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Now the Target app can help you have a more rewarding Target run! Introducing Target Circle, which gives you access to hundreds of deals, a birthday gift and the chance to support your community. Plan your next Target run by checking out Target Circle offers, the Weekly Ad and item availability all in one place. Then streamline your run with store maps and aisle locations, and scan item barcodes for prices, reviews and available deals. Wallet is the fastest, easiest way to pay and save in store. With one scan, you can pay with your credit or debit RedCard and redeem Target Circle offers, gift cards and Target Circle earnings. With improved iPad support, the app makes it easy to shop from anywhere, allowing you to search our entire selection, complete with online promotions and flexible ordering options. Order quickly and securely every time, then choose to pick it up at your local store or have it delivered to your home. Do Not Sell My Personal Information For mobile platforms that require explicit, opt-in consent to link or track user or device data, Target does not link or track user or device data collected from Target application(s) with user or device data collected from other companies’ applications, websites or offline properties for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes. However, if a guest provides explicit, opt-in consent to the linking and use of data with a specifically identified third party partner, such data may be linked and may be used by Target and/or the third party partner as described at the time consent is obtained, including for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes.

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This app is trying to steal from you
1ofabrutalkind on 2022-07-04
I purchased two separate swimsuit pieces last week at my local target for an upcoming vacation. Was shopping on Target’s app a couple days later for a few more vacation items and saw the same swimsuits pieces I ordered were now BOGO free. I reorder them with a bunch of other items to be shipped to my house. I took the swimsuit pieces I bought at the store in as they were still unworn with tags on. At Guest Services, I pulled up the in store receipt from my Target mobile app. The team member told me I received only half what I had paid back. I asked why that was and he said it removed the discount. I said I didn’t apply a discount to this order. That I had found the item on sale to be shipped and was returning my full price in store item from just last week, within the return policy. He said “yeah, it does that, it chooses to give the lowest return price back.” I was shocked. I said, even if I didn’t utilize that receipt barcode? “Yes.” He was able to refund the rest on a gift card, which was appreciated, but I will be letting everyone know about Target’s unethical practices. Especially when there’s a push to forgo the physical receipt which I’m sure prevents them from screwing their customers in this way. So have your Target loyalty rewarded by letting them try to use your data against you. Buyer beware.
Getting just as bad as all the other stores
Stinamarie84 on 2022-07-04
Target used to be my go to place, a realizable one stop shop. Apparently this is no longer the case. In stock items on the app are actually not in stock. If it was a one off, fine, but this happened one too many times. The only offer is to go to another location (so I’m to drive an hour away to pick up one thing?!), or have it shipped, (why wouldn’t I just buy it on Amazon then?) The free shipping is laughable given that it would have always shipped for free due to the items price point. I miss the days of going into the store and buying what I needed. Seems like those days are gone. Having an app tell you it’s in stock when it’s not is frustrating. I’m deleting this app. I’d rather find it out walking in (if I ever go back) if a product is there opposed to having an app say that it is when it’s not. I can spend my money elsewhere.
Happiness is at Target
Gatsbygirl80 on 2022-07-04
Yesterday I was there with my two children, early, and I was so pleased with how kind, polite, and pleasant everyone working was! No one treated us like we were an annoyance, and at least 8 or more employees asked us if we needed help, how we were doing, and just general chitchat. One person who I assume was a manager even asked if we were having fun and if there was anything she could do to make our experience better. I was so blown away by the cyst service at this Wilmington, Ma store that I was speechless. I usually have good experiences there l, but yesterday was exceptional, and anyone who was working on Tuesday deserves recognition! As always, I’ll be back! Sincerely, A happy, less stressed momma
Target App Doesn’t Work For me
Jets S. on 2022-07-04
Every time I open this app, a separate screen pops up. It says “Cannot open link, safari address invalid” and every time I exit that screen, in approximately 2 seconds, it will re-open. Every time it opens, whatever progress I’ve gotten into that app (searching, browsing, checking something, etc) completely disappears and I go right back to the home page. So, when I enter the Target app, there is nothing I can do but repeatedly exit out of that page they send me. The only reason I still have the app is because I am hoping it will miraculously fix itself and because I love Target. Love Target, hate the app.
New (Updated) Target Card
Sellington1 on 2022-07-04
Several days ago I received a new Target card in the mail and activated it. Today, tried to place an online order using this card and it failed. So, I figured no problem I will go in and update the expiration date and CVV#. Yeah. No. That was extremely frustrating. Only thing I could do was add it again only to be told it “already existed” but the “information” would be updated. Mmmmmkay. So, I tried placing the order again and it still did not work. I somehow got to a screen and had to enter my PIN# and then it went through. 🙄🤨😤😳
Poor service on Target Credit Card
feverCOV on 2022-07-04
My card was deactivated even though it was still valid for one more year and my account is in excellent standing, all because Target decided to redesign their card. They sent a NEW card with a NEW design that I have not activated yet and went AHEAD and deactivated my valid card. Now while trying to purchase items for my new remodeled kitchen, I am stuck paying a delivery fee and now receiving the red card discount. As a customer why would I want to work so hard to spend my money where my account/business is clearly not appreciated.
My Go-To
acbrown16 on 2022-07-04
Target is my go to when I need things besides groceries, if we had a super target I probably would. Anytime I need anything on the go, quick, on the way home, or just because Target is my go to spot. Whether it be clothes, birthday gifts, home decor, something for work, vitamins for myself or my kids - whatever! Wish our store could expand, btw Target CEO, if you’re reading this; we’re in Lufkin TX and we need to expand to a Super Target so I can buy more things and save trips to other stores. . ;)
teenager disappointed online PS5 cancellation
RPMurphy1 on 2022-07-04
I order online a PS5 Console bundle, place the order to pick up. They took my money and got my son all happy about the great news. Minutes later, they cancel my order because they are out of stock. My son very disappointed and me trying to fixed, calling to the terrible customer service and company, who only have an easy getaway. We had three and they cancel the rest. How many other have to go through the same bad experience and disappointment. I will never ever will buy anything else in target.
“Get notifications for in stock” spams like crazy
jmkf19 on 2022-07-04
I love using this app, and the drive up is great. There are obviously little kinks that are annoying but I can work around them. But OH MY GOSH this latest update🤬The “notify me when this is back in stock “ is absolutely ridiculous. I’ll probably get notified 10 times for one thing in an hour. You cannot tell me something comes in stock and out of stock as soon as I look at it, that quick, that many times. Then for some I don’t even get notified at all when they come back in stock. PLEASE FIX!!
Useless App
rodrigsu on 2022-07-04
I know it’s been sometime since target changed up their app. Their original app was great! This new one has continual gone downhill. I don’t know why I even use it anymore. There are never any deals via the app anymore. I used to be able to get good savings and now I never come out of the store saving anything with this app. With things getting so expensive it would be nice to get some coupons or deals through the app. While I love target I may need to start shopping elsewhere.

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