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2020, Jun 20
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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



.Swipe your finger to dash your hero across the screen and through the mazes. .Stack up the logs higher and higher to access superior places. .Observe the maze before swiping to avoid dashing towards the void !

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Waste of time
i hate ads was taken on 2021-01-19
The ads last longer than the actual gameplay, i remember when mobile games weren't plagued with ads, i haven't played a game on my phone in years and i thought this one looked satisfying so i tried it, and the levels last around 8 seconds, and you get Atleast a minute of ads in-between, it will ask you if you want to watch an ad for bonuses and you'll say no and then you'll get an ad anyway, all mobile games are anymore are just ads with a game as a bonus, you're better off just making people pay for a good game rather than wasting peoples time with a game that has potential but is ruined with the amount of ads
Ridiculous Amount of Ads
Aurea Sunshine on 2021-01-19
I completely understand that free games will have ads. That’s so normal to anyone who regularly downloads and plays free games; however, this was just ridiculous!! An ad after every single game played? Every level? Come on! Most games give a break where you play 2-3 rounds of whatever game and then they toss an add your way. Not these guys. They’re leaning in. Ads on the perimeter of the screen and a commercial every game? No thanks.
Ad farming game
Chris_martin1909 on 2021-01-19
Typical scummy ad farming game. Everytime you do anything you get an ad, making money off you. Complete a level ad, click play ad, want to retry ad, want the bonus chest ad, want to play the game ad. Games like this only make it to the top charts because they have so many ads that before you get to play the game you have to watch about 10 ads and they already made money off you. If I could give 0 stars I would.
Too many ads and too easy
klNikki on 2021-01-19
The game is fun but very repetitive and the levels are very short. You also get an ad every time you beat a level (as well as banner ads while you are playing the level) and with the levels being so short/easy it means you’re constantly looking at ads and waiting for them to finish! I initially downloaded it because an ad showed a complex level but it’s not real. I wouldn’t recommend this game.
ADS (the game)
bhirst on 2021-01-19
The game is stupidly easy and meant to be quickly done and you can’t fail so it’ll push ads every 10 seconds. That’s how easy the game is. Each level is completable in 10 seconds. Plus a “bonus stage” and “skins you “earn”” you also have to watch an ad for. This is a pathetic excuse for a game. It’s just meant to collect your data and get money from ads. Delete this game.
Counter Plays on 2021-01-19
I would have enjoyed this game, it's simple and passes the time, and has that nice sense of completion every time I complete a level. But there is LITERALLY an Ad every single level you complete. It wastes so much time that it makes you lose interest in the game within minutes of playing. Highly recommend you NOT play this game. It's just another money maker.
About the game
EddyTheEdVGV on 2021-01-19
The game is so good. The sounds the blocks make are so satisfying. This game is about basically collecting these little tiles and collect as much as you can to be sure you can reach the end to get the chest. In my opinion this game is satisfying and fun. You should try it out. If you don’t like it then delete it. Your choice not mine. Anyways have a good day!
I love this game so much five star rating!
@cheetahprint❤️ on 2021-01-19
It’s a really good game and I love it and you get the slide on the little box and it’s so fun so I think you should give it a five star rating I am eight years old and I think it’s really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my perfect stress reliever
Dino Nuggies. on 2021-01-19
This is the super good game especially when my dog is barking he gets really really loud when he barks and I get super angry this is actually really perfect good stress relief game for me I hope you guys or whoever downloads it thinks the same it’s amazing and perfect I don’t know how to describe it but just just a really good game
ESCANOR1234567890 on 2021-01-19
I know this game was made for children but it’s just too easy like a bunch of other games being made. After each level you are faced with an ad which is no fun. The game has also crashed several times while I was playing so I had to restart the level. Do not download this if you see an ad for it. Not worth the 5 minutes of playtime.

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