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Sep, 2020



Presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games. DASH as fast as you can! DODGE the oncoming trains! Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. - Grind trains with your cool crew! - Colorful and vivid HD graphics! - Hoverboard Surfing! - Paint powered jetpack! - Lightning fast swipe acrobatics! - Challenge and help your friends! Join the App Store's most daring chase! A Universal App with HD optimized graphics for retina resolution. Subway Surfers is compatible with iPhone 4s, iPod 5, iPad 2 or newer. iOS 8 or later OS version is required.

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Why I now have to rate it 3 stars (bugs & theme)
laur414 on 2020-10-26
I’ve played this game for 8 years(since it was released). I LIVE for this. I love how there’s always new characters and updates, but this new one was a little different. It went downhill pretty quick. First, I feel like the whole theme is very childish. The previous layout worked much better and it’s a lot different for those of us who have played since the beginning. Some of the ‘things’ are very trippy and Lepore messing me up until I figured out what I could and could not do. I don’t like how the start of some trains is the head of a steam engine train because I wasn’t sure if I could run on it. That was one of the big things. The sky was also kinda weird also and with the sides. Usually it look as if your running alongside shops/building and I was kinda shocked by this change. I also don’t like how everything is purpleish it blueish. Not only do the barriers/power ups stand out and look funny on the purple, but where has one ever seen a purple ground even in halloween (im just asking). And also i encountered some bugs. I saw this in another review too but I could find an invisible force field. Sometimes when jumping to the side I would hit an in invisible wall, but I can’t do anything about it. It happened twice in 5 rounds so I was fine playing but it was just annoying. Both times I died which was sad but then again I have a million more tries. Here are a few small thing that can be annoying too. The app takes forever to load. When you die you go back to see your score and stuff but if you click “home” at the bottom of the screen an ad will pop up everysingletime and it is just annoying. That pretty much sums it up though. If I find anything else I’ll share more. I definitely will keep playing through the update because i know after Halloween the next update will come and be much better than this one. This game was my childhood so part of me was just really sad to see it change like this. Thank you for taking our suggestions in mind so everyone can have some fun. Also if you are new to the game and seeing if you should get it, go for it. Like I said the update will change and it’s not too bad. (I will always recommend this game).
Problems i had with the game:(
Ten-Ten2006 on 2020-10-26
Lily coco aina So i have loved this game for a long time i had it in my iPod and played it with my family. But when i lost my iPod and got a new phone i didn’t have it in my new phone and i just forgot to get up until recently when i decided to get it because my family was playing it. So i played it for the Miami world and the Peru world and i had most of the characters but when the Halloween update came out for this new season it wasn’t updating my game. So i asked my cousin what to do and she said since you are logged on to Facebook and Game Center it will save your progress so i deleted the game so it would update and when i did i lost all my characters ( especially my favorite three Coco, Liu, and Aina). I was really sad about this but in the end i guess it’s my fault for deleting the app, but i want to tell people that if this happens to you just wait it out especially if you’re really far in the game sure you will miss out in a season but you won’t loose your progress. Even though this happened i still have a lot of love for the game and anybody debating wether they should get the game or not definitely get this game it’s really good!!!
It’s good but it I have a few dislikes?
IsaPatTay on 2020-10-26
Yes this is an amazing game and I truly love it but, some of the characters I rlly love and I rlly want but they are either to expensive or cost real money!?!? Like Tasha for starters I rlly love her gym outfit but even regular Tasha is already 3 million and I don’t have that much and I rlly want Tasha pls lower her price at least. And keys are rlly hard to get too I rlly hope u take my idea for thought thank you for you time!! And when I try to roll it makes me jump sometimes and when I get to about 5890 it makes me roll off of a train and makes me hit nothing and I use my keys to come back again and then I can’t see my character, not seeing my character has only happened once but still it need TO BE FIXED ASAP!!
Pardon Me a Smile on 2020-10-26
Wow. The Halloween theme is more than spectacular. My favorite theme so far. (If I were writing this during the Miami football theme or the Walmart theme I would not be so nice). But this theme is just amazing. The characters are perfect I HAD to spend 100 keys on them. Cathy ❤️. God I love my girl Cathy she’s perfect. Just like everything else about the entire theme. The music: outstanding. The trains: exceptional. The bats: spooky perfection. The sky: absolutely ravishingly. This theme is the creme de le creme, and I hope to see it again come Halloween next year. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Peace ✌️
Please listin on 2020-10-26
This game was is a game I played since it came out (not joking I was one of the first people to have this game in 2012) it was super fun and addicting you it’s so fun you would want to sneak into your parents room at night just so u can get their phone and play it this game is almost better then among us the game is very time consuming and not games you would play to be bored u STRONGLY think you should download it and the game is even BETTER because of the big update even thought a idiot wrote a re view of saying this was a bad game be of the update they are very WRONG this game is super fun
Very good but would like a storyline
Greta Anderson on 2020-10-26
This game is super fun but the only thing i would change is adding some sort of storyline or levels. Right now basically the only thing that i play for is unlocking characters. If i got all the characters i want I think i would delete the app or stop playing. If it had a storyline it would be so much more fun. I mean at least add some sort of “mini games” or just some sort of purpose for playing instead of doing the same run over and over. Great game. (I totally support you guys i just would like to see some more.)
First off, great nostalgic game..but
tsktsktskman on 2020-10-26
This game has a really nice concept and pretty okay design. But there is one thing that is a bit off putting. Some of the tour updates aren’t it for some people; like the music and design can be horrible. This game would be fantastic if it had a setting or customization feature where you could change the music to a previous track from a world tour or to classic. It would also be cool if you could revert the style back the the original or from another world tour. I wouldn’t mind paying coins for that.
Terrible update
designated area on 2020-10-26
The new update is terrible and the game is super laggy. I used to love this game and now I’m thinking about uninstalling it. It is not even worth opening because it will crash or just lag when I’m playing and kill me. So please bring back the original version or fix this update because it is terrible and I don’t want to play this game and recommend that nobody plays this game or downloads it until this gets fixed and u can play without it lagging.
Plz read this
SolomonMalwitz on 2020-10-26
Plz add this. U Should make it where u can have like a try mode on like the boards. And then u should make challenges to get more styles for the characters in the game. Then u should see if u can do events with different games and make like a character from the game from the game u do an event with. Like if u did among us u could add a space man skin with all the other colors or fortnite u could like skull trooper or something. Plz read this.
keviii.kev on 2020-10-26
I had this game when it first came out and I really like the game. I’ve been playing this game to kill time but later on I fallen out of it. When I redownload it brought memories of playing this game nonstop. Only thing I would like is since people miss out on events sometimes they come back but you would have to pay real currency. I think you should have option wether to but it with real money or using the coins you save up.

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