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Square Appointments is an all-in-one solution for booking and scheduling appointments, sending reminders and accepting payments. It has everything you need to run your business from anywhere: online booking that’s easy for you and your customers, a point of sale that tracks customer details, and a secure, fast payments system. It’s all in one place, and for one calendar, it’s free. Get 24/7 online booking, automatic appointment reminders, seamless payment processing, and no-show protection with Square Appointments for iPhone, iPad, and desktop. ► FREE FOR INDIVIDUALS Just pay for processing. If you need more calendars for additional staff, get started with a 30-day free trial. ► LET CLIENTS BOOK 24/7 No website? No problem—Square Appointments includes a pre-built booking site, so your customers can book anytime, from anywhere. Easily manage and accept bookings from your iPhone or iPad. ► CHECK OUT CLIENTS SEAMLESSLY Accept payments, sell products, or send invoices easily, all from one app. Let customers have Square save their card on file for even faster checkout. ► REDUCE NO-SHOWS Set up automated appointment reminders, request prepayment or charge a cancellation fee for online booking. ► MANAGE AN ENTIRE TEAM EASILY Manage your whole team’s calendars, set their access and permissions, and see individual sales and appointment reports all from one place. ► GET TO KNOW YOUR CLIENTS Keep notes on all your clients so you can keep track of their preferences, appointment and sales history. This is more than just a calendar. Square Appointments is powerful appointment scheduling, a point of sale, and payment processing—all in one place.

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Missing a few things. Please fix.
theron.wallace on 2020-07-11
First, for a partially free app, it does the job yet is missing a few things. 1- CANCELLED... the cancellation does not work properly. The space remains occupied or it totally denies my customers from canceling or rescheduling. 2- BOOKING PAGE... the booking page does not allow any changes. Such as, for COVID 19, the business was closed but there was no way to write, “We’re currently closed for quarantine and will reopen as it lifts by order of gov’t”. I had to call each person that booked and repeat the same line to them. 3- BULK TEXTS... if we can send a group message to all listed clients for sudden updates, that would be amazing. 4- CO-WORKERS... my coworkers have this app too. But , how can I add my link to their booking page and vice versa in case of vacations or sickness strikes? 5- MULTIPLE FAMILY MEMBERS... I have clients that come 3+ at a time. Please make a way for them to select multiple time slots or services in one booking. 6- 15 MINUTE INTERVALS... all services do not require 30 minutes or 1 full hour. But if some one books a 15 minute service. The other 15 minutes are unavailable to the public. Please fix all of the above. You have taken 100s of my dollars monthly for the last 6 years, it’s time to see my money working harder!!! Please contact me in regard to these tasks.
PJZD on 2020-07-11
I REALLY want to like this app. Up until a couple days ago I was using Gloss Genius, but I would like a few more options for the price. I thought Square was my answer. Everything was all good until I added “modifiers.” At first, I LOVED them! Until they weren’t there to love anymore! About 24 hours after I added them, they were either not visible to the customer, not visible to me, or (my favorite part ) gone completely! If I view Square Appointments from my laptop, I can see all the modifiers, but still can’t use them. They seem to only disappear from my cell phone app. Customer service isn’t as available as I would like it to be. Call me old fashioned but if I click contact support and a text box comes up, I like to speak/text with a human, not an automated system that can’t answer my questions but is pretty efficient in giving me the runaround.‍♀️ If I could get this problem fixed (which by the way didn’t start happening until after they did an update today ) I wouldn’t be reconsidering going back to Gloss Genius. Only other super small downside, it doesn’t allow you to upload your own contracts. But you can upload a file to your clients existing profile which I think is pretty awesome.
Dates and Time is not working properly
321 Hypnosis and Massage on 2020-07-11
The app changes the time. I entered 11 am and it changed it to 12 am and my client just sent me a text stating it says 12 am. I also have attempted to do 30 minute appointments and it’s been changing it to whatever minutes it wants. So if I want 11:30 it changes it to 11:21 and it’s a challenge to bring it to 11:30 am. And that’s if after several tries changing it to 11:30 am and not pm as well. Because it does that too. Keeps it on pm or am even though you want the opposite. If you are not super careful it changes it to whatever day, time it wants even after I have clicked on the calendar to that specific day. I like all the other features and I did have an issue from the get go on it switching the date on me when I specifically clicked on the calendar for that date however it is pretty easy beyond all the above mentioned issues. The customer Service and marketing people are super nice and very helpful. I just wanted to report this issue because when a client texts me and states her appointment is incorrect it makes me look bad. When I know I try to fix issues on the time all the time. It never just works even once. I have to constantly fix it.
Great app for mental health providers.
Anglcsw on 2020-07-11
It’s a great app and makes my life so much easier! However, if a couple things could be added, it would be even better. First, I’d like to be able to alter my work schedule on the app. Second, I would like to make “office” appointments and “virtual” appointments. COVID-19 has created so much telehealth movement in mental health. Having this feature would be so helpful. Ideally, I would like to lock my appointments as virtual or office and have appointments where the client can choose virtual or office. This would be a great feature! Lastly, I’d like to be able to set my calendar with details like every other Saturday, etc. Rather than having to set the off week as unavailable.
Great calendar!
SLB4U on 2020-07-11
I have used different appointment calendar apps and paid $100.00 for the last one. It needed updates which its not doing and cant’ get a hold of the developers, I had to switch to another scheduler. Square appointment calendar does pretty much everything my last one did, probably better. I like the appointment reminders and confirmations. I’m not using the on line appointments as of now, but glad it gives that option. I haven’t used it long but so far I’m liking it and getting used to using it. Thank you Square
Perfect match
Madmaxx68 on 2020-07-11
I was using a website that allowed me to setup text reminders for my clients. It was perfect and all I needed. They were bought out by a bigger company that wanted to charge 4 times what I was paying just to get access to the reminders. Forget that. After much looking I found square appointments and it does exactly what I need and also lets me do my billing through it. I am the owner and I am a one man shop and this app is exactly what I needed to keep my clients informed and my business running smoothly.
Love the app but can use some improvements
Bel_air0710 on 2020-07-11
First I want to say I live using this app for managing my appointments. I only have a few issues... 1. The time bar is always off unless you close the app and reopen it. 2. You are unable to send a mass text or email to all your client or a large group at 1 time. I’m the event of last minute closures I want to be able to send a message to everyone at one time. 3. Doesn’t allow for double booking. Other than that I wouldn’t recommend any other app for appointments tracking and managing.
Name change
Barber_Joe75 on 2020-07-11
Not being able to change your name without reregistering is crazy. When creating my account somehow the “p” in Joseph didn’t get keyed in. Didn’t catch it until I started booking appointments. Tried to find how to edit this under settings. After not being able to find out how, a google search informed me that wasn’t an option?!?! How do recently married women change their names? This needs fixed.
Love it, but...
JayWicks23 on 2020-07-11
Yall messed up the d*** app from the update that y’all just did on the July 1st, 2020. I cannot go to my calendar and accept pending appointments on the APP like I always do. If you’re going to update something don’t take the important stuff off of it. FIX IT ASAP. Making me have to log in via the web browser to accept my appointments. NOT GOING TO WORK FOR ME.
Long time user
RBFrench on 2020-07-11
I have been using this app for a long time! Until recently, it’s been perfect! Now the dial to book an appointment time resets to the nearest full hour once I get it to the desired time. Sometimes this happens multiple times before I can book an appointment. If this weren’t an issues, it would be an almost perfect app. Please fix this issue!!!

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