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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



The squid game, we are online! Press and hold the screen move or click the screen move, There are some changes in the operation, explore it!

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Not Recommended.
jdhtbriidbrbtkiv on 2021-10-23
I rated it a 5 star so my review would be seen, but in reality i rate it a 1 star. First off, the title of this game is a lie considering there is no red light green light in the beginning, it just skips to the honeycomb. Second, it’s extremely laggy, especially during the glass tile part. Third, the game is too hard to beat, making it stress filled. I thought it was going to be fun but no, the marble game is extremely hard to pass because the bot always seems to get it right but the player gets it wrong, and the glass tile game is hard to beat because you have to remember all of the little green squares and go in that exact pattern. I do not recommend this app to people who are competitive, have anger issues, are inpatient, and people who don’t like being lied to. I’m really disappointed with this game and I was really hoping that it would live up to its expectations, but it didn’t.
MacKenzie L Murphy on 2021-10-23
I have confirmed that this game is one of the worst games to download. I had got this game because I searched up “Squid Game” and wanted to play the games. When I had downloaded this one is was fun, but REALLY laggy. It had no equality and the way it was made was the worst. But when I started playing the game again, it made me shocked. IT WAS A WHOLE DIFFERENT GAME. The game had no activity of Squid Game at all! It was just like an old regular game and just completely changed. I recommend NOT DOWNLOADING THIS. It just a waste your your time.
Worst update
samiyahhhjdus on 2021-10-23
This game gets 1 star they updated the game and now it’s just 2 game to play. The first game is collecting little people to fight the big person. After that you have to watch a ad to play the next game which is like you have to make yourself jump until you make it to the end. Then when you win have to fight the person sitting on the couch and then after that you have to watch another ad after the ad you just play the first game that you already played and it’s only two games to play this update is the worst and so is the game.
Hurleylover26 on 2021-10-23
I started playing this game thinking it would be a great game to pass time. Well I was wrong. I got through the first two levels easily (tug of war and the cookie game) but the third game which is the glass/marble game you can’t win. I have played it four times and the robot only got the wrong answer twice out of the whole game. Meaning that you can’t really win the game. Unless I'm dumb and there is a way to win please tell me but if not please make it so you have a better chance at winning the game.
Mr.cdp on 2021-10-23
Ok I found squid game on Netflix then went to Roblox then, the Appstore. This was the first thing to pop up. Then at first it’s a pretty cool besides their is no red light green light and just skips to the honeycomb. Then you get to the glass level and that’s when everything changes. My game got laggy there were a million glasses you needed to step on and I spent a whole HOUR trying to past it. But what bothered me most was the lag. Better off if you play squid game on Roblox.
don’t get
ehehdhuewhwjiwgs on 2021-10-23
so it was good the first time but it was like way to easy for the honey com. next was the tug of war. it wa sooooooooooo hard. i broke my fingers tapping and i was taping so hard but the dumb people were not even moving and just let them selfs get pulled off. i’m not sure what the heck that little thing at the side was. it was very weird. the green just went up and down lie, crazy and i wasn’t sure what i meant. it’s also i rage game DONT GET IT.
never download
That botch on 2021-10-23
i downloaded this game because i thought it would be fun and exiting. But no i was wrong i love the squid games truly but not this game. its laggy and on the marbles it changes there answer or give them another chance. the glass game is to much i will i remember that when u give us 3 seconds to. this game is horrible worst game i’ve ever downloaded i will never play again
Maybe some changes!
Trippywonderboy on 2021-10-23
I like the concept of making a Netflix show a game and is actually really interesting! But there is one thing i hate, every time I go and play in tug of war I always die because you have to spam a lot. Now hear me out but I’m a great spammer and I legit had to click it over and over for like a minute and died. I just think you should make it a little more easier!
Super boring
Belly35 on 2021-10-23
Ever since this game updated there are literally no games! The only games that are on there are games that arent even in the show. I downloaded this as a joke and its literally probably the worst mobile game. Your title says "all challenges" but the games arent in there at all! You shouldn't have updated this game or even made it at all.
This game is just bad
kyxouc on 2021-10-23
When I saw this first day it had like 5 star rating and now like I don't even think it deserves 5 4 3 or 2 it needs a bad review and 1 star only and that's all NUMBRR 1:This game just to say it IT IS NOT iN ORDER! Number 2:it just kicks me out of the game for some reason Number 3:it just all the bad stuff that's all: )

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