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The Starbucks® app is a convenient way to order ahead for pickup or scan and pay in store . Rewards are built right in, so you’ll earn Stars toward Rewards with every purchase. Mobile Order & Pay Customize and place your order, and pick up from a nearby store without waiting in line. Pay in store Save time and earn Rewards when you pay with the Starbucks® app at many stores in the U.S. Rewards Earn Stars towards free food or drink Rewards of your choosing. Receive personalized offers as a Starbucks® Rewards member. 2 Stars/1$ with a Starbucks Card, 1 Star/1$ with cash, credit/debit, and PayPal. Restrictions apply. Send a gift Say thanks with a digital Starbucks Card. It’s easy to redeem a gift from email or in the Starbucks® app. Manage cards Check your Starbucks Card balance, add money, view past purchases and transfer balances between cards. Find a store See stores near you, get directions, hours and view store amenities before you make the trip. Music Discover what songs are playing at your local store. Tip your barista Leave a tip on purchases made with the app at many stores in the U.S.

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Too many clicks to get that coffee
DavidAllenBall on 2020-10-22
I don’t know how many clicks it takes to get that coffee ordered but it makes my thumb hurt. I mean whatever. It’s not like I’m going to stop using the app. It’s still the easiest way to get a coffee but for some reason it feels less than intuitive. Also I’m in a lot of different neighborhoods in NYC like all week long and the map aspect is clunky. Gotta zoom in to click that tiny green dot and how many favorite stores could I have. I guess maybe I have app trauma from using scruff and not being allowed to have too many favorites if I’m not paying $15 a month. Anyway but really I think Starbucks could step it up a bit with their app. Maybe they should poach a queen from scruff because that app actually has the best mobility functions of any app I’ve ever used. Maybe Starbucks doesn’t have any clever gays working on their app development. Xoxo
Drive thru is terrible
whole bean on 2020-10-22
I’ve waited up to 30 minutes online but that is not my complaint. Im actually happy that Starbucks is able to keep sales vibrant with their drive thru locations. My problem is (and one or a combination of these happen too often) Coffee is not hot Lid does not fit correctly and coffee gets on my clothes I ask for regular amount of 1/2 & 1/2 and sometimes coffee is almost black Iced drinks are not filled with enough ice and drink is not very cold( I’ve even ordered extra ice but request seems to be ignored) This is basically a coffee shop and for the staff not to be able to fill an order to perfection is inexcusable. I’ve driven past Starbucks and have ordered drive thru coffee from McDonalds. They get it right every time. No surprises there just a good cup of hot coffee made to my exact specifications.
boooooo google booo on 2020-10-22
I’m currently 45 min into losing my mind. I’ve been clicking and unclicking, troubleshooting, and doing everything my technology-capable 25 year self can think of and I still cannot convince this app to pull contacts from my local iPhone storage. It is pulling archaic contacts from my middle school days (15 years old). This is 10/10 irritating. I’m trying to be generous and give birthday gift cards, help a guy out Starbucks. You’re killing my patience (I’ve censored this review 4x now) and birthdays are only 24 hours so hustle up and teach me before I have to wait AN ENTIRE YEAR. Helppppp!!! Update: it’s pulling only contacts that have email addresses booooooo system design Booooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooo boooooooooooo booooooooooo. Booo
Great; Would love additional options
JenJen8719 on 2020-10-22
The app is overall easy to use, order, apply rewards or promos, etc. However it would be great if some of there were more specific ordering options available (like oat milk! I would love for that to be an option alongside almond milk, coconut, half and half, and the other milk options). Or say someone wanted to add fruit inclusions to their strawberry Frappuccino for example. Depending on what kind of drink you’re ordering, the app has limited options to customize your drink. So if you want something specific that isn’t typically added to that beverage, they’d have to ask in person. If the app had some of these extra options, mobile ordering customized drinks would be a breeze.
Lost all the money from gift cards that I added to the app.
411 Good Advice on 2020-10-22
Lost all the money from gift cards that I added to the app. I was instructed by Starbucks staff to add my gift cards to the app instead of keeping track of so many gift cards. So I did. For approximately one year, everything was fine. One pandemic and an update later, all of the money (>$22) that I had on the app was gone. I call Starbucks, they offered only to add $10 to the app that stole my money in first place. No thanks. I really like Starbucks at one time, but the quality and value has really declined over the last few years. This is just another nail in the coffin. I lost money, but hopefully you won’t have to. Do not add money to this app.
Inexcusable flaws
Jock_Itch on 2020-10-22
1) Doesn't show item prices until checkout! Shady, shameful practice. 2) Bonus Star promotional offers are buggy and inconsistent. You can make all the required purchases — and not get your bonus stars, unless you figure out how to reach customer service and keep them honest. For some reason their system is not recognizing breakfast sandwiches. 3) Password lock-out. After 6 months, and several unhelpful phone calls, I figured out that the app won't let you place an order, while using a VPN on WiFi. A simple error message would have saved me hours of frustration over the course of months.
What is going on with the app
IfYouKnewBetterUDoBetter4 on 2020-10-22
I love Starbucks coffee but what is going on with the app. There have been many different offers were you can earn bonus stars if you purchase coffee Weatherby two days a row or three days in a row between certain date but you have to click the start button. The start button never works every time!! I’ve closed the app, checked for updates, and still no luck. I literally participate in the fun challenges to earn the extra stars and never receive the bonus stars as promised due to not being able to click start. Why offer the bonus stars only to not allow people to receive the bonuses as promised.
What’s wrong-
Scandi123 on 2020-10-22
They send you way more promotions on here that give you more for your dollar! Order ahead allows you to move quicker, and not go through that horrible drive through line. Major problem with their app: sometimes they don’t give you the promotion points that you deserve. They said buy any hand crafted drink get an additional xx stars. I made my custom order. Waited a day never saw the points show up. Contacted them turns out you have to order their PSL or White mocha type hand crafted drink. - talked to a store employee she said what I order is a hand crafted drink, but not in the app.
Like the app but not the mobile menu
littleexplorers on 2020-10-22
I like the app as I can order my coffee or tea in advance. I know all special offers. I can keep track of my rewards. I can keep my favorite with modifications. I can pay my order using the app. However, I am disappointed that all seasonal favorites are removed from the mobile menu. Seasonal favorites are my love, such as pumpkin spice in fall. If I want it, I have to order it in the store and wait for my order. It always takes a long waiting time in the morning. It’s inconvenient. Consequently, I don’t use the app for mobile order frequently. It’s the reason I gave 4 stars.
My point never come
wagner5060473 on 2020-10-22
If I could give this no stars I would! The whole time I have had a gold card nothing has worked! I either don’t get the points that I’m supposed to or something like today happens. I have enough stars to get a cold cup, so I went to the store and they told me my account didn’t exist. But I have been using it almost everyday for two weeks!! I contact support, do everything that they tell me and still the same thing happens again and again. It’s like they don’t care at all, they don’t even try to fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again!!! App and account will be deleted!

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