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The Starbucks® app is a convenient way to order ahead for pickup, scan and pay in-store and customize your favorites. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll earn Stars towards free drinks and food on your purchases. Mobile Order & Pay Customize and place your order, then pick up from a nearby participating store without waiting in line. Reorder quickly with Siri. Pay in Store Save time and earn Rewards when you pay with the Starbucks® app at many stores in the U.S. Earn Stars & Redeem Rewards Join Starbucks® Rewards and unlock exclusive benefits while earning Stars with almost every purchase. Redeem Stars for free drinks, food and more. Starbucks® Rewards members can look forward to a birthday treat plus complimentary coffee and tea refills.* Earn Stars even quicker with Double Star Days, Bonus Star challenges and Member exclusive games. No matter how you pay, you can earn Stars on your order. Up to 3 Stars/$1 with Starbucks Rewards Visa Card, 2 Stars/$1 with a Starbucks Card, and 1 Star/$1 with cash, credit/debit and PayPal. Some restrictions apply. Send a Gift Say thanks with a digital Starbucks Card in the app or iMessage. It’s easy to redeem a digital card from email or in the Starbucks® app. Manage Starbucks Cards Check your Starbucks Card balance, add money, view past purchases and transfer balances between cards. Find a Store See stores near you, get directions, hours and view store amenities before you make the trip. Tip Your Barista Leave a tip on purchases made with the app at many stores in the U.S. *At participating stores. Restrictions apply. See for details.

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Mobile order needs a comment area OR Pour-over option
5gallonhat on 2022-05-16
The only issue that I have had with ordering through the app is that I only drink dark roast. Because most places stop preparing the dark roast after 10 a.m., pour-over is the only option after that time. I don’t mind pour-overs - that’s how I usually prepare coffee at home. Instead of going ahead and starting the pour-over, 9 of 10 times baristas will wait UNTIL I ARRIVE 5-10 minutes later to tell me that I can substitute a different coffee or that they can start a pour-over. I cannot explain in harsh enough terms how that causes so many issues for me. I’m ordering ahead because I know that pour-overs take time! Today I had to cancel my order because I didn’t have time to wait. Three options to fix this issues: 1. Train baristas to start the pour-over immediately on mobile orders. 2. Don’t allow dark roast orders on the mobile app after 10 a.m. (Worst option, by far.) 3. Add an option on dark roast orders after 10 a.m. for a pour-over OR a comment so I can tell them to do a frikkin’ pour-over.
Where’s the coffee???
Z Non-Writer on 2022-05-16
I ordered a cappuccino on the mobile app. It was scheduled to be ready for pick 7 minutes after I ordered it. I went inside to pick it up and the “barista” asked me if I had ordered it at that store. The person next to the “barista” showed the cup to the barista. The response was, “it will be ready in a few minutes.” Another person helped the barista with it. Another 5 minutes later I walked out of the store with my “cappuccino” However, there was no coffee in it! REALLY!!!! I was long gone before I tasted it, or I would have gone back. The store had nobody else inside. It was a bit after 7:15pm. The open hours are posted until 9pm. Everyone was busy cleaning. Seems they were more interested in getting off work, than they were in doing their job! Not what I would call quality service, STARBUCKS! 😤
Why does Starbucks keep forgetting my password?
Vasska on 2022-05-16
I open the app, and start an order, only to discover I have been logged out. But when I try to log back in, it says I put in the wrong password. Mind you, my password is saved on my device and I have not changed it. Nor have I received any indication that someone has tried to log into my account with invalid credentials. Starbucks keeps forgetting my password. Not me. And it’s frustrating having to create a new password, which means updating it on all of my devices, which wastes time and defeats the purpose of ordering in advance. Asking Starbucks for help is pointless. They refuse to address the issue by email or chat, insisting that I call. And when I call, they have no idea what the problem is.
Be careful reloading card
mario.guzman on 2022-05-16
The Apple Pay functionality to reload your Starbucks card doesn’t work. It seems to fail silently so you might think you can try again. Nope. It will fail again. It doesn’t give you an error but you won’t hear or feel the Apple Pay confirmation ding. Do not try it more than once. Eventually you’ll get email confirmation for successful card reloads. In my case, 3. $30 dollars for 3 tries that I thought that failed. I called Starbucks to let them know of this issue and all they told me was to contact my bank to get a refund. A problem with THIS app, not my bank. They also didn’t seem to care there’s a bug in the app so I don’t even know if they reported it to the correct team.
Highly disappointed
12yyxyz on 2022-05-16
All Starbucks in my area have been out of major menu items concerning drinks for DAYS! Also, when I’m on the go imagine my surprise when I couldn’t pay via APPLE PAY for my order on the app in advance! What’s efficient about me getting my card info to put in your app or looking for a PayPal password just to order. Ultimately, I just went to the store and ordered. Imagine my surprise when I had to abruptly change my order because MANY things were out of stock. Only to forget in this chaos, that I forgot to scan the app for this purchase! Then, I find out orders that aren’t scanned at the store CANNOT be added later with a receipt. Going to Dunkin, their app is easier.
It’s all there but
wendyjboss on 2022-05-16
One thing the major coffee apps have in common is it’s all there … the menu, the stores, payment method. My main criticism and this is true of Starbucks and that other one that goes as DD is that finding and choosing a store takes too many clicks and if you click the wrong way, you will either have a hard time finding the Order from here button, or the app makes you think you chose the nearby store but it chooses your most frequent or last order location. It’s not a bug. It’s a feature and these two companies are clearly copying each other’s UI experience. I was late for work today because of this. We are ordering it on the go. Make picking a store easier.
Needs work
Dixieburk on 2022-05-16
I like paying thru the app and being able to earn stars, but as far as ordering goes, I don’t recommend it at all. Before I learned my lesson it happened to me more often than not that I would order and then get to the window and they were all out of the item. So I just order at the drivethru and pay with the app when I get to the window. The app seriously needs massive improvement so this isn’t an issue anymore. And, if you do use the app, it is not a great interface. It is confusing to find what you want. And it’s way too complicated to select stores and easy to make a mistake.
Mobile order turned off.
Check1430 on 2022-05-16
When a store has its mobile order turned off, there should be an alert to the user that your order is being rerouted to another store! It’s so frustrating to drive to one store and they don’t have your order, but the app allowed you to place an order there even though they have orders off. This has happened numerous times and it wastes time and gas, and the store employees are not always nice about it. Please make an alert that states something like “this store is not currently accepting mobile orders!” Instead of just rerouting my order 15min Ed away!
Order wasn’t available at pickup
Chicagowinters on 2022-05-16
App offered an option that the store didn’t even have. No notification. I didn’t find out until I got to the store. The barista said it was too hard in the Starbucks system to get a refund and I should substitute it… suggesting a $2 cheaper option. Had to ask for an equivalent option. And wait for that. The app should 1-only offer available items and 2-let the user know if it’s not going to be available. Possibly 3-allow for refunds.
Can’t add the country…
Scattered home office mom on 2022-05-16
I tried to order a gift card for my friend. App says “please enter your name.” I go to my profile add my name and address. BUT, I cannot scroll down to the country line in order to add it. It will not save just my name or address without the country entered, yet I can’t find a way to get onto that line to enter and save my contact information, so I can buy a gift card for my friend. Grr.

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