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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



Do you like mind games and riddles? Here's the best 3D mind teasing game ever! Join 100M+ players mastering tangles and knots! It's a challenging yet super fun brain puzzle with easy to play controls. Just sort the ropes in the right order and untangle ropes on time! Remember you also have limited moves to complete the level so focus on matching colors, sort ropes and untie the ropes. Tangle Master 3D is like a color puzzle, you need to sort and match colors of ropes and pins. If you get stuck, we have plenty of boosters to help you along the way :) You can cut the rope, or explode the locks. Two ropes is a piece of cake! Tease your brain, relax and enjoy the game :) Three ropes makes you a game master, a 3D Tangle Master! No knots can hold you back! Four ropes "quadruples" your fun! Wow you are a genius! Are you ready for a master challenge? Come and enjoy this puzzle game! Hundreds of uniques levels, customized features and special weekend tournaments!

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Has potential but needs a lot of work and updating.
CiaraRools on 2021-09-28
The game has potential but it needs work. I’m not gonna lie, I paid 2.99 to remove the ads because they were driving me nuts. The levels were too easy so I got pretty far in the game. At some point, they just keep repeating the levels. Not only that, but they will explain the same “challenges” (frozen rope, bombs) over and over again and have you start fresh with those. Of course when those challenges are first introduced early on though, they weren’t explained. In addition, the special prize presents stop opening at a certain point pretty on and the trophy challenge levels disappear. There’s also a glitch where sometimes the twisted ropes just twist through each other to untwist without actually untwisting. When there are two layers added, it also becomes very glitchy on which rope is in front when you move them. Again, fun game, has potential, but caps pff with fun and variety by level 200. The developers absolutely could keep expanding and creating new challenges but it seems they mostly created the game for ad revenue which is a bummer.
Another day another half baked excuse
Griff Valley on 2021-09-28
I do believe your skill could grow given proper funding. You guys are just desperate. Well, here’s my advice; spend more time on your games, polishing them and making it so players will actually want to continue supporting and playing your games. Put some effort into creating hype prior to your newest game release, a little hype can go a long way. I genuinely believe we can get out of this disgusting era of half-baked mobile games and get back to something similar to the olden days when devs actually tried to make decent games, but we need help from YOU. (To any players reading this review, please rally up and join my cause. Let’s end the Half-Bakers’ Reign of Cringe. And to Rollic, I extend my hand to you in hopes you can assist in our efforts, and I offer brotherhood.)
Do not download
rich3462 on 2021-09-28
Well please let me clarify, go ahead and download this game if you like after every level waiting for them to play an add for another app…. If that is something you are into then by all means this is the app for you. If I didn’t have to watch an add after every level this would be an alright game to pass the time with. But nope the developers have to be super greedy and cram a bunch of other apps down your throat. It’s pretty bad that each level takes you around 5-15 seconds to complete and then having to watch a 30 second add just to proceed to the next level.
Annoying, uninteresting
FluffaloffagusTheCuddlyMcHugs on 2021-09-28
Overnight this app managed to create 99 notifications, so don't give it that permission. Also the game is repetitive and uncreative after a certain point. Initially ran with a super low framerate, until I closed, disables internet, and opened again. Magically ran smoother. Typically games like this suffer by buffering ads in the background, so that when it's time for an ad to jumpscare you it is ready to play immediately. Because ad revenue is clearly more important than user experience. Never disgracing my device with this trash again.
Has potential
RaterReview on 2021-09-28
The game is entertaining, and I got to level 81 without too much difficulty. The problem was in those later levels. When you try to place a rope, it keeps winding it back to where it was. I thought it was you couldn’t do it at first, but if I held it above it for a couple seconds it would then drop. That’s irritating, but it really screwed me on a timed level. Unfortunately, I deleted the game when that became too frustrating.
Trying to pay to remove adds
J.Marie.1976 on 2021-09-28
Like the game, but adds are rediculous. I’m trying to pay the $2.99 to remove them but it’s not working. I’m on a family sharing account and trying to pay with my Apple account but it will not let me select it to verify the payment. It shows there are funds but it’s greyed out. I contacted Apple support & they said because it’s an in game purchase & not an App purchase I need to contact the developer. PLEASE HELP
Fun stimulating game.
Duffdaddy94 on 2021-09-28
I have played a total of 2 hours with this game 10 mins of actual game playing and 1 Hour 50 mins of watching ads atleast that’s what it feels like this game has way to many ads. Every level you complete there is an ad. For this being a free game I can understand having ads but not this many it makes you almost not want to play or you can spend the $2.99 to get rid of the ads.
These amount of ads are insane!
08stanis on 2021-09-28
This is a fun brain challenge. One level takes 5-30 seconds. Followed immediately by a 30 second ad. Some you can’t get out of. Fail a level wait wait another ad. Want more moves another ad. Want more than 60 coins per level that don’t appear to do anything that’s another ad. In the last 15-20min I played this game over half that time is ads. This game is a once and done fad.
barbmfnbreeia on 2021-09-28
this is the most ridiculous, lame , bogus, boring , annoying, cheating game ive ever ATTEMPTED to play. I downloaded this game last night, it doesn’t let you do the moves to win the game it’s designed for you to lose! It’s not gonna do nothing but irritate you, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME, YOU GUYS NEED TO REMOVE THIS FROM THE APP STORE
So many ads
MichaelEpstein on 2021-09-28
This game is completely unplayable because after every 10 second level there’s a 30 second ad. I left for 5e day and came home to see 99+ notifications from this app. It’s trying to annoy you into paying for it. Just make it a paid game and remove if from the free section. Completely infuriating and misleading as a “free” game.

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