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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



.Swipe your finger to dash your hero across the screen and through the mazes. .Stack up the logs higher and higher to access superior places. .Observe the maze before swiping to avoid dashing towards the void !

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kitty cat sass on 2021-04-23
This game has lots for ads and not only that it’s actually harder to lose than actually to win it’s very easy to complete this round and give you skins that I don’t even like in most people are not going to like them I don’t really recommend you getting this game if you wanted to if you wanted to get it you could buy it I don’t really recommend anybody younger than eighth grade I mean anybody higher than eighth grade to really get it it’s going to get really boring this game has lotta bad and not only that it’s actually harder to lose didn’t actually win it gives your skins that you don’t even like you have to work hard to get the skin like you have to play like a lots of rounds and I don’t really recommend anybody higher than eighth grade to get it it’s going to probably be very boringI didn’t have time to edit this and plus I’m too lazy to but this game is not the best
Very good game but could be better
MysteryGamer/Girl on 2021-04-23
Hello, I am sending this review to tell you guys that this game is AWESOME but every time I finish a level, there would be a 30 second add but I can skip some of them or fast forward but I recommend someone fixing the add problems but anyways this game is the BEST. It is highly complicated when the levels get higher and I LOVE it Even though there is a lot of adds this game is the best so far that I downloaded so I love it for the first few times. I downloaded this app because there were a few adds that showed this game and I thought that I could give it a go and when I downloaded it I found out that it was the best just like the adds said. Now last time, I LOVE THIS GAME BUT THE ADDS COULD HE A PROBLEM ❤️
Extreme disdain
Michael 4848 on 2021-04-23
I despise the ads that I see for this game with my entire being. They plague my life. Every app I open has the same stupid ad for this game, where the player intentionally never collects all of the tiles, and I have seen them so many times that I am now permanently emotionally scarred. So in return, I downloaded their stupidly easy game and immediately turned airplane mode on before I opened it so they would receive zero ad revenue from me, beat the first 6 levels perfectly with ease, and then promptly deleted the game from my phone. Did I mention I hate the ads for this game?
I don’t really like this game but I still like to play it
mcCallleigh on 2021-04-23
Can you make this game like harder it’s too easy for me and I want to move up the ladder level and I want to get 1000 40,000 million to get a new body and get all the bodies I want and I want you to make it funner so I’ll give this game a five star rating and thank you for letting me get it and thank you for making all of the games free and I just love this game so much but I want you to make it easy that is why I made you this letter From:MCCALL LEIGH MANLEY
It’s okay..
Fernanda_V08 on 2021-04-23
I won’t lie, it is a fun and addictive game except for the fact there are ad’s after each round... I understand businesses have to make money but there are just SO MANY ADS and not all of us can afford to buy no ad memberships but like they could’ve at least cut some slack for people, it’s a really enjoyable game if you don’t mind seeing ads every round, but they are skip-able.. Sometimes.
Good but too much ads
om vwe vwe om vwe vwe sauce on 2021-04-23
When I would complete it will tell me do I want watch a ad for 200 coins instead of 59 coins I said no and I just wanted the 59 and when I would press continue if we don’t want to watch the add and where still yet getting it then there’s no point on having us continue you if there’s going to be an add so please fix that I love these types of games but just fix the ads pls
Ads, ads, and ads!
Yajnesh on 2021-04-23
The reason I give this a four star is because there are ads! Not a little, a lot! Like literally after every short level there’s a really long ad! It would be better if there was an ad every 10 levels. But the game itself is actually pretty fun. Hint; try to get all the blocks. If you don’t then it’s a tough ride. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day/nice night!
Boring but fun too many adds
lolipoppppppa on 2021-04-23
I love the game but the adds!!! Grrrrr! The adds are like after every single round and yet people hello do you not understand that it says on the game title NO ADDS AND THERE ARE FRIKIN ADDS MAN LIKE I- COULD SCREAMMMM! If you are planning to get this game because it says it has no adds but it does so your welcome people
Too Many Ads
HollyJae1 on 2021-04-23
Seemed like it would be a fun game. Started playing and was over it VERY quickly. I probably would have played longer if there wasn’t an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL! I get that it’s a free app and ads are a given. But having one after every level completely ruined the game.
To many ads
0012- on 2021-04-23
I played about 15 levels before I deleted the app. After every level they would play the same add over and over again. And also let me just say. The ads for this game are so stupid and annoying. If you actually want people to play this don’t give them more ads than levels.

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