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Track your fitness activity with Strava. Record your run, map a cycling route & analyse your training with all the stats – for free! Whether you're training for a marathon or simply love taking your bike out for a ride, turn your smartphone or GPS watch into a sophisticated tracker with Strava. Join millions of athletes and active people and reach your fitness goals! 3 Ways to Train Smarter with Strava TRACK & ANALYSE: Get key stats like distance, pace, speed, elevation gained & calories burned NEW ROUTES & MAPS: Mix up your training with the world's largest trail network CHALLENGE & COMPETE: Push yourself with monthly Challenges & compete with others PERFORMANCE Compare your running, cycling and swimming performance over time Segment leaderboard: see how you fare on popular stretches of road or trail Track your progress & analyse your performance on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or pretty much any GPS device out there! Use your Garmin, FitBit or Polar.. CONNECT & SHARE Record your bike ride on your Strava feed so friends & followers can comment & share their own Join Clubs of brands, teams and friends for activities & growing communities Show off your route & share photos of your adventures STRAVA SUBSCRIPTION Get customizable training & workout plans. Run that marathon or set your own distance, time or segment goals Get live feedback to help you train safer & perform better Dive deep into your data with advanced analysis & extensive performance metrics It doesn't stop with running or cycling, you can track a whole range of sports with Strava: • Swim • Hike • Crossfit • Gym training • Kayak • Rock Climb • Surf • Yoga ...and many more! Strava uses HealthKit to export your Strava activities into the Health app and to read heart rate and biometric data. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Payment will be charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renew may be turned off after purchase by going to the 'Manage Subscription' page in settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. The subscription will renew at the same cost. Terms of service: Privacy policy:

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Functionality is going downhill, not that strava can measure it
Hair_david on 2020-08-14
Okay so this is a bit of a rage review. I've been using strava pretty dilligently for about 2 years. It's been mostly great, showing timed splits and elevation gain to give a good granular sense of what happened during a workout. It's really all I wanted, since I don't intend on getting heart rate monitor. However, lately strava has been goofing up on time elapsed, distance gone, maybe my actual location? Not sure. But it'll take a good half-mile for the app to figure out that I've started moving, even after manually starting a workout and confirming that my location is correct. It will also just stop registering that I'm still moving in the middle of a workout, paradoxically showing my location way off of the blue line while the timer is still running. This throws off all the calculations for timing and honestly is pretty disheartening that I don't have an accurate record of my efforts. I know strava gets is revenue from user data, but why am I using this broken app if it isn't even giving me the data it has advertised? How reliable is the background data being collected? At this point, I might as well go back to using the timer and maps apps built in to iOS, since I'm already using them to figure out what strava did wrong in the first place.
Trying to love you Strava...
ornellagreg on 2020-08-14
Wanted to find an alternative app for tracking my running miles (and the occasional bike ride) and decided to give strava a try. When I first downloaded the app, I still had access to leaderboards and all that jazz, but since then Strava has thrown the subscription model at its users like so many others. ($60 a year is pretty wild if you ask me). Although I was bummed, I still enjoyed the challenges and still preferred the overall interface over Nike’s. However, over the past few months I feel like I’ve been seeing an uptick in the amount of runs that don’t get tracked properly. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to finish a long run, only to get back and look at Strava saying I’ve only run 2.8 miles. Like what?? Sometimes the app won’t even track my movement at all during a run and I’ll find myself on the sidewalk messing with my phone trying to close out of the app to reset it, and at times that doesn’t even fix the issue. I would rather not go back to using Nike’s app (for reasons I won’t go into), but at least their gps tracking system is solid. Strava if you see this, please address this issue. (Currently on iPhone X)
great app~ wish i could tweak some features
megannkahn on 2020-08-14
hi!! so i love to run and walk and move my body so this app has really come in handy. i love that it doesn’t take over your phone (spotify or apple music) while you’re recording. i do enjoy using it to run... it has been a nice quarantine investment. i do walk more than i run and on those i do not bring my phone. i map out my routes sometimes to see how far me and my dog biscuit made it. i do wish in cases like this you could add the route without having the phone physically on you. same with when your phone dies or malfunctions. i hate that in these times i feel dependent on an app- like my miles ran/walked are some sort of fitness currency. i hate how down i feel when my phone died on a 6 mile run and it only records 4. logically i know this is pathetic! not sure if i’m missing a feature where this is possible to add miles without having your phone on you?? just thought i would give my review and existential thoughts on fitness apps ;) overall i love this app and highly recommend it!
Nope nope nope
the alex knowles on 2020-08-14
I was an avid Strava user for 2.5 years. Every time I was on the trail and met someone new, I’d ask if they were on strava. Every time I was on the trail, I’d record it with Strava. No longer. Strava used to make biking more fun, but now every feature that makes the app worth having requires a subscription. Want to see how you stack up against others? Pay up. Want to see how you stack up against yourself? Pay up. Want to see your heart rate over the course of your ride? Pay up. Want to see the terrain rise and fall over the course of your ride? Pay up. The only service this app provides for free now is your current ride and your fastest time. From an app that has a reputation for providing time and distance accuracy that’s less than stellar, the subscription just isn’t worth it for me. I can do what Strava does with a stopwatch and apple’s health app. If I want to compare my times to others’, I can get a group text started.
used to be alright. now it crashes every 20 miles.
Biz Casual on 2020-08-14
i want to like strava. i *really* do. i've got thousands of miles logged. i've been using it for years now. lately though, if i so much as leave the app for 2 minutes to change a song, it crashes. it doesn't even save the record of my ride before doing so. utterly infuriating when you're 25 miles into a 30 mile record ride. at this point strava making it through an entire ride is no longer the norm. going to start looking elsewhere because this makes me so angry and totally destroys my motivation. before this i was finding ways to cope with the truly BS funneling of free features into a subscription-only access model--especially when other apps offer those things AND MORE FOR FREE--but between these two things this app is turning into a real loser real fast. Goodbye Strava.
Swim Activities Unusable
PortlandAppRev on 2020-08-14
I have used Strava for years recording my outdoor open water swim activities from my iPhone using the Strava app. Have never had any problems with it until the last six months. Now my moving times are being recorded/calculated wrong and the overall time and 100yd time are messed up. If I switch the activity type to a different sport it shows all the correct time and distance so it is recording it all. It’s something wrong with how the swim activity uses the gps data points to calculate everything I was getting ready to sign up for the paid version of the app but with swimming not working ever I am absolutely not going to pay anything. Lots of posts online and in the reviews of the exact same issue for many others.
Unreliable, poor support
Justin75533 on 2020-08-14
At the end of the day, Strava is unreliable and poorly supported. However, it also lacks features that set it apart from other similar apps and is overly reliant on social media features that have significant and disturbing privacy implications. The app loses data on a regular basis, especially for activities completed without cellular or WiFi service. Reaching out to support offers nothing more than a “we’re getting to it” email every two days that ultimately is repeated for weeks upon weeks. For serious athletes, Strava has become a bit of a running a joke; An example of something that was once excellent but has been picked and parted into something that’s barely useful for anything other than getting stalked.
Not for iPad
Faffod on 2020-08-14
Strava only has an iPhone app in the Apple store. It will run in 1/4 your screen, or blown up and pixelated as if it were a fisher price toy. If you go to Strava using Safari on your iPad, it will fail to render properly - most significantly it will not display notifications or challenges. There are other bits missing, but those are the two I noticed. It will place a banner at the top of the page telling you to get the iPad app, but that is a lie... you will get an iPhone app. Additionally requesting the mobile or desktop version of the website will not fix the problem. You either will be blind on notifications or you will curse and go to your desktop/laptop and log in there.
No device support... cant use watch either!
bpricenb on 2020-08-14
Removal of third party device support via BLE is an awful move! So many better apps with device support... Strava really dropped the ball on this one. Bring back device support and stop sending us to other brands, and workarounds. And also, can’t we get the heart rate from the Apple Watch when recording from the phone? It’s 2020... we are using some of the most advanced devices in the world... we can’t figure out how to get the heart rate from the watch, when using the phone? Come on... so many basic apps have this functionality, I don’t understand why strava can’t make this happen? I want to like this app and only use it, but someone at Strava needs to get it together!
Love app but customer service is non existent
gretch7812 on 2020-08-14
Used app for four years. Loved it. Was bummed about loosing certain features like reviewing segments when subscription was introduced. So I decided to go big and pay for the yearly subscription. Only to find out that my membership never upgraded and it is stuck on the “free” version. Even though I’ve paid. Not a huge deal... just check in with customer service. Except customer service is non existent. I sent in a request form over a week ago and have heard nothing back. I’m paying for the free subscription and I’m pretty annoyed that no one has contacted me to help troubleshoot. C’mon strava! Paying for a subscription, the service should get better, not worse!

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