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer • Call Her Daddy and Crime Junkie Search, discover and play music and podcasts from all over the world for free, anywhere, anytime or create your own music playlists with the latest songs to suit your mood. Listen and discover the latest music from artists like; • Bad Bunny • Billie Eilish • Renzo Pianciola • The Temper Trap • Harry Styles Listen to your favorite music artists all day every day via the Popular Radio playlist feature. Here are just some of the artists we’ve already curated; • Taylor Swift • Drake • Eminem • Coldplay • Paolo Nutini • Fleetwood Mac Listen to over 40 category genres - New Releases, Charts, Live Events, Made for You, At Home, Only You, Summer, Pop, Workout, Hip-Hop, Mood, Party, Pride, Dance/Electronic, Alternative, Indie, Equal, Wellness, Rock, Frequency, R&B, Disney,, Throwback, Radar, Chill, Sleep, In the car, Kids & Family, Caribbean, Classical, Romance, Jazz, Instrumental, Afro, Christian and Gospel and Country. WHY GO PREMIUM? • Listen to albums, playlists and podcasts without ad breaks. • Download and listen to music and podcasts offline, wherever you are. • Jump back in and listen to your top songs with on-demand playback. • Choose from 4 subscription options – Individual, Duo, Family, Student. There’s no commitment and you can cancel any time LOVE SPOTIFY? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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Title above album art :((
ElectricMango on 2023-02-09
Please but the song title under the album art, the way it used to be. Right now you have to dash your eyes up and down and up and down to read the title, then skip, or like. it’s currently super awkward shoved up in the top, with an odd amount of space below it :(( The currently playing playlist / album shoved in the very bottom corner is very very awkward and only shows a tiny part of the name. The only layout with it at the very very top centered was much better. Now you have to dark your eyes up, down, middle, bottle to know what is going on, which makes it an anxiety inducing confusing experience. The “+” to add songs feature I think is nice. The only issue is with song radio stations. The order of like and dislike switches, resulting in accidentally clicking dislike on the right side of the screen after being accustomed to click there to like and add songs. Please give an option to premium members not to get full screen pop up recommendations randomly, or podcast recommendations. They feel like gross ads, and I paid to be ads free. Maybe small announcements in the home menu make sense, but not large full screen pop ups. Luckily they seem to be getting less frequent This app is phenomenal, but these recent design decisions are really ruining how good it is. The longer titles also now auto scroll to show the whole title name super fast, so there is more time scrolling + at the end of the song, then the beginning of the song if that makes sense. So you have to wait for 4 seconds before you can read the start of the title name
The unnecessary updates.
LillyLittlesgirl on 2023-02-09
I use the app all the time, literally on all devices, but it’s getting really annoying to use on phones. Especially the new update where you can’t go to the playlist from the song you’re listening to. Please, if y’all are going to make a ‘new and improved’ app, at least let us have the choice to have certain updates. And this new one, it’s just, annoying. It’s so annoying not being able to just easily go to the song I’m listening to and go to that playlist, instead there’s just the song name instead of the playlist. Put the idiotic ideas away and just please stop with the annoying phone updates. Phone users already don’t have the option of being able to choose songs from their own playlists created or found, not being able to listen to each song by song without it mixing, not having the mix option, and not even the repeat option. Add the ads all y’all want, but stop with the idiotic and annoying updates and maybe consider letting us have choice in what song to listen to if y’all are going to smack us with these unnecessary updates.
spotify radio
elleaux on 2023-02-09
don’t like how they changed spotify radio. After listening to a new album or song i loved how it used to play similar songs after but now it just gives recommendations based on overall listening habits :/ i like to listen to several genres depending on my mood. radio was great when i wanted to discover new music within a genre but the new update just plays my most frequent genre i listen to instead of the style of song i just listened to. It also keeps recommending me songs and artists i press dislike button on now when it didn’t in the past. I’ve use spotify for years and never had any issues with it till now. I favored this music service because of the great algorithms and playlisting for discovering new music but this recent update is upsetting.
Nice app; Minor gripe
Mr. beanz on 2023-02-09
Overall, the app experience is great. The interface feels responsive, search is useful, and love the (occasionally incorrect) built-in lyrics (not Spotify’s fault). My gripe is with the playback slider on the player screen. It seems like the touch target for the slider has become smaller/more difficult to actually grab on the first try. Trying to grab the small dial on the slider wouldn’t be such a pain if we could just use the entire length of the slider for scrubbing—akin to the relatively recent addition in iOS for volume and playback in the Control Center.
best music app ever!!!
unicorn pickle nuggets on 2023-02-09
i think that this is the greatest music app (my opinion) ! also, Im not sure if spotify reads the reviews, but i have a suggestion- you should be able to select songs, like selecting photos in your camera roll. why ? because you can go through artists, your playlists/other people’s playlists and you can select a bunch of songs at the same time to remove them or add them to another playlist. i think it would be a lot better instead of doing one song at a time. it would be a lot easier !
Always crashes
Guitar7766 on 2023-02-09
I came to Spotify because Joe Rogan moved here exclusively. The app worked ok for a while, but has crashed on and off for two years on an iPhone! The world’s most popular phone. I can’t listen to one full episode without it randomly closing or jumping to a different episode while I’m in the middle of an episode. There should be an audio only version of podcast as well as audio/video. Add some buttons. Spotify has been infuriating on an iPhone 8 and iPhone XS.
Another dark day of checklisting songs
10837463626515255362719 on 2023-02-09
I just lost two songs I liked very much because I was trying to add them to my liked songs in addition to my playlist. The new checklist feature is so disorienting. Currently reminiscing the days when creating a playlist wasn’t another comprehensive task in my daily mundane routine. And dreaming about my little green heart button. How does it feel meat riding apple with every update? I’m switching over because at this point you guys have no distinction.
Good but needs improvements
kellen123mandellover on 2023-02-09
I love Spotify sm but sometimes the ads is to much. Every time I listen to a song a new add comes up after everyone one which is extremely annoying. I know they have sponsors and stuff but maybe once every 4-6 songs would be time for ads. Also I hate when they start adding songs to my playlist. I k ow they are trying to give me recommendations but I don’t like that I don’t have a choice to say no recommendations. Please fix this when you can Spotify.
YouTube is better
Taylor Cr on 2023-02-09
They’ll start by not playing any ads. Then they play over a minute of ads after just two songs. With YouTube you’ll hit ads between every song but it will never be for more than thirty seconds. It’s important to note that they will replay ads over again if they don’t have something else lined up. Over advertising is actually a bad practice. I wouldn’t even advertise here.
So many bugs that never get fixed
turbotax is a scam on 2023-02-09
I’ve never seen an app so successful run so poorly. There are major bugs that plague this app and at times make it literally unusable. For the last hour I’ve been trying to watch a podcast and every time my phone shifts from side view to vertical, the whole app crashes and when I reopen and it finally reloads, my place in the podcast is lost.

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