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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Just relax your brain, untangle them all and "quadruple" your fun!

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Bad game, same ads, inappropriate ads for section ages and time/moves limit
Paige :) :D :p on 2020-12-01
This game is great if you wanna just relax but the same ad always plays it’s the blackout bingo ad and I’m not even old enough to play blackout bingo so please change the ads to be different every time and also please stop putting the ads right after I finish a round because it makes me not want to play your game and I’m no longer going to play this game due to the fact that you must do it in blank moves or blank time and the ads are highly annoying so I’m deteling this app.
Too many ads
TraceyRaye on 2020-12-01
The game itself is ok. However, after every single level there is a long ad. You spend way more time watching ads than playing the game. Disappointing. I know you have to have ads for a free game. I get that, but after every level you have a 30 second ad, even the low levels, where you move one rope to win the level. I would play of there were less ads, maybe an add every 5 levels or so.
Doesn’t work on my new phone
icarg on 2020-12-01
Yes, the ads are annoying but when the ropes won’t hook onto the buttons, it’s almost impossible to play! It’s mostly a problem with the buttons at each end. They repel the ropes!! Help!! I looked for a way to contact the developer but website was not helpful so I am forced to leave my complaint as a review. This was not my first choice! Please fix it!!!!
Mas publicidad que juego
Rafoodie on 2020-12-01
Se enfocan mas en la publicidad que en hacer un producto atractivo y divertido. La idea es entretenida, pero se hace insoportable jugarlo con tanta publicidad. A cada momento tienes que tragarte 15 segundos de propaganda molesta, pero es tan frecuente y repetitiva, que hace que te arrepientas de haberlo descargado. Yo llegué al nivel 3 y lo desinstalé.
Drumfanatic94 on 2020-12-01
There are WAY too many ads. After every round you get an ad. Want to retry? Ad. Want more coins? Ad. Want to skip out on an ad and miss out on a reward? You still have to watch an ad. I get having to get paid for a free game but come on. Not to mention ads that randomly have super loud sound... my god what an annoyance. Games fun though.
Ads every 5 second
ig moroni on 2020-12-01
Don’t download this unless you want to waste your time watching useless ads, every 5 second there’s an ad, and each Ed average about 25 seconds long. It’s annoying and legit so sad. Game is fun but I deleted it after 15 mins of playing... out of that 15 min, 13 min of it was probably me watching stupid ad videos that whole time.
gaston771 on 2020-12-01
This game has potential if you like strategy games which I do, but after almost every puzzle there are adds I spent like about 10 minutes in the game about 7 of them were watching adds I couldn’t skip I am not paying to skip the adds so I deleted the game from my phone only one star just for the fact there are just to many adds
I loved it at first...
PookieWonk on 2020-12-01
This game is fun and at first I’d get stumped occasionally and have to try the same puzzle a few times to get it right. Then suddenly I never got stumped but I think that’s bcz the puzzles are repeating. I’m pretty sure every one that comes up now I’ve seen before? And I have 60,000 coins but what good are they?
Tangle Master
No Name Fo Me on 2020-12-01
One of my new favorite games!! Such a great game! I have no complaints at all, I’ve seen some reviews saying there are too many ads but I disagree, this game was planned perfectly, except for how little challenges there are! It took me one weekend to go through them all! Please, please add more challenges!!
Ads every 10 seconds
UniverseMary on 2020-12-01
There were seriously ads every 10 seconds. Each ad lasted for almost 30 seconds. It was so distracting I wasn’t able to enjoy the game. If there had been even one less ad I would have been hooked long enough to pay for ad-free. Unfortunately you lost me before I could even become invested in the game.

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