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Apr, 2021


Apr, 2021



Superimpose lets you unleash your creativity with your photo editing skills. Combine multiple photos to create artistic double exposure, surreal or just fun juxtaposed photo. Superimpose provides a very simple workflow, which almost anyone can follow. Yet, it provides a wide range of tools suitable even for advanced users, to create complex compositions. Blend/mix/combine/cut/copy and paste one photo on another. Creating double exposure photo is as easy as loading two photos and then choosing opacity and blending modes. With advanced masking tools, you can manually or semi-automatically erase portions from one image and then blend that with another photo. From magic lasso, that cuts out an image from a roughly painted boundary to a simple brush masking tool, you can use wide range of masking tools to create all sorts of masking, using this app. The app has tons of masking tools like brush, smart brush, magic wand, magic lasso, lasso, polygon, rectangle, ellipse, linear and radial gradient and color range. Text masking tool and you can even create a mask from an image. And how do you cut out hair or fur of your pet? You can create fine mask of hair, using hair masking tool even to cut out hair! To keep the flow simple, Superimpose works with two photos at a time. But you can keep merging and keep adding more and more layers of photos to create complex compositions. To blend two photos even better, the app supports a set of adjustment tools like exposure, saturation, hue, color balance, curve etc. Apart from blending, advanced masking and filters, Superimpose comes equipped with assorted set of editing tools like perspective correction, adding text with extensive text settings and tools like motion blur, zoom blur etc. Creating a natural shadow of objects that you blend with a photo is easier than ever. A dedicated tool just to create a shadow. Store all your cut outs, stickers or masks in a built-in mask library. For example, you can take photo of your products, mask them and then save them in the mask library. You can later add those cut outs on a background you want to add it to. Create a fun photo by adding one part of the photo as a foreground and another photo as a background. Save images in high resolution either in JPEG, PNG or HEIC format.

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Easy to use, ruins quality of photo.
Cassmeplease on 2021-05-08
I want to love this app... I can manipulate my photos in every which way, but when I’m finished I always end up discarding because it ruins the quality of the photo and makes it glitchy looking. (the little boxes) My Adobe apps don’t affect the quality at all then I use this and am sad! Never end up using the final result. It’s only noticeable if you zoom in.
My GoTo Photo Editor
Schroedenger on 2021-05-08
I’ve been using SuperImpose for years and it’s been my go-to photo editing app since I got it. I love creating whack images by cutting from one image and placing it unto another and always had trouble finding a solid app to do this on my phone. That is until I found this app, highly recommend
Longtime Love
hahahahahlololololo on 2021-05-08
I have used this app for about 6 or 7 years and I have never found a better app! It can do any editing and has every feature that could be hoped for, easy to use and creates beautiful edits.
Best editing app
stephh_alvarezz on 2021-05-08
I have used this app for editing for years now and it really is the best. It can be a little complex to figure out but once u get the ha g of it it’s amazing
great app
SelKayBieb on 2021-05-08
ive had this app for years and its my favorite one to use for photoshop purposes. i use it all the time
hugghhy on 2021-05-08
have been supporting this app since i was in 6th grade! i’m out of high school and still love it
Great photo editing mobile app
chiguiMarketing on 2021-05-08
Easy, clean and reliable app to edit posts and photos for social media and chat
Best App!
Closetohisheart on 2021-05-08
This is my go to application every time. You won't regret it if you get it.
sasshtyn on 2021-05-08
I use it all the time. Works perfectly
taytay2424- on 2021-05-08
great gets the job done

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