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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Cut out stickers from your photos using Sticker Maker Studio, export the stickers in PNG/WEBP format for print and use them across all communication channels. 1. Create a new collection. 2. Add photos from your gallery or camera 3. Cut out the most interesting part of the photo using your finger. You can retry as often as you wish until you get the perfect shape. 4. Save & Export png/webp files. The files you create/cut-out can be exported and used on any other app.

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Muy buena, pero con un problema al final
Jose64141 on 2020-02-27
Siempre he usado la app y la amo, pero últimamente me surgió un problema. Ahora cada vez que hago un cambio en un pack de stickers, en vez de darme la opción de actualizar, sólo puedo guardarla de nuevo. Esto resulta molesto, ya que quedan dos paquetes de stickers (el nuevo y el viejo que está vacío), el cual debo eliminar.
Buggd out
htx.mt09 on 2020-02-27
Idk what you guys did to this app but now my sticker pages do not UPDATE. They only SAVE and whenever I add a new sticker to an existing page, it creates another page and another page and another page on my Whatsapp menu. Please stop messing with it. Don’t fix what’s bot broken, because you broke it now.
Big Bug
Kybalion87 on 2020-02-27
There’s a big issue with the app. I tried to install it on different devices and the problem persist. When I add a sticker to the Sticker Carpet, the app create different copies of the carpet in WhatsApp. Two updates before those issues wasn’t there.
Pretty good
ItsCarlos504 on 2020-02-27
The app is good does what is described but when I add new stickers to a sticker package that is already done and update it to use them in WhatsApp’s, iMessage they add another new sticker pack from the same sticker pack
Great App
xXHumungus_ChungusXx on 2020-02-27
I have only just downloaded it a couple minutes ago, but so far, I’m happy with it. Most sticker maker apps are free, but you have to pay to make stickers, but you don’t with this one!!! Could not recommend more.
Good but might want to upgrade something....
Lee Trinh on 2020-02-27
I love this app, however, every time I want to share the sticker packs I've made, my friends can not open the sticker file for them to access it. Please fix the sticker pack links please/upgrade!
Awesome ones on 2020-02-27
This app is really dandy and such but I can’t figure out how to view a sticker pack without it always taking me to the app store. Any ideas??
Daniela Gisela on 2020-02-27
We need to make one account because if I use other phone my stickers would not be eliminated
bro help me porfa on 2020-02-27
Every time I click “ view sticker pack” it just sends me to the App Store. HELP
sygdyydhdnendi ft sb sbeb on 2020-02-27
Doesn’t let me add stickers.d

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