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The Starbucks® app is a convenient way to order ahead for pickup or scan and pay in store. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll earn Stars toward Rewards with every purchase. Mobile Order & Pay Customize and place your order, and pick up from a nearby store without waiting in line. Pay in store Save time and earn Rewards when you pay with the Starbucks® app at many stores in the U.S. Rewards Earn Stars towards free food or drink Rewards of your choosing. Receive personalized offers as a Starbucks® Rewards member. 2 Stars/1$ with a Starbucks Card, 1 Star/1$ with cash, credit/debit, and PayPal. Restrictions apply. Send a gift Say thanks with a digital Starbucks Card. It’s easy to redeem a gift from email or in the Starbucks® app. Manage cards Check your Starbucks Card balance, add money, view past purchases and transfer balances between cards. Find a store See stores near you, get directions, hours and view store amenities before you make the trip. Music Discover what songs are playing at your local store. Tip your barista Leave a tip on purchases made with the app at many stores in the U.S.

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People, listen up, they are making you spend more than you want
fjalkdj on 2021-06-13
Imagine for a moment you just want to order a cup of coffee before heading to work. You just want 1 $3.45 cup. If you use the Starbucks app, this is impossible. This app FORCES you to reload cash to your Starbucks card in order to pay, so the least you can spend if you have no balance on your card is $15. I don’t want a $15 cup of coffee Starbucks. I know what you’re doing, and you’re not clever. You know people are lazy and will just choose to reload rather than wait in line, which causes them to commit more money to your brand than they would have otherwise. You do not let people just pay with their credit card, and that is a dark pattern. Look, I know you desperately need to keep your margins up, so I know this feature isn’t going away, well, ever. But you should realIe that by doing this, you’re either losing customers (like me) or you are making more people wait in line at your stores because they don’t want to commit $15 to your subpar coffee. Long lines = terrible experience. Starbucks still hates its customers and forced you to reload your card to order with the mobile app. This is outright manipulative and their leadership should be beheaded and their families slain. These capitalist pigs must be tortured.
Love the app and the Team Members
Merya21 on 2021-06-13
Love the app which Make it easy and fun to order and pay is so convenient. I also want to compliment Zach. I was out for 4 month out of the country and on my return Zach recognized me and remembered my name! which normally is very unusual for people to remember it. That’s what I called superb customer service. This is not the first time I write a compliment of this young guy. He is consistently delivering excellent service. You should praise and recognize Zach. He is always happy and efficient. Zach worked throughout the pandemic with the same smile and delivering the exceptional customer service. That was why I continued coming in. Zach definitely Is one of your team members that makes your brand shined! Thank you Zach for Everything you do! Location #6941
Great place and experience!!
Spenserb on 2021-06-13
I am really enjoying my Starbucks app! I love getting offers, watching my rewards add up aNd the ease of loading my funds! I'm hooked on a variety of hot and cold drinks so I don't get in a rut! Did I mention I don’t even drink coffee!! It is definitely a treat ... And I enjoying being able to treat others with my reloaded gift card! Easier than a punch card because it's all automatic! The staff is amazing regardless of the store .. my favorites are LAKE OSWEGO Douglas Way, 65th by Dicks and Canby!! Thanks everyone for making it a stellar day every time!!
Prob most reliable app
SarahAR6881 on 2021-06-13
Very happy with ease of app. In the beg had a few probs with the stars earned not showing up. Customer service helped immediately both times and were super nice about it. Prob the most reliable app I use. Had a prob with a mobile order once out of almost 200 times, and that was bc the store didn’t update on their side but all my orders have shown up to them w/o issue. Able to tip, save favs, easy reload, etc. The worst thing is always trying to earn bonus stars and therefore consuming way more Starbucks than necessary lol
Add a “skinny” option in customization
FenigDurak on 2021-06-13
About 2 years ago the Skinny CDL option was taken out of the app. So now the label that prints out for my order is 8 lines long, but also horrendously out of prep order. So about half the time my order is wrong because the customizations are in a seemingly random order. Label suggestion: Size, hot/iced Latte type/Syrup Espresso type Shot qty Toppings or lack there of It’s a latte, not rocket science. I love you guys, but for the size of your company, the app and mobile ordering is pretty abysmal
Frustrating, Points never work
Newbee3355 on 2021-06-13
I love the convenience of just scanning to get points and pay but many locations don’t offer this. For example Starbucks inside of target can only use the barcode not the QR code. So no points. Starbucks at the Grand Canyon can only use a barcode not a QR code. There does not seem to be a way to upload your points from a receipt in app. There is the way to get on a separate website and add points for items you purchased at the grocery store but the process is ridiculous. It’s a waste of time.
Not enough customizations options
boop.jpg on 2021-06-13
The new update is better than before, but there still aren’t enough options. I want to be able to order any drink blended (like refreshers, etc). And there’s so many other things you can’t do in the app like have something blended into the foam for example. Adding a “blending options” feature to every drink instead of just fraps would be nice at least. And maybe other options under cold foam, drizzle, purée, etc. Also not everything is on the menu.
Customize no more
em475 on 2021-06-13
The app was an updated not too long ago with the statement that customizations will be easier. Well, they simplified it to where now you can’t add things that not part of the initial recipe via mobile order. You can make edits tot be original recipe but not add what we’ve relate you would like. Plus the menu became not easy on the eyes…it’s lists everything as a paragraph versus separating each individual option
Self-serve receipts
omgidontcareinca on 2021-06-13
App is fine. Works well and may even be too easy to order! Bummed though that we can’t access receipts for our purchases. Establishing a chat with support with all the purchase info for them to dig into their archives and eventually send me the receipt is way more effort than it should be. Makes expense reporting difficult enough that I just don’t care where we get coffee.
Charges you for more than what you owe
eyemyth on 2021-06-13
You can't just pay for your order. You have to "reload" a "card" and by default it will charge you $25 You can't choose to "reload" only the amount you owe and you can't get the remainder back. The only way to get the value for your money is to buy enough to get just under your balance Scummy and idiotic nonsense. Just let me buy coffee.

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