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Tally makes it easy to save money, manage credit cards and pay down balances faster. Tally members have an average lifetime savings of $5,300. Tally is only available in certain states. You need a 660+ FICO Score to qualify. (Scroll down to see where Tally is available and which cards Tally supports.) 1. Download Tally In under 10 minutes, Tally can help you get on the path to being debt-free. There’s no risk to sign up and it won’t hurt your credit score. 2. Scan your credit cards securely Tally analyzes your credit cards and finds ways to help you eliminate debt and save money. Keeping your data safe is our top priority. That’s why all your information is transmitted through secure SSL encryption and is never stored on your phone. 3. Find your savings If you qualify, Tally gives you a line of credit with a low APR, then uses the new credit line to pay your credit cards every month. The low APR helps save you money on interest. (Scroll down to see what Tally charges.) 4. Organize your cards Tally manages all your credit cards in one simple app. Tally keeps track of the balances, interest rates and due dates for each card. That’s how Tally makes the right payment to the right card at the right time. All you have to do is make one monthly payment to Tally. 5. Say goodbye to late fees Tally’s late fee protection gives you the peace of mind of autopay without the fear of overdraft. As long as you’re in good standing with Tally, you never have to worry about late fees again. Plus, Tally never charges fees of any kind! 6. Be debt-free faster That’s it. Tally helps separate the burden of credit cards from the benefits. Keep using your credit cards for the perks and rewards and let Tally handle the hard work. No tricks or gimmicks. Just a smarter way to manage your cards and a faster way to pay down debt. FAQ What does Tally charge? To get the benefits of Tally, you must qualify for and accept a Tally credit line. Depending on your credit history, your APR will be between 7.9% and 25.9% and vary with the Prime Rate. (Information accurate as of January 2020.) How does Tally estimate average lifetime savings? We calculated this average in May 2019 and compared the interest users would pay with and without Tally. We evaluated users with a Tally line of credit between 11/2017 and 02/2019 and assumed they stay Tally users until their Tally and credit card balances are fully repaid. We excluded delinquent users, users who did not use Tally’s line of credit, and credit cards with APRs lower than the Tally APR (since Tally wouldn’t pay those cards, except for late fee protection). For each user, we assumed 1) an average APR weighted by the user’s initial credit card balances and APRs; 2) an average monthly payment based on the user’s payment history while using Tally; and 3) an average monthly credit card spend based on the user’s spend while using Tally. How does Tally save me money? Tally uses your Tally credit line to pay your high APR credit cards, saving you money on interest. Tally’s late fee protection also ensures you never miss a payment. DETAILS Tally is available to people in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin. Tally supports most cards from American Express, Bank of America, Barclays, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Discover, First Bankcard, Fifth Third Bank, US Bank and Wells Fargo, as well as cards from Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Macy’s, Sears, Target, TJ Maxx and Walmart. The Tally app and servicing is only available in English. If there is any discrepancy between translations, the English version prevails over other translations. Tally Technologies, Inc. (NMLS # 1492782)

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Lack Real Time Data and Actions
lelambert on 2020-02-27
AVOID THIS APP. It is not worth the frustration. First off, I have had continuous problems with the app because my Capital One cards would never link (which they said was a problem for all users currently). I used Tally Pay for a month or so with no other issues. My frustration and issues began when I changed my account setting from Tally Pay to You Pay (where Tally pays from my direct bank account) and they still processed the payment from Tally’s line of credit. I had made a payment directly from my bank (not using the Tally app) because I did not see the You Pay payment post and did not want to pay any late interest fees on my credit card. I also checked the app and there was no Tally Pay or You Pay payment for the credit card showing in the app. Well a couple weeks later, I check the app and see that they Tally had processed the payment from their line of credit, instead of my bank account as the settings were set to. So now I have an overpayment that Tally processed and I personally owe to Tally. When I canceled my account, the rep mentioned nothing about interest accrual but when I got my account cancellation email it says that I am accruing a daily interest on the amount I owe to Tally, which was a mistake made on their part! Horrible, vague policies and processes, along with lack of real-time data on the app that trap customers into owing more money. I would not recommend.
Beware not as advertised
Docvel23 on 2020-02-27
Tally sounds good and seemed to work good at the start, but it doesn’t work as advertised! I have an excellent credit score 800 or so, but over spent for the holidays so I thought I’d give this a try. At first I was confused since I ended up overpaying my card because tally paid the same amount too. Ok, fine, so after 2 months of tally paying my 3 cards, I felt confident that I didn’t have to look at those 3 cards and wouldn’t have to pay for them! Until they didint! I was charged for late fees on 2! Their excuse - they said 1 of my card was unlinked, and they said they emailed me several times but the only one I found in my email and spam was 1 email about it and that was past the due date of that card!!!!!! And the other card they didn’t pay??? No response, they just unlinked all my cards like I asked! I guess it was easier to get rid of my and my complaints! I still need to pay for the initial amount they paid out and I can’t wait to do so!!!!! If someone files a class action lawsuit on them I’M so IN! This system is no different from other money lenders sending you checks for $50k or so, at least with those you know exactly what you need to pay! Either the tally app is faulty or the entire system is! The point of tally is to make debt paying easier and not add on to the debt!!!
Use Digit
Bokonon1971 on 2020-02-27
Tried this crap and was met with idiotic red tape and then DENIED due to some BS about an old account even though my credit score is in the mid 700s and increasing. So, if you actually NEED to pay down your credit cards (and I barely did anyway) you’ll probably be denied anyway. Apparently, their target customer should have perfect credit but somehow ALSO need assistance to pay down their credit. ‍♂️It makes zero sense. I just started using Digit instead and they have been AWESOME. Incredibly easy to use, no weird, quasi-credit check to contend with. Love the interface and notifications. They just made a payment to my credit card and it was seamless and the money seemed to come from nowhere as they have been great so far trickling it in.
This is a scam
Ctptyyy on 2020-02-27
They do not do what they say they do. I think this a front for a loan service. We wanted to sign up for this to make paying credit cards easier. My husband an I have perfect credit and make 190,000 household income. We got denied. I emailed to ask how and received an auto response. Upon closer look I see that the reviews all look canned and unrealistically positive. You don’t want this company doing a soft credit check on you when there is no intention of giving you service. This is a front for another loan service. They offer you all these loan options after you get denied. I’ll bet about 10 robustly positive reviews come in to cover my honest review up. Hope you are one of the lucky ones who gets to see this.
navyboy365 on 2020-02-27
Let me start off by saying this Tally should only be used if you’ve racked up cards and carry a balance. I have been in credit card debt for awhile and even after doubling my income these cards have been a nightmare to pay down. My interest alone tops 1k every month. Tally has made paying the cards easier and is saving me tons just in interest. Not to mention once the credit line paid off a chunk it shot my credit score up so I can take advantage of better rates. It will be a long haul but after doing the math I’ll be debt free over 2 years sooner then what was going to be possible.
Atrocious Customer Service
TheonlyMatthew on 2020-02-27
I highly suggest working with a credit union or a small bank if you’re looking for a line of credit to pay off debt at a lower interest rate. The app itself is confusing and the customer service is snarky. They’ll follow up after suggesting they’re extending a credit line to you by asking you to send a ton of sensitive documents to a Dropbox account, like it’s run by some 22 year old in a hoodie in a garage. Also if they ever did provide Truth in Lending disclosures, they did a fantastic job of hiding them.
Terrible App Will Not Open, May Miss Payment
catvidl on 2020-02-27
I don’t know what the issue has been, but I’ve been trying to access the app for the last couple of days. Every time I try to open it, it crashes. I emailed customer support and all they can do is provide me a number to call, which I can’t do right now. I’m really concerned I am going to miss a payment with them just because I can’t open the stupid app and there’s no way to access my account online. I really loved Tally at first, but this is getting ridiculous.
Lack of helping good people!
smell man on 2020-02-27
They don’t help you unless your score is really high. I’ve never ever been late with payments but because my SCORE is low they won’t touch ya. Um hello if a guy has never missed payments and gets the shaft and nobody wants to help is bs. My score was 800 at one time but with the curve balls life throws at you can’t help it sometimes. My score would be high if it wasn’t for credit cards!!!!!!
King.Joseph on 2020-02-27
Just get a credit card and transfer your balance with 0% intro APR (most banks offer this)! Tally is not gonna help, Once they pay your credit cards and you feel like your debt is gonna be more flexible at a lower APR you are already screwed. Tally is just another credit bank trying to destroy people financially to get their pockets full. 20% APR is their way of saving you money?
Who’s this for?
NiggleTiggle on 2020-02-27
You have to have a GREAT credit score to qualify for this app. Isn’t the whole point supposed to help you pay back credit and improve your credit score? What’s the point if you already have a great credit score? Obviously you don’t need Tally’s help paying back debt. So to summarize, Tally is not meant to help the people who actually need it.

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