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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



Welcome to Stone Miner: Crush the stones with your truck, Mine the resources, Sell them on the base, and Upgrade your truck to get even more! There are different types of islands you can explore, the further you go the more rare ores you get. Try to upgrade your truck to be more powerful! Have fun :)!

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Feedback for Devs
videorfeak on 2021-10-23
This game is a good time-waster game when you want to waste time, it is creative and original; however it is very repetitive and becomes just a simple stat check, a grind fest. The game does have some cool ideas to add to it and make it keep your interest longer, but they need some work. 1. In the store we can buy new trucks, but its never explained what the advantage is. Is it cosmetic, do different trucks have different stats? Why should I buy a 1300 gem truck over a 400 gem truck, or even why buy one over the base one I get? 2. The building bridges idea is cool BUT even when there are multiple ways to solve the puzzle the game forces you into 1 solution removing any form of puzzle element. The bridges should be harder to build and make us have to think where to place parts instead of being told. 3. The daily rewards is nice BUT they are broken. You can play for 14 days and only get 1-2 of the daily rewards. Sometimes the timers for repeating levels that say 30 minutes might not be off cooldown multiple hours later, the internal game clock needs adjustments. 4. The island building element is kinda cool but what if it were more interactive? Instead of dozing the blocks you put them down and build the buildings? These are the thoughts off the top of my head, I played this game religiously and got to lvl 40 and kept playing wanting more content, more levels came out and I went back to playing a ton. It is a simple time waster game with great potential to be better. Please keep developing this game and it can become a quality game worth spending money on.
A glimmer of hope among the sea of trash
Mr.notsogrump on 2021-10-23
From the title, I bet you expect high praise. While I like this game a lot, its nothing ground breaking. We've all seen those simple one-off games with repeating levels that have no substance to them. On the surface this looks exactly like that, it even has the same aesthetic as them. But this game is just good. It's not great, it's not bad, it's good. They did have a problem with daily rewards, but I think that was fixed in the recent update. What sets this game apart from the other trash is that you can see some effort was put into this. Even if you download this and delete it the next day, you can't say it didn't entertain you for a few levels. Some level layouts do repeat, but honestly I think this game is worth the download. And, possibly worth paying the prices to remove ads if more interesting mechanics are implemented in the future. Please, keep working on this developers!
Ad-ridden mess
NotAGoodGhost on 2021-10-23
You are not intended to play this game without watching ads or spending money. No really! Picking up a “free” power up that you earned from mining? Spend gems on it or watch an ad. Wanna upgrade your miner more than once at a time? Watch an ad. (No, it genuinely won’t let you purchase any upgrade, even if you have enough coins) Get past ALL THAT and continue playing the game with that restriction? Still watch ads. Airplane mode will not work, the ad button still blocks your entire existence. This game is a clear money grab by the developer, who seems to realize that progressional ads are the best way to get users making you money when developing an app. It’s a shame too, its a super fun concept with a terrible practice.
It ok
FoMoCo1 on 2021-10-23
Way too many pop-ups for temporary boost they want you to spend your gems on gems are hard enough to come by, they are the only way to upgrade your vehicle wish there was a way you could turn off the boost things they are very annoying. Never going to use them never going to spend real money on this game it’s not the good. Ok bit of an update my wonderful ad block apps keep all the ads from being able to be played do they just have a swirling weight symbol I’m quite happy with this as it also completely eliminates the possible of accidentally spending money on this game. 274 ads blocked from this app in the last 28 minutes
The best game ever
hdhidechidfjfhhfjf on 2021-10-23
Just got this game and I’m already on level two and if you’re seeing this today you are the best person ever and if people are seeing it’s not today you’re still the best but not that much do you need to download a game right now or your life will be ruined for the rest of the career and I already have 1 million thousand dollar god bike that’s the best you don’t know this game right now you’re such a loser and if you do download this game you’re the best not saying the people that don’t get this game aren’t losers they just ruined your whole life
Don’t be deceived
RyRy_Kalvec on 2021-10-23
This game had potential to be awesome. But the ads are ridiculous, there are so many that it interrupts regular gameplay and I mean I will be in the middle of mining and it just pops up for no reason. I also purchase the “no ad” option and I’m still getting ads popping up constantly. So they’re lying and they’re just stealing your money so do not download it do not purchase any extras with it. It’s a SCAM.
The adds
kidddddddddoooooooooyyyyyy on 2021-10-23
I downloaded the game and did an no add trick ik so there was no add but once i got to the digger part level i am now i cant buy upgrades with out watching adds Not mad but just disappointed i cant go further without watching 40 decently long adds just to go to the next tier, ik you guys make money through the adds but once you make them unavoidable thats kinda annoying
batesmasta on 2021-10-23
Dear god this game started out so great! Really only watched Ads if it gave me rewards. Now I restart my game every 20 seconds just so I don’t have to watch an Ad. They just pop up with nothing I clicked!!!!!! This game is now unplayable with having to restart the game every time there’s an ad!!!! Deleted and won’t ever play again.
worst game
bfuejiwhfh jh hrucbh h h h g g on 2021-10-23
It has terrible gameplay. It’s super glitchy and the graphics are terrible it takes too long for the when you first go in the islands to go to the next island when it’s like going across the river takes forever super glitchy and takes me out every second my Internet is the best but your game is terrible.
Worst game ever
stupid stupidness on 2021-10-23
Worst game I ever got, I only got it because I kept getting ads for it and wanted to know what it was. I have played the game for 5 minutes and all I have had is ads, if you want to upgrade more than once you have to watch an ad. At this point it isn’t even fun to play and I am very disappointed.

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