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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



.Swipe your finger to dash your hero across the screen and through the mazes. .Stack up the logs higher and higher to access superior places. .Observe the maze before swiping to avoid dashing towards the void !

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Extreme disdain
Michael 4848 on 2021-04-17
I despise the ads that I see for this game with my entire being. They plague my life. Every app I open has the same stupid ad for this game, where the player intentionally never collects all of the tiles, and I have seen them so many times that I am now permanently emotionally scarred. So in return, I downloaded their stupidly easy game and immediately turned airplane mode on before I opened it so they would receive zero ad revenue from me, beat the first 6 levels perfectly with ease, and then promptly deleted the game from my phone. Did I mention I hate the ads for this game?
I don’t really like this game but I still like to play it
mcCallleigh on 2021-04-17
Can you make this game like harder it’s too easy for me and I want to move up the ladder level and I want to get 1000 40,000 million to get a new body and get all the bodies I want and I want you to make it funner so I’ll give this game a five star rating and thank you for letting me get it and thank you for making all of the games free and I just love this game so much but I want you to make it easy that is why I made you this letter From:MCCALL LEIGH MANLEY
Boring and easy
Jeodjshenehd on 2021-04-17
Whoever they hire to play the games in the ads is a gorilla. Period. I could be a vegetable on a hospital bed and still beat this game. Levels are repetitive, game is too easy, and ads are the most annoying thing to watch in the world. If you want to spend half your time watching another ad, of another gorilla playing another stupid game like this, then this is your game. If you enjoy this game, you belong in a zoo.
it’s good..
poppy the english lab on 2021-04-17
so this game is really fun! I personally never ever wrote reviews but I wanted to for a change, I found this game on a road trip and downloaded it.I’ve loved ever since except there’s something that annoys me it’s when at the end you use the leftover titles to see how much u get. the annoying thing is if I make it to the end I get 73, but if I miss the end by ONE I get 53. :/
Ad rev game
Brett DeFazio on 2021-04-17
The levels are simplistic and from other comments the game doesn’t really develope into anything other than the same repetitive levels over and over again. It is a fun concept that they can expand on and make something out of but by putting an ad after each 10 second level leaves me with a game where nearly half my screen time I’m...well not playing a game and watching an ad.
Ads, ads, and ads!
Yajnesh on 2021-04-17
The reason I give this a four star is because there are ads! Not a little, a lot! Like literally after every short level there’s a really long ad! It would be better if there was an ad every 10 levels. But the game itself is actually pretty fun. Hint; try to get all the blocks. If you don’t then it’s a tough ride. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day/nice night!
Boring but fun too many adds
lolipoppppppa on 2021-04-17
I love the game but the adds!!! Grrrrr! The adds are like after every single round and yet people hello do you not understand that it says on the game title NO ADDS AND THERE ARE FRIKIN ADDS MAN LIKE I- COULD SCREAMMMM! If you are planning to get this game because it says it has no adds but it does so your welcome people
Good game
scooby on 2021-04-17
This game so good few glitches but this game is awesome u probably have the best game on play store there’s not a lot of ads which I like and also I won every time and got coins this game is ez to me and u don’t even have to change some of the bugs I love this
Best game every
Yt_icebox AKA the drip lord on 2021-04-17
I Love this game soooo much think god for makeing this happen I play this game every day.But i be so happy to play it so I will give this game a 5 star and it fill like to me it’s the game birthday so happy birthday love yall and the people that made it.
Toooooo easy
‍ Oops got her wig on 2021-04-17
It’s so boring . It not even hard just come on! This is the first time I had a bad review. If I could I would rate this game 0 stars. I hate this game pls don’t play this game. This is not worth getting pls trust me on this.

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