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Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. One of the world's top 10 most downloaded apps with over 500 million active users. FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe. SYNCED: You can access your messages from all your phones, tablets and computers at once. Telegram apps are standalone, so you don’t need to keep your phone connected. Start typing on one device and finish the message from another. Never lose your data again. UNLIMITED: You can send media and files, without any limits on their type and size. Your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it. SECURE: We made it our mission to provide the best security combined with ease of use. Everything on Telegram, including chats, groups, media, etc. is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. 100% FREE & OPEN: Telegram has a fully documented and free API for developers, open source apps and verifiable builds to prove the app you download is built from the exact same source code that is published. POWERFUL: You can create group chats with up to 200,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.) up to 2 GB each, and even set up bots for specific tasks. Telegram is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork. RELIABLE: Built to deliver your messages using as little data as possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections. FUN: Telegram has powerful photo and video editing tools, animated stickers and emoji, fully customizable themes to change the appearance of your app, and an open sticker/GIF platform to cater to all your expressive needs. SIMPLE: While providing an unprecedented array of features, we take great care to keep the interface clean. Telegram is so simple you already know how to use it. PRIVATE: We take your privacy seriously and will never give any third parties access to your data. You can delete any message you ever sent or received for both sides, at any time and without a trace. Telegram will never use your data to show you ads. For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices. This way you can send all types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos, and even files. Secret Chats use End-to-End Encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient. We keep expanding the boundaries of what you can do with a messaging app. Don’t wait years for older messengers to catch up with Telegram — join the revolution today.

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Good app for communication, but no good for investments
Albinoni528 on 2021-03-05
***Disclaimer*** This is only describing the various situations where forex group chats exist on the service. Nothing against the actual service itself, only the Forex groups on the app ***Disclaimer*** So the app is wonderful in terms of communication, and a good competitor to Whatsapp (another wonderful messaging service). My only beef is the fact that I was the idiot (last October) to download the app due to being suckered by a rando online about a bitcoin forex. I was unaware of such financial lingo, assuming that I would get my return profit in 48 hours. Biggest mistake If people recommend you to various places that offer a return profit via forex, DO NOT EXPECT MONEY BACK IMMEDIATELY. You’ll only lose your money due to the highly volatile nature of not only Bitcoin, but also Forex itself is essentially a bigger gamble due to various international markets operating around the clock. Whether it be through Facebook or any other social media accounts, you cannot be suckered by such things. It’s a pandemic and the last thing one should want is to lose money. It’s precious and you should not let your emotions control the wallet. Ones intellect and wise choices dictates money. So if you’re looking to save money, do the research, be financially literate, and save the money. Nothing against this app once again, but the groups who promise for get rich quick schemes.
My Favorite App!
It's me, your girl on 2021-03-05
A friend of mine a while back mentioned this app to me as a way of which they would communicate with friends, therefore I also downloaded the app. For a while, the app just stayed installed though I didn’t really use it. Until I met my better half, who happens to live in a different country. I asked him if he had heard of Telegram to which he responded he hadn’t, but he downloaded it so that we could have a way of communicating with one another easily and without all of the usual long distance phone cost that comes with long distant relationships. Instantly we both loved the way the app itself and the messages appear. You have the option of setting a background and choosing your text bubble colors. Still, by far, one of my favorite features. Another reason we love Telegram is the easy of communicating we now have. Everyday. And I mean everyday, Telegram has become our form of communication. We went from texting, to voice messages, to now always on Video chat with one another. This app has brought us so close together even with all the distance between us. I will forever be grateful for this app, which is constantly improving and providing new features that continue to allow us this closeness and to grow no matter the miles between us. Hands down my favorite app.
In desperate need of Group Video Chat
Mr.. Fisher on 2021-03-05
Hey, I’ve been using Telegram for over 10+ years and I haven’t had any problems with this application whatsoever everything works great but, there is one issue that I have with this application and that is the inability to create a group video chat that is why I can only give telegram 3 stars. I honestly believe that is a crucial disadvantage to this application I say that because, I have family and friends that live all over the world whether it be in different states or different countries and we all have telegram on our phones. That being said we would like to I’ll be able to talk in a video group chat with each other which we are unable to because this application doesn’t provide that option. So therefore since telegram doesn’t provide a video group chat option we have to download another application to be able to do that Task. Which in my opinion is extremely ridiculous because you should be able to perform the test on this app as well. Instead of making people waste valuable space on their phones by download in other apps to perform the test where y’all can provide that ability on your app so we don’t have to download other apps to perform that and we could save space on our Devices.
Support replying speed is slow
lolhugo on 2021-03-05
A volunteer replied after days. Now problem fixed, thanks volunteer. But the replying speed is slow, so I change it to 4 stars. ———— Old title: Can't send messages in groups, and contacted support, no one replied. Old content: Didn’t want to rate 1 but now it’s a bit long time. I can't send messages in groups those didn't create by me on both iOS and windows official clients. And I login from the web, it shows up this message: Method: messages.sendMessage Result: {"_":"rpc_error","error_code":420,"error_message":"FLOOD_WAIT_1930"} But I didn't send messages frequently(3 messages per minute in max speed, I type slow), and I didn't use bot for days. So I tried to contact spambot(it says no limit for my account), volunteer support (tried twice but no reply for a week, the read mark didn't even check), and (no email received from telegram for now). No email reply, no messages from telegram, for a WEEK! I use it for communicating with people, not just watching them talk. It’s a WEEK already, Please fix this quickly!
Major privacy drawback, also glitchy
CheshireCat2009 on 2021-03-05
There is no way to prevent somebody who has you in their iPhone contacts to find your account on Telegram even with the strictest level of privacy settings—even if you disable Telegram’s access to contacts on _your_ side. Moreover, those who find your account this way will see you “waving” to them in chat even if you made no attempt to initiate dialogue. This is a major oversight, given that this app is being used by protesters against dictatorial regimes across the world. It seems that Telegram is desperate to grow into a social network. Also, it is quite glitchy: frequent crashes and freezes. E.g., clicking comments and then swiping back results in not being able to scroll anymore.
Decent app but one non-negligible flaw
Another Little Timmy on 2021-03-05
Giving the app a one star review because it continuously asked for my phone number. I would love to download an app without the worry of my privacy being invaded, but I refuse to join anything that begs for my number and to add the people I’m already messaging so much. That screams red flags to me. Eliminate the need for a phone number or how much it asks to add the people you already talk to and I’d totally download the app again. It’s the same reason I won’t download Parlor. It kept on asking for my number, and that seems way too much like it’s preparing to give out personal information.
Need Group video/voice call
Yelhsa_xoxo on 2021-03-05
Love all the features I could use on this app, entertaining with animated stickers and I must say the UI is gorgeous. I would like to see Group Video Calling feature and Group voice call without having to use a group chat to initiate a group call. I want to call somebody and if I want to add another person I can just add them to the voice call like on WhatsApp without having to add him to the group first THEN they’re able to join the group call that I’m having. I would also like to see/watch gifs and videos from notification screen. That would be handy. Thanks for everything.
Terrible experience!
fatagraph_ on 2021-03-05
I’m very sorry for this app. I’ve been a user since 2015! and I’ve never had this problem before. I changed my phone number and my iPhone 2 days ago and I’ve created a new account. BUT! the application and my new iPhone can’t sync, so with 89 contacts on my iPhone, I can only see 14 contacts on Telegram! This problem literally prevents me from sending messages to others and the app practically becomes useless for me. Why should I continue with the app that I can’t use? I am very sad about it. Please fix this problem and let us use your app!
Assurance wireless????
PRINCE CASPIAN THE 10th on 2021-03-05
I have an assurance wireless phone and when I enter the number at the very beginning, the very first step will not except it. I’m gonna have to tell Obama that you must not like his phones. Assurance Wireless is a legitimate phone company it is not a Wi-Fi calling app it is a wireless phone service. For you not to except their phones as legitimate, it’s just as bad as those who don’t except Joe Biden as a legitimate president. So what shall we do about you does that make you a racist.!?If I could give you zero stars I would.
Bad privacy
tassadda on 2021-03-05
Started using this app because of its acclaimed high-class privacy protection. I believed in this until when I found one in my phone contact list in a group I joined. That means as long as one person added my phone number to his contact list (which does not need permission) and he joins the group I joined, he knows I joined the group. I can’t keep anonymous in this app. Have to unload this app unfortunately.

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