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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Try to pass over the obstacles!

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The best game ever
kinsley‍♀️ on 2020-10-27
I like this game because it’s just like you just have to get around obstacles by just getting the stuff to get around it it’s a little bit hard but I think it’s the best because it’s just like you’re just gonna go and restart over and over and you’re going to get every single level even if you just stay on level one for a while you’ll still get it and I am so happy I found this game because every other game it’s like it’s just still full with ads in this one it’s fairly full of that like I only had so far one ad and it’s the best game ever whoever does not like it that is so weird because I love this game.
funoliver on 2020-10-27
Ok so I’m 10 years old and even I CAN SEE that this game is bad. Okay 1. ITS JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER VOODO GAME!!! I downloaded cube surfer (a voodo game) and its JUST LIKE THIS. It even has an almost identical name. 2. There is no shop but there is coins?!? Ok I’m just confused now. WHY BOTHER TK ADD COINS BUT NOT A SHOP?!?!? And lastly 3. Me and my bff wanted to try a test on this home so she downloaded cube surfer and I redownloaded this game we beat the game side to side together abc the level layout is the same -_-. Clap clap CLAP. Don’t download this game it’s a waste of storage
Fun and addicting but needs to be improved.
Kevinator627 on 2020-10-27
While it’s fun and pretty addicting tbh, there needs to be some improvements. I have three major problems with this game. 1. There’s no point in the coins you collect. Why not have a shop or something to spend them on and maybe get new skins or stair patterns/colors? 2. A few too many ads. While I get there needs to be ads on a free game to make money. I think they should maybe lower the amount they give you. 3. The level patterns get repeated a lot. I know it’s hard to design like a hundred unique levels, but the same patterns get repeated a lot. Still a good game though.
Tons of ads
Jy1985 on 2020-10-27
It’s a pretty cool game at first. But there’s an absurd number of ads (one after every level or two, and levels take about 15 seconds each), and the ads take 10-15 seconds. Also, after the first maybe 10 levels I’m pretty sure they just keep recycling earlier levels. Would be a decent game if they put a little effort into development and cut the ads by half or a third - as it is, I’m deleting it from my phone after about 15 minutes of play. Save yourself the hassle and pick a different game to download.
Could be better, but a way to pass the time.
T0aSt3Gg$ on 2020-10-27
Okay- where do I start? I like the game, I play it during class. It’s fun, and a good concept. Ads are okay, could be worse. I like how this game requires skill, and it’s pretty nice to see how far you can get, and watching the amount of stairs you get. I love how you don’t just have to follow the floor path, and can go into the sky. I can’t really say much else. 4 stars. October 22, 2020 Suggestion: Download if your bored.
Good game, minimal ads.
Jamalyn is Overrated on 2020-10-27
I just want to say that this is a great game. I feel like it is executed well and does not have a lot of ads. Every single time you look at game reviews is that they are TONS of people complaining about ads on FREE GAMES! The creators need to get profit from free games and I feel like this is one of the better games by Voodoo, because Voodoo is usually not very good at making games. I just want to say this is a great game.
Boring only 5 stars because it will show up
#game_rater on 2020-10-27
First things first, I’m only doing 5 stars so it will show up first and you’ll read it. Second This game is very boring after a few minutes like a lot of games by this company. After the first like 5 levels it’s just boring. Same concept and nothing new. The levels don’t get any harder and it’s just the same thing over and over again BORING.
A little confused...
StyleS_40 on 2020-10-27
This game is great, and I think it delivers what it advertises. But, I’m not understanding how or why you get coins, when there’s absolutely no way of spending them. Why would I care about getting coins if I can’t get a power up with them? Like it makes no sense, but the game doesn’t lag, and it’s not loaded with ads or pop ups.
xx_lorengray_xx1 on 2020-10-27
OK WHAT A TERRIBLE game wth it’s glitchy and boring I hate this game SOME PEOPLS OR BOTS RATE IS A 5 star they are fake hate this company and game it’s just not for me the levels are so fricken short soooooooooo boring DONT recommend this gamed don’t download this game pls trust me!!!!!!!!!!
Coins and points do nothing?
XianTwa on 2020-10-27
After every round, you get a certain number of coins and points based on how high you got and whether it not you got to the chest. However, there is absolutely no use for them. There is no shop where you can upgrade your speed or buy skins, so there is no incentive to get coins.

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